Voila! Finally, the Blades that Glory script is here for all you fans of the will Ferrell & Jon Heder number skating movie. This puppy is a transcript the was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to obtain the dialogue. I know, i know, i still require to gain the actors names in there and all that jazz, for this reason if you have any kind of corrections, feel complimentary todrop me a line. At the very least you"ll have some knives Of Glory estimates (or also a monologue or two) come annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Blades of Glory Script

I"ll take it him. Jimmy MacElroy. The crowd swooningas he comes the end of that spin flawlessly. Castle are giving him the loveand he is offering it best back. Below it comes. And also he pond it! It"s the best he"s been. Currently there"s the arm. And you know what the means. Yes. The galloping peacock.And look in ~ him getting air top top that. Flawless. Just textbook perfection. There are very couple of womenin the background of this sports that skate with this kind of beauty. Come on, Jimmy. Nail it! ending the programmeshowing his flexibility. What a an excellent effort! the couldn"t ice skating any far better than that. The power of a lifetime,Jimmy MacElroy! Elegant withmachine-like technical precision. And there that is. So important to mental thatthat dove remained in his suit the totality time. Jimmy"s renownedfor his an individual hygiene, Scott. But after the performance,he"s beginning to reek that gold. But after the performance,he"s beginning to reek the gold. When the judges decision Jimmy"s fate, let"s take a lookat this superior young skater. He is a child of privilege. A standard skater definedby elegance, precision and an ability to endure good pain. He to be plucked native an orphanageat period four by billionaire champion-maker,Darren MacElroy. As soon as a breeder of several of the mostsuccessful racehorses in the world, Darren had turned his fist to nurturing athletically advancedhuman orphans. His ultimate discover came in the formof skating wunderkind, Jimmy. I guess I had actually a pretty typical childhood. V his father"s state that the art, part say questionable,training methods, this kid prodigywas forged into an über skater. Soon, Jimmy was sweeping the yellow while his trademark Jimmy curlwas sweeping the nation, with youngsters of all periods fashion draftingright behind your idol. A champion, an icon, a giver. Jimmy MacElroy,skating"s tiny Orphan Awesome. - Well, Coach?- girlfriend nailed it, Jimmy. You nailed it. Girlfriend nailed the shut.Every move exactly like I proved you. I am therefore proud that you. Thanks. Dad, what"d friend think? determined on our own to doa tiny flourish off the triple, go we? Look, i knew I had it.I simply felt choose it required a little... Feeling? We"re emotion now?What room you to teach this boy? Jimmy! I sent you a cup of my blood!Did you get my blood? Jimmy! you re welcome don"t encourage them. Come on. Move! They might look cute and also innocentbut they"re nothing but a beehive for germs and bacteria. - psychic the slides I confirmed you?- yet they"re beautiful. You smell prefer a winner!You want to odor like... - Ladies and also gentlemen...- Jimmy! - I"ll speak to you!...the judges" scores are: 5.9, 5.9, 6.0, 5.9, 6.0, 5.8. All right, no bad, not bad.As long as that 5.8 doesn"t death us. Hands. Skittles. Hey, MacElroy. Was the your routine? Or a performanceof Cirque du So-lame? Besides, you"re also late. They currently handed outthe girls" medals this morning. Close up door up, Michaels. That was textbook execution.Same scores i beat you v in Oslo. I was ~ above Quaaludes.I don"t also remember Oslo. Yet I psychic Boston, and that victory wasas sweet as the cream pie for which the town was named. Step aside, residence school.There"s a brand-new sheriff in town. Chazz! over there he is. Skating"s outlaw,Chazz Michael Michaels. This cowboy is cracking his whip top top thehaunch that this crowd, and they love it! how do you describesomething like that? He just uses whatever at his disposal.The movement, the music. And he simply nails the triple Axel! Surfing a tsunami the swagger right now. Well, you recognize he is sex top top ice. Hello, ladies. Usual of Michaels,it"s not sufficient just come win. He wants to do love to the crowd. That"s why those seats space so valuable. That"s what they wantfrom Chazz Michael Michaels. Michaels simply slipped MacElroya an extremely public note. You have actually been called out, sir. You"re welcome, Stockholm. Unreal. An immediate classic. Just when girlfriend think you"ve watched it all, Chazz Michael Michaels walks inwith the unrated version. The undefeatable underdog,ice skating"s backdoor lover, Chazz Michael Michaels has actually comein here and captivated this arena like a stack of classic Euro porn. And so while his scoresare being tabulated, let"s discover a little bit moreabout skating"s Leather-clad Lothario. Chazz Michael Michaels,an ice-devouring sex tornado. Spawned in the hell-fires that Motown. Troubled childhood? If you call being a nine-year-old kidwith a 35-year-old girl friend troubled. At period 12, Chazz escaped a life ofrunning cigarettes and also illegal fireworks by coming to be a star in Detroit"sunderground sewer skating scene. The just skater to win four nationalchampionships and also an adult film award, i beg your pardon is no to to speak this rough-hewnheartthrob doesn"t have actually a softer side. He recently published a publication of poetry,Let Me placed My Poems in You. Prior to a huge competition,I prefer to job-related with leather. The native Americans always said the working through hides and also peltsreleases the soul. These room a pair of diaper bagsI do for faith Hill. Two men, only one winner. Will it be Chazz Michael Michaels? personal philosophy: clothes optional. Hope you brought your silver polish,MacElroy, "cause the was gold. The was disgusting. That, young man,is just how babies are made. - obtain out of my face.- I"ll acquire inside her face. Grandfather Michael Michaels, you re welcome gather her coach,family, and friends and move to the benchto await your scores. Hey, traffic cop. Obtain this straight.I don"t have actually a coach. I don"t require one. And as for friends and also family,Chazz Michael Michaels to walk alone. That"s why they speak to me the Lone Wolf,on my earlier there. 5.9, 5.9, 6.0... That"s what I"m talk about. 5.9, 6.0... An additional 6.0. ... 5.8. Was it an excellent for you, Stockholm? "Cause it was an excellent for me.Let"s have a smoke. Eat that, MacElroy. Those were the same scoresI got, Einstein. We"re tied. - Ladies and gentlemen, we have actually a tie.