What come say around Internet Explorer? girlfriend may have actually used that in the early on days that the net when it was the most famous web browser. This production by Microsoft was among the pioneers in that is field. That was really easy to identify the logo design of the Internet explorer with its well known blue E. Through the come of today’s successor, Edge, we still view a note of the digital world that has existed throughout the evolution of this logo.

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A couple of Words about Internet Explorer

Before we begin the evaluation of the Internet explorer logo, let"s take it a closer look in ~ the story behind this browser, together loved together it is hated. In 1995, the web Explorer showed up as a paid option for Microsoft"s home windows 95. The web browser was climate directly incorporated into windows 98 bring about it being offered a lot more. In the years the followed, net Explorer ended up being the most necessary internet browser before being overtaken by Mozilla Firefox, to apologize Safari and Google Chrome in 2010. In 2015, together the competition became fierce, Microsoft banked on a brand-new app called Edge and also slowly relocated away from the out-of-date web Explorer.

The first Logos of internet Explorer

The an initial logos of Internet explorer were really much pertained to Microsoft. In fact, initially, that was just a product because that Windows. However, end the year the net browser developed its very own brand identity. Indigenous 1995 come 1997, the Microsoft Internet traveler composition was used with three logos. These 3 logos were additionally created throughout a short period of time, the 3 being linked logos: the firm name with a graphic. However, the 3rd Internet explorer logo, the 1996 version, observed the arrival of the E we know so well. Starting in 1997, Microsoft to be removed keeping only the graphic because that future version of the logo.

The logo Over Time

From 1997, the Internet traveler logo remained relatively unchanged. There would be various versions, however it was constantly easy to recognize the net browser’s blue E attach by a slightly slanted circle the crossed end the E. This type of logo design was a symbol logo design which other large companies to be using favor Apple and also MasterCard. Price logos have the distinction of being connected with strong brand photos as lock are well-known with no company name attached.

In 2001, the blue logo design of Internet explorer would acquire a slight 3D impact with the addition of shadows to provide the figure of depth. This would be accentuated in the 2006 version. The circle bordering the E would adjust to yellow v this version. This would finally be streamlined with the 2011 and also 2012 redesigns. The yellow would also disappear to leave just the blue.


Source: Versionmuseum.com

The arrival of Edge and also The new Brand Identity

What far better way come relaunch a product than to execute a complete overhaul? This is exactly what Microsoft did as soon as it introduced Edge: the follower to Internet explorer in 2015. The an initial Logo of the Edge web browser was very similar to that of web Explorer. That was created of a blue E, although that was no the very same shade together previous versions. The significant difference between the two versions was the ellipse that had once add the letter. The Edge logo design used the ide of a one to develop sharp ends. This made part sense since the word edge method contour or sharp. The course, this is a nod come the Internet traveler logo. One might even think that this was a brand-new version the the original product.

In 2019, Microsoft would finally step the end of the simple with the redesign of the leaf logo. Because that once, the didn"t look favor it"s hundredth redesign of the initial logo. This time, the logo design was much more circular in shape. You deserve to see a wave or also the letter E, which stays the typical thread in between all the execution of these logos for net Explorer and Edge. However, it is no so lot the form that attracts attention, yet the use of several different shades because that the very first time. We go from blue to turquoise to green. That is necessary to mention that shading is just one of the biggest trends because that logos best now, especially on the web. Us only have actually to cite the Instagram logo as one example. However, the usage of a shading because that an Internet internet browser is memory of the Mozilla Firefox logo, among its competitors. In short, even if it is you choose it or not, it"s tho a really different redesign from the last couple of versions.

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How to attract Inspiration from Internet explorer or leaf for your Redesign

There are countless ways come be influenced by the branding of web Explorer and also Edge. First, your logos have often been basic and representative i beg your pardon is perfect for the digital world. The is also worth noting that blue is just one of the many used colors for logos. This is because blue is linked with both knowledge and also trust, in enhancement to being among the most beloved colors in general. Together well, don"t hesitate to perform minor redesigns that your logo to adapt it to the times and also trends. Save important facets to develop a connection in between versions, together Internet traveler has excellent over the years. This is in part a desire to keep an up-to-date brand image.

In conclusion, us hope you were able to fulfill your curiosity by learning the story behind the assorted logos of web Explorer and Edge. About the brand-new redesign, what perform you think? execute you like the audacity that several various shades or ~ above the contrary is it also showy? an excellent luck developing your logo!