Teaser Clip leaves So numerous Questions

When Blake Shelton released a teaser clip of his video clip for his solitary “Every Time ns Hear that Song” fans to be instantly intrigued.

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Blake Shelton / YouTube

The clip spawned so plenty of questions native fans. Whereby was Shelton at? and who to be the secret girl?

Those questions were answered once Shelton exit the full video clip a couple of days later.

Can’t escape Heartbreak

The video opens through Shelton driving approximately an empty-looking industrial structure of part sort. He end up wandering aimlessly roughly the building, singing around his lost love in the process.

As he move throughout the building, Shelton has never-ending visions that the girl who got away. He is for this reason haunted through his memory of her that he seems to view her almost everywhere he goes.

Blake Shelton / YouTube

She even taunts him at times, wagging she finger at him come come closer. But whenever Shelton thinks he’s reached her, he realizes that it to be all part of his imagination.

Shelton can likewise be seen trapped in a cage of putting rain at assorted points transparent the video. This cascading wall surface of rain appears to serve multiple purposes. Very first of all, it serves together a visual representation of Shelton’s heartache.

Secondly, the is a literal cage the keeps Shelton trapped, simply as his very own thoughts have actually trapped his mind.

Blake Shelton / YouTube

So much Emotion Involved

The video clip is a real occupational of art, v Shelton putting forth one of the most emotional performances the his career. While he didn’t create “Every Time ns Hear the Song,” it seems he had the ability to channel few of that real-life heartache into his delivery, which included to the emotional intensity.

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Shelton debuted “Every Time i Hear the Song” throughout a performance at the People’s choice Awards in January 2017. The track was released as a single off the his number one album If I’m Honest, which also produced hit singles such together “A male with a Girl” and also “Came right here to Forget.”

If you’ve ever before had a broken heart, climate you’ll easily be able to relate come Shelton’s music video clip for “Every Time ns Hear the Song.” Tune in below to examine it the end the complete thing.