- You"re high. Indigenous the united States,Jimmy MacElroy and also Chazz Michael Michaels. You"re fired. What? I carried you a gold medal. No, you carried me half a yellow medal. If I want him come share,I"d have actually bought that a brother. It"s raining men in the men"s singles.Men attract gold, that is. And also they sign up with Team USA"sother yellow medallists, the pairs team ofStranz and also Fairchild van Waldenberg. Stranz and also Fairchild valve Waldenberg, America"s brother and sister darlings, the yellow standardof pairs figure skating. Youngsters ofbeloved Swiss skiing yellow medallists, Otto and also Ella van Waldenberg, the twin dynamos Stranz and also Fairchildburst the end of the womb and onto the ice cream while their sister, Katie,cheered from the sidelines. Theirs seemed to it is in a charmed lifeuntil march 14th, 1987 when their parents died tragicallyin a automobile crash. Katie would certainly survive. The human being wondered, had actually Stranzand Fairchild entered a layback spin native which they can never recover? yet the siblings" commitment was such the they were ago in the maintain rinkwithin hours of the funeral. Therefore tonight, the group cheerson their beloved van Waldenbergs. Well, Stranz and Fairchild, how hefty is the goldaround her necks? Scott, this may be heavy goldbut to united state it"s lighter 보다 air because dreams never weigh you down. No. Desires are in your sleep. What about the amazingMichaels and MacElroy? two gold medals? Yeah. That"s great. Well, speak of yellow medals, the winners the the men"s singles are taking their placeat the podium appropriate now. This needs to be a proud momentfor Michaels and MacElroy. You have to think, the only thingsweeter than winning a yellow medal is sharing itwith your other countryman. Gosh, I"m acquiring sick. You odor likeaftershave and also taco meat. Yes, i do. Now scoot over. Don"t touch me. Nobody touches me. - simply scoot over, man.- Don"t. - just scoot over.- girlfriend scoot over. Now there"s part jostlingatop the podium and also down goesChazz Michael Michaels. MacElroy quiet waving come the crowd. Look, MacElroy"s likewise down now. I have actually never in all my yearsseen noþeles this disgraceful ~ above the civilization stage. I am stunned silent,absolutely silent, Jim. You gain that damned bird the end of mine facebefore i break the neck. A perfect head butt!Down walk MacElroy! and Spaetzle"s aflame! Spaetzle! Oh, mine God! together we prepare come hear testimony,Michaels and also MacElroy will certainly be given a chanceto defend their actions in ~ Stockholm... Us love you, Jimmy. Hey. Nancy Kerrigan. You an main here? "Cause you have actually officially given mea boner. I"m a sex addict. It"s my cross to bear. It"s a real disease with doctorsand medicine and also everything. Let"s get started, chandelier we? If either among you would liketo make a statement before the commissionpasses judgement, you may do so in ~ this time. Fans, friends, esteemed membersof the committee, i don"t know what I have the right to say, however I pray you have the right to all forgive me. More than that,I pray the children can pardon me. Oh, my God. - I ar my future in their tiny hands.- the is retarded. God bless you. God bless everyone.Thank you. God bless you, Jimmy.God bless her heart. Maxim. Last issue. "Chazz Michael Michaelsis figure skating." Boom! all right, duly noted. In accordance with the rule ofthe global Skating Federation, James MacElroyand Charles Michael Michaels, you are to be stripped of her medals... What? ...and banned from men"s number skatingfor the remainder of your lives! Hey, you hear to me, old man! Oh, the sucks. Look what you did to mine ex-wife! I"m gonna pop youin the earlier of the head. Banned for life. That"s a long time. Jimmy, it"ll all occupational out. It"s time because that a fresh start. - Yeah, a new start. Exactly.- Good. Jimmy, - I"m un-adopting you.- What? i don"t think un-adoptingis the appropriate word. Legally, I"m disowning you. Yet it quantities to the very same thing, so... Yet I"ve to be your son for 26 years. Twenty-two, so nobody have the right to sayI didn"t try. We"ve had actually a good run. Now, i think it would certainly be ideal for every one of usif we didn"t traction this out. Clean break. It would make it much easier for me, Jimmy,if you left now. Wait! It"s prefer a Band-Aid. Just rip it off.We"ll both feeling better. Hey, everybody,get her tickets for the 2nd show. 2nd show tickets currently available. Tra-la-la-la, tra-la-la-laWe sing a grublet tune We love come roam ours woodsy homeOf greenery and scenery and song Tra-la-la-la, tra-la-la-laA grublet sings follow me Oh, God. I hate you. I hate my life. Oh, no! It"s the evil wizard! Boo! ns mean, I had actually it with skatingfor the judges, you know? just like, i don"t require that. I mean, because that me, it"s for this reason muchmore to solve to view the... The eye of a tiny child,seeing that wonder together they... They see you skate out therewith a big wizard head on, friend know? Nice. Really nice. Hey, Sammy, it"s no what that looks like. Sam. Sammy, come on, baby. Girlfriend knew this was how I rolledwhen friend met me. No. As soon as I met you,you were a good figure skater. Currently you"re gaining stonedwith the backwoods Fairies. I don"t also knowwho friend are any type of more. You"re life in the past, Sammy. Come on,me and the woodland Fairies, we"re life in the here and now. And we"re emotion so free.Come on, join us. Baby. Come on, babe. Hey, Michaels, let"s go. Lace up.The fog makers are primed. Second show"salmost three-quarters full. - friend drunk?- No. Yet this candlestick to carry out it. I would certainly fire friend if you weren"t so goddamn beautifulout there. - girlfriend smell favor urine.- A lot? obtain your head on. They don"t feel right. That"s due to the fact that I"m not finished. You see, it help to think that the lacesas belonging come three unique groups. First, the foundation. They"re as well tight. Daddy! He"s crushing me. Act it right takes a little bit longer,but it"s precious it. Hey, what space you doing?She claimed it"s as well tight. Well, yet she"s wrong. Ns mean, who room you gonna trust,a small girl or Jimmy MacElroy? - who the hell is Jimmy MacElroy?- Is there a problem here, sir? Yeah, this son is torturingmy daughter"s foot. I"m for this reason sorry, sir. You know what, Jimmy? turn off the skates,you"re ~ above stockroom duty, now. Let"s go. Hey, Jimmy. Hector? What space you doing here? you knowI have actually a restraining order against you. Oh, the thing? girlfriend look great, Jimmy.You look amazing. Her hair rocks. Thanks. Girlfriend look for this reason good. Oh, my gosh. Carry out you look in ~ yourself? I entirely wanna reduced off your skin andwear it to my birthday. It"s coming up. Yeah, listen, it"s good to watch you,Hector, however I"m yes, really busy appropriate now. Okay, all right, I"m sorry.I"ll reduced to the chase. - friend gotta start skating again, Jimmy.