I have been looking in ~ my shark clock manual and it is a an overwhelming thing come read and also then deal with time. It took me a while to understand each step and I wondered why these males are not able to write the hand-operated in an less complicated way. Then i remembered who reads the manual? this thought is engraved deep right into the minds of the brands and they are not putting in innovative thought processes onto the manuals.

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Turns out they are restricted in terms of web page size and have to squeeze in self-explanatory terminologies and sentence structure. If a tiny percentage that money invested on marketing is invested on the manuals then world would start reading them. This post is focused on exactly how to set time ~ above shark watch in an less complicated way. I have actually read the manual and written the in one easier way just like the g shock watch manual I wrote earlier.


Before we start into setting time, I desire you to look at the fastened image and also for the benefits of this tutorial contact the 4 buttons as A B C and also D.

A is the switch next to Start/Stop.

B is the switch next come Lap/ Reset.

C is the switch next to Mode.

D is the button next come Light.

The name of the buttons are significant on the figure listed below for her ease.


WHAT IS residence Time MODE

The button C toggles display between different features of the clock for example by default the clock is in house Time mode which means that whenever you look at your watch that is displaying the house time. Pressing button C will display different modes ~ above the watch.

Apart from residence time mode, there are three more display modes such as house Time Alarm, avoid Watch and countdown timer. Because that the services of simplicity, I will certainly stick come the time mode only.

How TO collection TIME

Now the you know that home Time is the ar where you have to modify the time, you must know exactly how to get in the modifying flow for the residence time mode.

In order to do so follow these steps:

Press the button C on her shark watch and it will present the house Time Mode. Currently there room two varieties of times stored top top the watch one is home watch and the various other is international time, this tutorial is focused on house time mode and also the exact same procedure deserve to be provided to set foreign time as well.After pressing C, you can press button B come toggle between home time and foreign time.When the watch screen shows the residence time, press the switch B because that 2 seconds. Pressing the B for this term will enable the time editing for the home time mode.After two secs you will watch the set text top top the watch screen. An excellent now you room in time editing and enhancing mode. You will certainly observe the 2nd digits blinking.Because the secs are blinking it method that they room in the modifying at the moment. Press the A button and also the secs will end up being 00 on the watch.After setting the seconds, we require to modify the minute now. To relocate from 2nd to minutes, now press the button C. Girlfriend will currently see the minute blinking on the watch.In bespeak to change the minutes, press switch A and also minutes will begin to increase. If you organize the button for longer then the increment of minutes will speed up.When you room done with setup time, then push the C button again to now change the hrs on the watch. After pressing C the hours will start to blink top top the clock screen.Follow the same procedure and press the A switch to readjust the hrs on the watch.To adjust the hours in either 12 hours or 24 hours style press S1 button after setup the hours. Pushing the S1 will display pm ~ above the screen, pressing it again will certainly not display the pm. If afternoon is presented on the screen then it way that the moment is in 12 hrs format. If no afternoon is displaying then the clock is in 24 hour time format.

Congratulations girlfriend have collection the time on your shark watch. If you want to move to other settings then use the C switch to gain into the mode and also press button B for 2 seconds to get in into its editing mode.

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You can use the same above process to change the foreign time. Moreover, the same process can be lugged onto an altering date-time and collection the alarm time.