He is asking for a round blue Pokemon with leaves farming on it"s head. I tried a Jumpluff and also it"s no that. Ns can"t see any type of others that would certainly fit.

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Also, what other Pokemon does he ask for later?

askedNov 13, 2010by Pokemaster

OK thanks to Swampert for the info. For future reference, below are every the Pokemon i was inquiry for and the correct answers:

"A round blue Pokemon with leaves farming on it"s head."Oddish

"A fire kind Pokemon that"s supposed to roar well."Growlithe

"A Pokemon with huge round eyes. The one the sings a lullaby through it"s cute voice!"Jigglypuff

"A hugely well-known Pokemon that has actually a yellow body and also bright red cheeks. I would certainly love to view what it looks like before it evolves."Pichu

"Blue and also round, finish of its tail works favor a float. Its belly is white."Marill

answeredNov 13, 2010by PokemasterselectedAug 11, 2016by Pokemaster
The last one is pikachu reason pichu evolve by friendship simply sayin
commentedNov 14, 2010by TWright94
No it"s not, it"s Pichu. He"s questioning for Pikachu"s pre-evolution.
commentedNov 14, 2010by Pokemaster

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EDIT: Sorry, didn"t read entirety Question, he Asks because that just about anything the evolves through a stone, and also he"ll provide you the stone for it(except Lickatung, he gives an everstone 4 that). Therefore If you gain stuck, discover a pokemon that fits his description, and evolves through a stone:)

answeredNov 13, 2010by Swampert
ODDISH ISN"T BLUE! The old male is colorblind :)
commentedNov 13, 2010by Pokemaster
Actually, Oddish IS Blue:)
commentedNov 13, 2010by Swampert
Well ns guess I must be colourblind because it looks black to me!
commentedNov 13, 2010by Pokemaster
What would occur if I give him one Eevee? I want an Umbreon
commentedJul 26, 2016by OmniBlitz
If you desire an umbreon, eevee needs to level up in ~ night through high happiness.
commentedJul 27, 2016by shiny Hunter Luna

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