- What? It"s embarrassing stalking a has-been,you understand what i mean? Look, I practically gave increase on you. I started workingwith that Ukrainian skater, you understand the one that looks favor Elvis? and also I relocated to the Ukraine and also it was cold and everyone had gunsand smelled choose soup. Ns sympathise through you, Hector.I yes, really do, but there"s naught I can do. I"m banned because that life. Don"t be so sure. Ar 14, paragraph G, "A lifetime ban is irrevocableand the banned skater deserve to never again "compete in anyFederation-sanctioned tournament "that exists in such a skater"s division." you see? You"re only bannedfrom her division, men"s singles! You deserve to still complete in bag skating. Pairs. Exactly how is this possible? I had so countless lawyers work-related onso many appeals. Because nobody deserve to obsess choose I can. An excellent luck, Jimmy. And also I"m quiet gonna death you someday. Oh, no! It"s the evil wizard! Hey, tiny forest creatures. None of you sons-of-bitchestry to be heroes. Friend hear me? Hey, Chazz. Come on. It"s Gary. What space you doing? Hey, everyone!This is Gary, the squirrel. Currently listen up.Gary"s to be a long-time friend. We"ve been skatingfor two and a fifty percent years. Ns remember when we were hanging outat the bus stop in Tucson, and also Gary said, "I"ve obtained a 3rd ball." cursed it. I just threw up in here, people. That"s the reality.Another layer come the legend. Ns am nothing yet a human being onion.In fact, us all are. Oh, encore. Ladies and also gentlemen, Grublets ~ above Icewill be cancelled until additional notice. No refunds will certainly be given. Lug it on! Let the rain down on me. There"s a loophole. Ns was bannedfrom men"s singles but not pairs. I deserve to skatein the Wintersport games again. Ns knew it. Ns knew after 3 years,you just weren"t check in. I mean, come on, I relocated on, Jimmy.You gotta relocate on, too. But I"m a skater.There"s nothing to relocate on to, except for winning the yellow againand keeping it this time. You recognize how hard it isto uncover a partner? even if you did,you gotta qualify because that Nationals. That"s a month away. I mean, sign-up is in two days. That can"t be that hard. Ns mean... Number skating. Give it up, Jimmy.It"s prefer a cruel bitch mother. She"ll seduce youwith chocolates and also roses and then absent you come the side of the roadlike a dead raccoon. Forget it. Ns gotta go. It"s an excellent to view you. Wait, Coach! Jimmy MacElroy? Another an excellent walking with the hallsof the Grublets. Welcome to my little production. If you"re here to thank me because that firingChazz Michaels, it to be my pleasure. Chazz to be here? Yeah, unfortunately,but it"s great that you"re here. And also yes, no have to ask,I"ll consider you because that a position. I"m not looking for a job. I"m actually in search of a mrs skaterto compete with me at Nationals. - space you make the efforts to ska poach?- No. You trying to rest up my family? Why don"t you get out that herebefore ns throw down? Hey, where you going? Michaels. MacElroy. I watch you got fat. I watch you quiet looklike a 15-year-old girl but not hot. You crushed mine dreams. Dreams? Shit.I haven"t had one the those in years. Zip it, Chazz. Zip that or I will punch youin her crap lousy face. This ends tonight. It"s daytime, friend douche. - now it"s on!- You"re so fat! Local figure skating pan got more thanthey bargained for today once a children"s ice cream showwas interrupted by a street fight between two previous champions. Jimmy MacElroyand Chazz Michael Michaels, as soon as at the height of the skating world, picked up now where lock left offmore than 3 years... Fans remember Michaels and MacElroyas yellow medallists who, in a bizarre revolve of events, ended up being banned native competitionfor life. I had actually a possibility to sit downwith Michaels and let"s simply say, he"s a facility man. I"m a sex addictand I"m attractive to women. Two guys skating together?That"s a riot. That"s a laugh riot. - i don"t view what"s so funny.- Lf you were as drunk as me, girlfriend would. Look, Coach, I understand I saidI wanted to ice scating pairs, but two men? even if we want to,they"d never enable it. But there"s naught in the dominion bookthat says you can"t. That"s not my style.Chazz Michael Michaels goes the alone. Okay?That way no coach and also no partner. Specifically not a dude. Specifically not the preciousand pampered Richie Rich. Would certainly you just shut up? friend don"t knowwhat you"re talk about. I know more than you think ns know. Hell, i know more than you knowyou know. No, girlfriend don"t. You can never store upwith my flawless technique. That"s why ns floored friend in "and the spring of "99. Method doesn"t acquire you 18 medals and a Kristi YamaguchiLifetime achievement Award. - ns am number skating.- prevent it! For three years I"ve to be trying to getover the nightmare you two created. I wasn"t certain I"d ever forget it. Currently maybe underneath all her bullshit,we have the right to still uncover something beautiful. I don"t know, Coach. Ns mean, I"m yes, really desperateto success that gold, but... Yet what?How"s the partner search coming, kid? What"s therefore funny, Cool Whip? You getting a many satisfactionfrom those $15 hookers? i am never ever satisfied. It"s a curse. The registration because that the national Finalscloses in exactly 12 hours. Currently let me asking you boys a question. Perform you wanna make history? No way.This guy could not organize my jock sweat. I might hold it all day long. Try me. - probably I will.- maybe you should. You an overwhelming me, Princess? I"m not inviting you come the SkatingFederation"s yearly Christmas Party. - Then lug it on!- that is on! Good. We"re in commitment then. - What?- What? Welcome back to competitive skating,gentlemen. I"ll choose you increase in the morning. Little help. Below we go. Present time. Stranz. Fairchild. Melissa Kelly, ESPN2. So, allow me questioning you,any think on the competition? and also what go a brand-new gold medalmean because that you? that doesn"t average as muchas win America"s hearts. That"s an extremely important come us. Currently we haven"t viewed youin about three and a half years. What have actually you to be up to? Skating. Currently apparently you"re dedicatingthis power to the kids of the world. Sorry. - Chazz, fill this out.- No. Yes. I"ll gain yours, Jimmy. Who is that girl? You average Katie van Waldenberg? She"s Stranz and Fairchild"s sister? Fairchild"s legs and Stranz"s ass. Mind bottling, isn"t it? - walk you simply say "mind bottling?"- Yeah, mind bottling. You know, as soon as things space so crazy, the gets your thoughts every trapped,like in a bottle. All right, boys.Let"s go do this. Loud and also proud. What space you two doing here? You know damn well I"m not lettingeither that you authorize up. They"re banned. I"m not here to sign upMichaels or MacElroy. I"m here to sign up the pairs teamof Michaels and also MacElroy. I"m here to authorize up the pairs teamof Michaels and MacElroy. Give thanks to you. Currently there"s your front page headline. Jimmy, have the right to you tide to the fans? therefore Jimmy and also Chazz togetherand no fighting, huh? Two men skating togetherand in ours division, no less. Why, Stranz? Why is God singling united state out for the biggest sufferingthe human being has ever before known? i don"t know, sis. Those two space nothingbut a pair of freaks. Yeah, and also the media loves freaks. Provides my blood boil. And also all they"re doing is just leechingthe dignity the end of our beloved sport. You know, I"m no a violent person, but I would favor to host them downand ice skating over their throats. Guys, maybe,maybe if you concentrate on the skating civilization will forget every the hype and also they"ll focuson the purity of the sport and also the spirit of honest competition. Girlfriend guys simply want come cheat again,don"t you? - That"s a great idea.