Pitbulls are one of the most famous breeds in the US and beyond. Your loyalty and also devotion to your owner and also their powerful and athletic body do them perfect companions.

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While Pitbulls are ideal known in black, red and brindle, over there actually room over 20 different colors and patterns because that these cool dogs. Let’s look in ~ the different Pitbull colors, as well as how rarely those are!


#1 black color Pit Bull

A solid black color coat on a muscular American Staffordshire or American Pit Bull Terrier can be one intimidating sight. Often associated with blood-thirsty sports choose bear baiting and dogfighting, the black color Pit Bull has occurred an unfair reputation together an aggressive dog that have the right to lock the jaws, transferring a terrifying 1,600 lbs that force. 

None that this is true, and also studies have displayed that Pit Bulls don’t “have any mechanical or morphological differences in jaw structure when contrasted to various other dogs.” Furthermore, also the ferocious-looking black color Pit Bull has the exact same bite press as any other breed – roughly 320 lbs.

Despite your appearance, black pit bulls make wonderful companion dogs, assuming castle receive ideal training and also socialization, and also adapt fine to family members life, mirroring surprising patience through young children.

The black Pittie however suffers the same black dog syndrome as any other breed, make it an ext likely the you’ll uncover one in a shelter or rescue center. They’re no guardians the the underworld, as plenty of believe, but loving canines in desperate require of a caring home.

Once in your home, owners have to take treatment to ensure good visibility – these dogs require light-up collars come be checked out on night walks.

#2 Red Pit Bull

The red pit bull is a affluent chestnut color and often has a red nose and amber eyes. The red nose Pit Bull is one of the oldest American Staffordshire Terrier bloodlines, stretching earlier to the 1800s when a strain known as the Old family Dogs emerged in Ireland.

As this bloodline brought the recessive gene responsible for the red coat, the stress, overload subsequently came to be known together the irish Old household Reds. These dog traveled come the US v Irish immigrants and became sought ~ for their “gameness” or capability “to construct traits of eagerness regardless of the danger of substantive injury.”

The Old family Reds were crossed with miscellaneous other strains the American Staffordshire and American Pit Bull, which way almost any kind of parentage could produce the occasional red-nosed pup.

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Not just do this dogs have actually a distinct brown, copper, or red hue to your coats, but they also tend to be slightly bigger and much more muscular 보다 your traditional American Staffy.