- lot better. Katie, please,will you simply take this camcorder, okay? ns don"t know how to turn it on.Thank you. No, I"m no spying because that you again. We"re simply asking youto discreetly tape their exercise routines. Find someone else. - What"s that, Mother?- Don"t. You and Father space sadthat friend were eliminated driving Katie to her ice cream skating lessonall those year ago? Yeah. Me, too. Remember exactly how they offered to be alive? Papa? ns can"t hear you, Papa.What room you... You"re crying? Still? In heaven? You"re tho dead? - Fine, I"ll execute it.- Yes. Now you"re playingfor team valve Waldenberg. Every right.You"ll be staying right here for the duration. You"re gonna skate together a pair.You"ll live as a pair. And also if you"re at every interestedin self-preservation, you take off her shoesbefore you set foot top top the Berber. Why would we action in infant food? - He"s talking about the carpet. Berber?- What space you? The Rug Doctor? - probably I am.- I"m the rug master. - What go that also mean?- shut up and take off her damn shoes. - Bunk beds?- ns don"t re-publishing rooms. I don"t re-publishing shit.The night is a very dark time for me. It"s dark for everyone, moron. No for Alaskans or dudeswith night vision goggles. All right, this is gonna protect against right now. From below on out, you males are a team.Do friend understand? You room going to eat together,sleep together. You are going to pee together. You"re gonna filea joint income tax return. Practice starts now. Finish of discussion. I just put those into order. I need some respond to space, too. - Mane n" Tail. Is this steed shampoo?- Yes, it is. - carry out you usage this stuff on your hair?- Uh-huh. "For a lustrous coat."Does this in reality work? friend bet her ass the does. It provides my hair shine prefer Orion"s beltout ~ above the ice. And also then ns brush mine hair100 times with this. Cool brush. Not just a brush however a Verticoli. Handmade in Italy.They carve it the end of illegal whalebone. They only make 11 of lock a year. This one price me $12,or 30 million lira. Perfectly balanced, low drag,minimal torque. How minimal? ns bet you"d choose to know. Help yourself come the Mane n" Tailall you want, but don"t also look in ~ the Verticoli. "Cause I will knock her block off. No exaggeration, I could not love a human babyas much as ns love this brush. I call top. - Sorry, I already called it in my head.- you can"t carry out that. The doesn"t count. Yes, the does. Gain used to it, Jimmy. You"re in Chazz"s people now. You recognize what?I permanently referred to as shotgun. You perform not gain shotgun every time. What is this place? the smells favor fish. Sweet. This ice has not beenproperly Zambonied. - and also where"s the warm-down room?- we don"t have any of that. What we got is a cold warehouse unit the a friend of mine let me floodwith a garden hose. Quite choice, Coach. Turned the end well. The dance lift, the push lift,the twisted lift, the next by next jump, the litter jump. All of these room weaponsin the bag skaters" arsenal. And also used properly,they can slay her opponent. Offered improperly,you have the right to break every bone in her body. All right, gentlemen, waltz position. You understand what, dude,your hand needs to be ~ above top. No way. The girl"s walk on top. Yeah. Ergo. Chick. I"m no the girl. I"m stronger. No, I"m strongerand don"t have actually a vagina. You room not stronger.Watch this, fat ass. Fat ass? it doesn"t really matter,it"s waltz position. One guy, you placed your, just... Watch that?It"s pure pec, bicep, and tricep. Jimmy, obtain off her hands. You"re gonna need those later.Now, come on. All right. Okay, you know what?I can do miscellaneous cool, too. Chazz. Chazz. You think you"re so tough. Huh?I"m no fat. I can do this. - Chazz, placed your skates ago on.- No, it"s too late. They"re off. - Look, I"m choose lightning.- put your skates earlier on. What space you doing? - Yeah. God, that burns.- Oh, yeah? Jimmy, you placed your garments on. Jimmy! - cursed it!- watch my Icy hot Super Slide. - perform it.- ns will. It"s no gonna matter"cause you"re level in front like Ken. You"re the girl. - What?- You"re mine pretty lady, MacElroy. - Wait. Why?- since you whine choose one! and no one have the right to lift her fat ass.You"re top top a diet, beginning now. - What room you talking about?- Let"s walk! Come on! Is this around my muscular, thick thighs? can one of friend all happen me a biscuit? girlfriend got another five miles,then you get a LUNA bar. Come on. So, Coach, ns was thinkingabout the music for our routine. - Really?- We"re gonna skate come one song, one track only.Lady Hump through the black Eyed Peas. What you gonna carry out with all the junkAll that junk within my stems I"m gonna gain you, obtain you drunkGet friend drunk turn off my lady hump my hump, mine humpMy lover lady hump I"m no skating to anythingwith references to lady humps. I don"t also know what that means. No one knows what that means,but it"s provocative. - No, it"s not. It"s gross.- It it s okay the world going. That"s enough!Why carry out you guys keep doing that? friend didn"t view shit! - Coach!- close up door up! throw me some chicken! 2 men. Together. You"re really gonna gothrough v this, huh? Oh, yeah, of course. Why not? i mean, I need your help.What carry out you say? Look, I"m just a choreographer.What perform I know? carry themby the dance studio tomorrow. - Great!- I"m no a magician. Ns ain"t do no promises. I"m just sayingthat I"m"a carry out what I can do. Your trouble is her boundaries.That ends today. The end on my run floor friend won"t recognize where one man"s body endsand another begins. Since if friend can"t dance v a man,you damn sure can"t skate through a man. All right? therefore come on, let"s go. Jimmy. Yeah. That"s what ns thought. The a boy, Jimmy. Come on. Okay. Break it down.Show me what friend got. Okay. That"s a start. That is a start. You"re tensing her face.If girlfriend tense her face, you"re gonna make it harderfor yourselves. Simply enable... Rewind it.I wanna see his head bang down again. No. No, no.You act right or you leaving my studio. Beautiful butterfly right into a prayer.Nice into... Let them get it out. Let them acquire it out. Chazz, relax to Jimmy.Easy, see? Release... - Yes.- No. No. Girlfriend nailed it! Yes, ns did. Watch that? Pure power.You can use a nickel"s worth, junior. Maybe if you released meat that quarter-turn, i wouldn"t have to save her asswith my landing. It"s dubbed improvisation.Even your precious Kenny G walk it. Well, at least they"re gettingthe move down. Yeah, but can they carry out it in prior offive judges and 30 million people? Denver, Colorado, last stop on the roadway to the civilization Wintersport Gamesin Montreal. The best skaters from every overthe nation have trained tirelessly, because that years for their chanceto do it ~ above the human being stage. However all those storieshave been overshadowed now by what plenty of dubthe Sideshow of the Century. The male-male pair that Jimmy MacElroyand Chazz Michael Michaels. The tension was palpablewhen they come this morning as the skating communitycontinued to voice the outrage. Those two are turning this sportinto a freak show. As if number skatingwasn"t gay enough already. Allow me show you something.Does that look ideal to you? nothing in here about two males skating. That blonde chick"s a dude? Oh, man. Now let"s join Stranzand Fairchild van Waldenberg together they wind up their routine, an edgy look at at metropolitan culturetold in the language of the streets. And also boy, look in ~ them!They space really having actually fun v this. The bling is king. This pairis willing the crowd into a frenzy. Come on! Come on! Wow! Flawless, together always. These 2 blue-eyed funk machinesare walk to discover themselves popping and also locking their wayto the championship in Montreal. And also those great vibrations it seems to be ~ to have spread every the waythrough this arena. What, what! You guys are up. And also now the momentthis crowd has been waiting for. And also how is this going come work? totally different skaters,known come be opponents of one another, combine to be the very first male-malepair team in the background of the sport. One of two people the locked-in technical styleof MacElroy will not meshwith Michaels" improvisations or they create an excellent music together and also reinvent the sportin their very own image. They"re laughing in ~ us. They laughed at louis Armstrong whenhe claimed he to be gonna walk to the moon. Currently he"s up there laughing in ~ them. Well, they titled this routine"Fire and Ice." They"ve constantly been that wayas competitors, as individuals and now as a pair team? therefore appropriate. For this reason far, so good. Their very first move"s so difficult.Throw triple Axel. First throw. Male down. What an unbelievably disastrousbeginning come this routine! I"ve never ever fallen once in competition. Come on. Take my hand. We can do this. And they"re up. Come on, Denver, acquire off her asses! Let"s go! and the crowd responds. It"s the an initial time they"ve displayed themany level of support. Next by side double Axels!Beautifully delivered! and again, a male-male pair team. They"re act thingsthat no various other pair would certainly dare come do. Incredible! So plenty of moves in this programmeI"ve never ever heard the before. Yes! Unbelievable finishto an significant routine! and they"ve won this crowd over! yes! This can be enoughto send them to Montreal as the very first male-male representativesthis sports has ever seen. Background in the making. Yeah! we love you, Denver! City by the bay! john Denver! - was the fire really necessary?- questioning them. - That"s what I"m talking about!- I"m so proud of you. Good job. What up, homes? You men were great out there. Thanks. I"m Jimmy. Ns know. Katie. Ns know. I like your buttons. Jimmy, come on. The scores are up. - an excellent luck.- You, too. Walk you view that?They were in reality pretty good. Yeah, they were really good. Way to go. Nobody of what they didwas on her video. That"s every right.Let"s no let them get into our heads. Right into our head?Not just did we embarrass Marky Mark, we let under the Funky Bunch. ... 5.9, 5.9, 5.8, 6.0! - correct! Yes!- Oh, mine gosh! We"re going to Montreal, bitch! Well, it"s every smileshere in the crest kiss and cry area. You"re the males everybody"stalking about. Just how does that feel? girlfriend know, we"re just so gratefulfor this wonderful opportunity to it is in out right here on the ice cream again... Michaels and MacElroy room a freighttrain native hell, okay? We"re going right upthe ass of the competition, Scott. I"m not gonna to speak wow, however wow! They obtained by on 97 percent adrenalineand 3 percent bullshit. If they wanna take residence the gold,they gotta do something spectacular. Robert, I understand where this is going. How numerous timesdo you need to make the exact same mistake? it rotates I obtain it right.You gotta trust me, Jesse. I"m no gonna invest the remainder of my lifein a cage of fear. Optimal of the morning. And also it is a beaut. Perform you mind? I"m trying to eat here. Just thought you"d like to seewhat a skater"s body really looks like. Walk ahead, drink that in. Don"t be shy. Looking"s for free.Touching"s gonna expense you something. Discovering my ink? Some world refer to meas the portrayed Man. Every tattoo speak a various tale.They"re choose chapters of my life. Really? So, what"s the one about? that one represents the dragon lady.You could know her together Michelle Kwan. That"s Michelle Kwan, many decoratedfigure ska in us history? - girlfriend tapped that?- sure did. But perfection can drive a woman mad. She was prepared to quit,hang up her skates settle down and also pop outa few little Chazzlings. Ns couldn"t permit her do it, no the method I roll. So, what"s that one with the horse? mine blonde Ukrainian she-devil. Not Oksana Baiul? at 16, she won the gold, turn pro, and was named one the Barbara Walters"most fascinating persons of 1994. Yeah. But don"t let her fool you.She"s together cold as the ice cream she skates on. She"s choose dry ice.Wait. She"s chillier than that. - What"s cooler than dry ice?- ns don"t know. I"ll tell friend what is. Oksana. What about that one on your shoulder?Who"s that? that one? It"s nothing. What about you? friend got any kind of tats? I had my challenge paintedat the Blueberry Festival one year. Seems about right. Well, I could have one.I can have a killer one. I have a like on the enemy,Katie valve Waldenberg. Good choice, my man. Yeah. How"s that for forbidden love? I have actually no idea, but I"d favor to discover out. - Wait. What are you doing?- I"m calling her. Or rather, girlfriend are. - ns can"t execute that. It"s crazy.- It"s no crazy. What am I claimed to say? - No, you can"t. I can"t.- It"s ringing. Go. - Sorry.- possibly it"s Nike. Valve Waldenberg Companies. Talk. Relax. Hi. It"s Jimmy MacElroy. Is Katie there? It"s MacElroy, for her. What? because that me? Why? - ns can"t carry out it.- I"ll coach you. Obtain on the phone. Stranz? Hello? Okay. "Yo. It"s the Mac attack.What up?" Yo. Hi. It"s the Mac attack. What up? Okay. Say, "Oh, my, you"re justcatching me getting out the the shower." - market yourself.- will certainly you be quiet? friend know, girlfriend just caught megetting the end of the shower. - She just gained out that the shower.- Oh, me likey. - I have actually to call her back. This is for this reason rude.- No! space you insane? - She"s gonna hear you.- Get ago on the phone. Say, "Shower? "I gotta get me one of those"cause I simply got ago from the gym "doing mine squat thrusts." i gotta...Yeah, shower. I require one the those "cause I simply got back from the gymdoing mine squat thrusts. "Squat thrusts must be hard, actual hard." Squat thrusts are hard. - "Real hard."- real hard. "They"re hard, all right. But it"s precious itto get a sweet burn deep in her thigh." It"s precious it to obtain a deep burnin mine sweet thighs. "You knowhow you deserve to soothe a nasty burn? "Pour some sweet cream ~ above it." do you knowwhat you deserve to do for a burn? to water sweet cream ~ above it. Oh, mine God, you"ve bagged a wild lynx. Okay, say, "Sounds come me likeyour cream demands to be whipped", and then go... I was wonder if girlfriend wantedto acquire a eye cone sometime? What? Yeah. Ns would choose to get a snow cone. I haven"t had a snow conein a couple of years, actually. No, you have to be sexy. Speak you want a eye boner.Snow boner. 8:00 tonight. That sounds great. The will"get me time to gain my jugs waxed." Okay. Well, I"ll check out you. What happened? What"s the word? 8:00 tonight. We did it! Oh, mine God! quite lift. Every right, hear up. You males barelysqueaked by in ~ Nationals. Exactly how are we gonna competeagainst groups that have actually been doing this because that years? There"s just one way. Okay. What perform you guys havethat no one of the other teams have? - pair dongs?- Exactly. We need to do somethingthat only two men can do together. Something never seen before. Jesse, placed in the tape. Come on. Put in the tape, Jesse. Thank you. Jimmy, I never ever told you this before,but I provided to coach pairs. I was on trackto head up the Olympic squad. I wanted it badly,so I occurred a move. A move the likes of which the worldhad never seen before. A relocate so revolutionary, so dangerous that it would have actually catapulted the teamthat stuck it straight to the top. And like many revolutionary ideas, it simply scared the shitout the the establishment. So i quit. And also I took it come the one place on earthbatshit crazy sufficient to offer it a try. Phibìc Korea. The course. Behind the Bamboo Curtain, they speak to it "The iron Lotus." Look at the grace, the beauty. They practically have it, until... Oh, my gosh. Okay.What perform you say, let"s give it a try? - room you nuts?- What? That"s crazy. Come on, what space you talk about? See, after every these years,I recognize what go wrong. The physics to be off. It was a man and a woman,that"s why the didn"t work. You"re 2 men. You should be fine. Be warned.The steel Lotus needs your respect. She has actually no time for ione wolves, Chazz. Jimmy, you"ve gotta it is in willingto improvise. You two are the critical piecesof the puzzle. Go on! Fit castle together! store your speed up. Save it up! Jimmy! Don"t let your legs buckle! Come on, Chazz, focus! Focus! my nut-sack! friend gotta be careful, man.Unlike you, i actually usage these things. Oh, yeah? Well... Well, well, yeah, you"re right.I"ll try to be much more careful following time. Sorry. Look, ns didn"t average to traction your ballsinto the discussion. That was uncalled for.They"re fine, ns overreacted. Every right, gentlemen,let"s obtain up and shot it again. Let"s perform this. This to be my favourite place cultivation up. Through the way, you look yes, really nice. Oh, really?I choose your glitter-tooth necklace thing. Oh, thanks. Foy, can I have another blue one? You guys were so good at Nationals,it fear my brother and sister. - They want me come spy ~ above you.- Really? Is the why you"re walking outwith me ideal now? No! Really. Ns don"t treatment if they win.I don"t care around skating at all. Ns mean, really,what"s so an excellent about skating, anyway? It"s basically simply gliding,trying not to fall, through a couple of jumps thrown in, right? and also Spandex and glitter. Egos. Ice blows. Sorry. Yet it"s not the ice.It"s what the ice allows you do. Out there, ns feel like I deserve to do anything. It"s the just placewhere life renders sense. You"ve never ever skated? as soon as I was a kid, a little. But my brother and also sisterdon"t prefer anyone come steal their focus. Mine life was nothing but focus. You recognize what ns gotfor mine tenth birthday? A six-pack that protein shakesand a subscription to Men"s Health. Ns didn"t have a tenth birthday. Mine sister told every my friendsI remained in jail for armed robbery. As soon as I was nine, my dad insistedon having me circumcised come minimise wind resistance. While driving me to skating practice,my parents were in a deadly accident. Mine brother and also sisterblame me for your death and also they pressure me to occupational for themlike a slave. Wow. I never ever really assumed of thatas a romantic story before. So, how"d that go through your lady?Carve up any ice through your wiener? every right, ladies, tea party"s over. We obtained two job till Montreal.I wanna check out an iron Lotus. Okay, try it again. You"re gonna kill him! clock the blade! Come on! try it again! One more. I"m yes, really close. Hello, and welcome, everyone,to the Orbitz civilization Wintersport games here in beautiful Montreal, Canada. The human being turns the eyesnow to this frozen sanctuary as the globe"s ideal athletesarrive come compete and also to revel in the glory that is sport. And so, currently we are honouredto bring you the wonder, pageantry, and also spectacle the these,the 20th human being Wintersport Games. Didn"t you once say, and I quote, "Jimmy MacElroyis a lifeless robot ~ above the ice"? - that would never ever say together a...- Yes, i did. Yet I was referringto the precision and beauty the robots. If they"d publishedthe remainder of the quote... They did publish the rest of your quote.You go on to say, "I"ve had actually lint at the optimal of mine ass cracked "with much more personalitythan that Daddy"s boy." end quote. Every right,Mr clever Reporter, reflecting off. You figured out how to workthe Google ~ above the net machine. Well, here"s a brand-new quote for you,all right? Chazz Michaels and Jimmy MacElroyare figure skating. Boom! Boom! Jimmy! has actually pairs skatinghelped your popularity? Absolutely.I have actually the finest fans in the world. Ns mean,we have the ideal fans in the world. No, that"s in the other room. Boom. Nice. Great! press loves them,and currently so carry out the sponsors. Stranz! So, Katie, the looks favor your datewent really well the other night, huh? What? ns guess so. Why? No reason. Ns was simply wonderinghow the went. Did it walk well? - Yeah, we had actually snow cones...- Oh, that"s for this reason great. We desire you to rotate your attentionto Chazz now. What? MacElroy"s love is likea beautiful apple that"s in her hand and also now you must bite it. - Nothing breaks up a team faster than...- Herpes. Jealousy. No. I"m not gonna makeChazz Michael Michaels fall in love with me. Who"s talking around love?We just want you to have actually sex through him. What? No!I am not gonna have actually sex v Chazz. Come on, Katie.Do the honourable thing here. The honourable thing is to walk awayand the is exactly what I"m doing. Okay. Stranz, let she go. It"s okay.She"s made up her mind. We"ll just move ~ above to plan B. - What"s setup B?- I"m sorry, don"t worry about that. You stood your ground. An excellent for you.We respect that. Yet if something have to happento your brand-new boyfriend"s leg, ns don"t know, under his knee,or over his ankle? At least you go the honourable thing. - Where"re friend going?- Sex addicts meeting. - "Turn weakness into strength."- great for you. Thanks, brothers man.Have a an excellent night. See ya! This must be because that you. So glad you"re all here. Okay, let"s get started. Chazz, would you liketo start the day off by sharing? ns was simply trying to uncover some peace. A haven,a ar where I might feel safe. And then what happened? Well, she to be my yoga instructor. So ns knew she was limber. But, Chazz, you realise this would justset you ago and further hurt your progression in maintaining manage over your libido,correct? Yes. Say thanks to you, Taylor. Definitely. Until her friend, a massage therapist,walked in the door naked. Easy, Chazz. V a large bottle of canola oil and also a monkey who was trainedto job-related on a video camera. And she rocked my world. Guys! Chazz, I have actually asked girlfriend to leave beforeand ns don"t wanna do it again. Taylor, come on, man. Let"s simply move on.Who"d favor to talk about Chlamydia? Syphilis, gonorrhoea, et cetera.Should we... Hi. I"m sorry I"m late. Ns was having actually sex. A lot. Welcome. Welcome. Why don"t you walk aheadand present yourself? I recognize her. I"m Katie. And? Oh, and I"m a sex addict. Hi, Katie. Hey, Katie. Wow, so, you"re a sex addict, too. Sex, sex, sex. What deserve to I say? Right. Right. I mean, you stated it all.It"s together a burden. Ns mean, civilization don"t realise whatwe go with on a day-to-day basis. Why don"t you concerned my room tonightand we can comfort every other? 11:55 sharp. Come on, people, break it up! God give me the serenity notto have actually sex through my friend"s girlfriend the courage come go residence tonight withouthaving sex with my friend"s girlfriend and also the wisdomto understand that masturbation is sometimesthe most wise solution. Yeah. Okay. Oh, sweet Jesus. You"re best on time. Come in. Would you favor some champagne? No, i can"t, I... Actually I just came by "causeI had actually something I had to say to you. What? carry out you have actually a bathrobe or a parkayou could... Sorry. I"m hot. Wouldn"t you feel an ext comfortable saying what you must sayfrom the bed? probably not. It"s a Posturepedic. Well, then, in that case,it"s an excellent for my back, so could as well try it. Okay, below it goes. I understand that sex,I recognize that sex addiction is a disease. Oh, God, they feel so good. Oh, God, this is therefore wrong. Jimmy"s my friend.I"m not gonna carry out this. Wait. Do you really average that? Yes, i think so. No. Yes, i do. Ns do.I can"t go with with this. Thank God. - Oh, God, what a relief.- Yeah. He"s obtained a love of gold. Friend sex demon! You, you sex fiend! No, you got it every wrong. Impure! Impure! - Jimmy, wait!- Hey, wait! brothers man! - naught happened!- Jimmy! Wait! Jimmy! - acquire away!- Jimmy! No! damn it. Come on, pick up. Come on, buddy. Hey, it"s Jimmy.If you deserve to dream it, you have the right to do it. Jimmy, it"s me, Chazz. Look, what happened earlier there,so not a huge deal. Just think of it as like a boob handshakebetween me and your lady"s... Look, that"s no coming the end right.I"ll describe it. Speak to me back, please. It"s me, Chazz. I"m cursed to this thingcalled friendship. And I ain"t going nowhere. And if girlfriend think I"m going anywhere,you"re wrong. You recognize why? due to the fact that I will not ago down, ever! I"ve winner a many radio contests,because ns refused to get off the line! If we checked out a Halloween party dressedas Batman and Robin, I"d go as Robin. That"s how much you mean to me. The was stupid the I said that.You understand what? No. I don"t think that"s stupid.I"m glad that I claimed that. Hey, turd-face, assumption: v what? I"ve take away every solitary oneof her teddy bears, and I"ve stuffed them down my pants. Hey, yikes. Sorry. For around a month,my urine smelled favor marshmallows. Don"t wanna close my eye Don"t wanna fall asleep"Cause I miss you Jimmy and also I don"t wanna miss a thing So call me ago now! It"s Jimmy.If you can dream it, you have the right to do it. Hey, it"s me again. Jimmy, please,call me back, for this reason I have the right to explain. Wow! pretty work.Somebody acquired busy in a big way. Scene of the crime. For your information,I didn"t have sex with Chazz. Fine. "Make love." Whatever. Ns didn"t sleep through Chazz. - What?- but congratulations! - ns feel as slimy together if i had.- Where perform you think you"re going? To make this right!Jimmy demands to recognize the truth! friend would perform that come your very own family? Don"t provide me that guilt trip. After all we"ve done for you?After all you did to Mom and also Dad? Mom and also Dadwere no wearing their seatbelts and they madean wrong left-hand turn. Come on, Katie, don"t go.We love you and stuff. Look, it"s as much as us, okay? us are forced to take Michaels andMacElroy the end of play, no issue what. That can require some bad behaviour. Hello, and welcome come day threeof the Orbitz world Wintersport Games. The best Chinese and Russian pairshave collapse away, setting upthe ultimate yellow medal showdown. Just two bag remain. Both American.Both hell-bent on reaching the top. And also it"s come under to this.Tonight, they leaving it all on the ice. The large story here is the men"s pairs number skating teamof Michaels and also MacElroy. These same-gendered sensationshave take away centre ice in the hearts ofmillions that skating pan everywhere. They"ve literally bring away this sportby storm. Jimmy. Jimmy"s below at the arena, girlfriend ass. He"s to be staring at a pack of gumfor nine hours. What"d you perform to him? I"m on my way. Taxi! world Wintersport Games.And yes, i am Chazz Michael Michaels. - Hey, Stranz.- Hi. Skaters, please clear the icein ready for the pairs competition. Give thanks to you therefore much. Oh, mine gosh. Have the right to you... Sorry, Chazz. Naught personal. Actually, it"s rather the opposite. See, her days ofstealing the spotlight room over. You crazy bastard! cursed it. What are you doing? You are evil. Pure evil! Your whole family"s evil! your brother. And also most that all, her sister. Don"t also think about putting usin the very same league. If she was fifty percent the woman ns was,she would have actually done her job and also slept with your partnerlike ns told her to. - She didn"t?- No. She couldn"t, since of you. Ns don"t gain it. Gross. Get me out of here!Somebody aid me! Whoever created ropewas a real a-hole. I"m late, sis.My hair is simply not cooperating. Oh, crap. Okay. Who"s gonna save you now, Chazz? Is tiny Lord MacElroy gonna comeand satisfy you under here? Oh, great. Hey, there! What space you law there?No. Wait, wait. It"s okay. No. Stranger danger! Stranger danger! No, please! Let"s execute it, Chazz! all right, Stranz.Time because that a small Chazzle Dazzle. Beautiful. I"m coming, Chazz. Give me her hand. - i won"t hurt you.- I"m coming for you, Chazz! damn it, Stranz. Have actually you checked out Jimmy?I can"t find him anywhere. Oh, yeah. He was right here a minute ago. And also if you discover him, would you tell himto get his ass down here? i really appreciate this. That guy who"s chasing usis make the efforts to death me. So, thanks. Who room you claimed to it is in anyway?Rod Serling? JFK. - It"s gonna do sense.- No, no, no. It"ll it is in fine. Yeah. That"s lame. Shot to gain through that! Don"t make me death her. Snowflake! from the unified States, the pairs team ofStranz and also Fairchild valve Waldenberg. So, the favourites,Stranz and also Fairchild van Waldenberg now taking the ice. As Marilyn Monroe and also JFK, they"ll be dramatisinga forbidden romance, Jim. Ns take proud in the words,"Ich bin ein Berliner!" call for preparation on iceof the United claims team the Michaels and also MacElroy. Well, the was an exciting takeon American history. Indeed. I think it"s precious noting, the great attention to detailthis pair has demonstrated. An absolutely seamless usage of propsintegrated into choreography, the is both physical impressiveand artistically moving. A rarely ballet the ice and history. And also those scores keep Stranzand Fairchild in first place, yet Michaels and MacElroy room up next. Coach! Coach! Did i make the in time?Where"s Chazz? whereby the hell you been? your partner"s not right here in 30 seconds,I need to disqualify you. Ns know, i know. We"re finished. Done. That"s it. It"s over.Damn it. As with that. Coach, he"ll be here. Skaters to the ice. Twenty seconds to disqualification. Jimmy MacElroy stands aloneat center ice. And you have to wonderwhat is going on. Well, this is Rice without Montana. Ali without Frazier.Han Solo without Chewbacca. Jimmy! Hey, Jimmy! Jimmy! Chazz! Hey, ns didn"t sleep with Katie! - ns know!- us didn"t even get to second base. Well, perhaps I did. What ns felt in mine pantswas weird and also shameful. Okay, us can talk about that later! You kind of need to be down hereright now or we"re gonna it is in disqualified! Katie is no a whore! Okay, I obtain it! just stop talking! Okay! Okay! - Skaters to the ice.- organize on! Ten secs to disqualification. Wow. Yeah! Wow! A dramatic entrancefor Chazz Michael Michaels. I"m okay! I"m every right! I"m okay. And also there"s anotherunique Michaels skill. The end of his garments in a hurrywhen he has actually to. And also women"s skating champion Sasha Cohencatches Michaels"jock strap. Ns love you, Chazz! - ns made it.- i knew you would. Let"s capture the dream. Record the... Ns love it.Where"d girlfriend come up v that? - I have no idea wherein I came up with it.- Cool. - Let"s kick some ice.- Okay. Well, Scott, the boys seem come beusing a scientific research fiction design template tonight. Fitting, considering these two menmay very well be the future that the sport. Well, I"ll tell you something, Jim. It"s prefer these two guys didbeam in from external space, to flip this sports inside out. The lights room on and so is this crowd. A grandfather Roboto to start the routine. And also they hit the beautifully! whatever they dois drenched in drama. Side-by-side ice scating clashes. And more sparks!Look in ~ the athleticism here! No various other pair in the human being could perform this! Fireworks display screen in Montreal. Incredible. What are you doing? We"re freestyling.You"re the steak, I"m the sizzle. Us didn"t practise that. Carry out it because that Katie.Burn increase the ice v your red hot love. Michaels and MacElroyturn up the thermostat. These men put the "bone" in Zamboni. It"s over. All the endorsements, every little thing gone. Oh, my God, ns can"t get a actual job.It"ll kill me. God, I have to do everythingin this family. A severe stumblein one otherwise perfect routine. Perfection"s what they need ifthey desire to beat Stranz and Fairchild. - ns think I damaged my ankle.- What? I"m gonna put some weight on it to see. Ns don"t know, Scott.I"m not sure, interpretive run moves room gonna victory these judges over. - What the hell space they doing?- Something"s wrong. Ns can"t perform the Lotuswith a not correct ankle. I"m simply a man, because that God"s sake. We"ll move places. Ns swear to God, if you reduced my head off. They"re going because that the stole Lotus,in reverse. My God.This is happening all over again. They"re picking up speedfor other spectacular. Watch likethey might be make the efforts something I have actually never seen done. That is the fabled stole Lotus. No! Don"t do it! ns was wrong!It"s suicide! and they nail it!Unbelievable performance! This group is going wild!They"re on your feet! I never thought I"d view it withmy own eyes, the fabled iron Lotus! A historic occasion here in Montreal. Michaels and MacElroyhave carried the legend come life. Scott, ns seem to have wet my pants. Chazz, Chazz. Us did it! - Did we win?- i don"t know. Ns think I check out the Virgin Mary. No. That"s not her. We got you, grandfather Michaels. Let"s go. - Oh, ns don"t wanna die.- You"ll it is in okay. - i don"t wanna die.- take a huff that that. Right here we go. I"m gonna have to cut your trousers off. Okay, however start up close to the crotch.That"s a far better access point. You were incredible. Really?I assumed my landing was every bad... You"ve been practising. Chazz taught me part stuff. Stranz van Waldenberg. You"re under arrest because that the desecrationof an worldwide icon. Snowflake. - it was her idea. She damaged his ankle!- What? you idiot! I dislike you. Come on now. Let"s obtain out that here. And that"s why ns was a sex addict. Due to the fact that no one ever before loved me. Yet I learned something here today. That ice doesn"t belong here. It belongs out there. The end on the ice in an ice cream rink. I never had a father, okay? however I don"t care! because now I"ve obtained a brother. This is my brother! and this is my brother"s new girlfriend. And also she is no a whore. I"m in a lot of pain.I feel favor I"m gonna barf. Chazz, they gained to obtain you to a hospital.Come on. No. And also miss the odor of sweet gold? no on your life. Give thanks to you. Jimmy, girlfriend did it!The yellow medal, baby! you did it! i wanna stay the gold medal, naked. Thank you. I"ve acquired something ns wanna display you.I had actually it excellent last weekend. That"s you,the wolf that runs v the Lone Wolf. So the the Lone Wolfnever needs to be alone again. That"s just how much you median to me, bro. You were drunk as soon as you got it,weren"t you? Yes. Absolutely hammered. - Welcome to the pack.- Thanks. Let"s get outta here. - Now?- Yeah. USA! The yellow medal has actually been wonby Jimmy and Chazz, many thanks to Hector"s idea! us did it, Hector! Boom! We certain did. Thank you, Hector. That did it because that us. Whereby is Hector? below I am, guys. Us did it. High-fives. Cool. Way to go, guys. Gold medal. You males are the best. Hey, Jimmy? Yeah, Hector? deserve to you provide me a time-out herewith Chazz? Yeah, sure. Room you crying? No. I"m fine. Okay. I"ll go over here. Sandwich. Hey. Chazz? What is it? Boom. I simply wanna sayyou men are partner now. I"ve been friends through him forever, and also you take an excellent care that him. Ns will. Boom. The just, he loves food. And also he likes dreams and also whispers and also his favourite movie is quick Circuit and also Fried environment-friendly Tomatoes. And also just watch over him. Every right? ns will. Boom.You have my word. High-five. God bless you. Sweet. Jimmy, you deserve to come back. What you guys were talk about? just stuff, you know. Hey, guys, you"re amazing. I just wanna say save dreaming due to the fact that there"s a most dreamsto it is in had. USA.

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