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BRS- black Rock Shooter
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I"m making this thread for the 2012 black Rock Shooter anime series, based on the vocaloid track of the exact same name by Huke. There"s basically two various "levels" come the show, the plain world and also the "other world". The ordinary part is about a center school girl named Mato Kuroi that meets and also becomes immediately infatuated v the cool and aloof Yomi Takanashi. An effort to come to be friends through her ends with a nasty meet-up with mysterious and also creepy wheelchair-bound girl Kagari Izuriha who appears to desire Yomi completely to herself. The various other world part on the various other hand is about a badass, pale skinned and skimpily dressed girl called Black absent Shooter through a blazing blue eye and also a powerful cannon capable of shoot rocks in ~ high speeds journeying with a mysterious and also surreal "other world" and also battling miscellaneous foes follow me the way. But the two seemingly disparate components aren"t entirely unrelated and also the personalities in the "other world" seem come parallel those indigenous the continual one...Just watched the show"s first episode today, feather for another anime to clock while ns wait because that the next called episode the Kekkai Sensen come come out. It seems pretty good so far. The interactions in between Mato and also Yomi are relatively cute and endearing however the show"s real highlight room the other people sequences, which have amazing CGI animation as well as extremely cool and surreal feather gothic landscapes. The present actually reminds me a small bit of the Persona series, through the otherworldly landscapes merged with ordinary school life and the principle of "other selves". Absolutely give this a clock if you like heartwarming girl-on-girl sex ~pure yuri love~ completely platonic friendship an unified with jaw-dropping action sequences in fantastical environments. Plus the an initial episode attributes a girl through a large cannon because that an eight fighting a girl talk a huge steampunk spider that shoots macarons as projectiles. How deserve to you to speak no come that?--------------------Evil flower the Pure Illusion... We"re going come pluck you out!
If friend still haven"t decided to inspect out the show then here"s a clip native the second episode to help change your mind:
--------------------Evil flower that Pure Illusion... We"re going come pluck friend out!
I think you average the 2012 anime series rather than the 2010 OVA. Just throwing that out there.To it is in fair, i never taken the exaggeration behind the Vocaloid song. Sure, the OVA was good, the anime even much better but all that orignating from just one song? various other vocaloid based animes at the very least had much more songs to do a longer story... Or room there actually an ext songs because that BRS?On that topic, make a Story of angry anime version, someone, NOW
.--------------------Anime statistic top top MyAnimeList:400 animes perfect ✓6000 episodes completed ✓100 Days completed ✓... What also am ns doing v my life?
I think the exaggeration isn"t so much based just on the tune itself however on the cool and stylish personality designs and also atmosphere. Not to mention that the artist (Huke) made all sorts that characters beyond just black Rock Shooter herself which all simply beg to be meat out. I guess it"s the overall vagueness and minimalism of the music video that renders it for this reason ripe for spin-off story unlike say, Story Of evil for example where there"s really only method you can adapt it without being unfaithful come the story. Just think, in the miscellaneous BRS spin-off series Black rock Shooter"s identification ranges indigenous the alter-ego that a highschool girl (the OVA and anime), a at sight soldier produced to hit aliens (the PSP video game) and a shinigami partnered with a talking snake named Ron (the Innocent heart manga).
Yep ns did median the 2012 anime, just obtained confused around the dates. Many thanks for the correction!P.S: why go your article have a giant amount that blank room below the text? did you use to have a layout or other that got deleted or what?--------------------Evil flower that Pure Illusion... We"re going to pluck friend out!

the minimum elevation of the article area is established by the elevation of the postsidebar (the point with her nick and also avatar). For this reason if that"s huge, climate the short article area will certainly be huge
Ah, that makes sense. Many thanks Ladida!--------------------Evil flower that Pure Illusion... We"re going come pluck you out!
Episode 3- that So complete Of Tears EnduredSo in this episode it actually looked every the stunner psychodrama v Yomi and also Kagari to be resolved, but of course there"s still 5 episodes left for this reason you deserve to bet that won"t remain true to an extremely long (God forbid our heroines actually be emotionally steady until the end). Pretty quickly I was proven ideal with Yomi acquiring jealous of Mato"s girlfriend Kamachi. Also there"s certainly something up with Saya (the institution guidance councilor), I"m pretty certain that
a guidance councilor is supposed to do the students feel better, not worse

. She additionally seems to recognize something about the various other World and from the watch of it,
may have actually caused Kamachi to somehow start merging v her Other world self
. Ns wonder if she can actually be black Gold witnessed (the red eyed eye with the jagged sword)"s counterpart. And then in ~ the end of the episode it looks like
. DON"T do IT YOMI!!! On an additional note, there"s many of yuri subtext as well in this episode if you"re right into that (which I completely am), including Mato blushing brightly roughly Yomi and Kohata playfully slapping Mato"s butt and calling she a "cutie".--------------------Evil flower that Pure Illusion... We"re going come pluck girlfriend out!
Episode 4- The human being I once Dreamt the ClosesNote: this commentary might contain some spoilers and also speculation. The more significant ones will certainly be spoiler tagged, yet not all of them
. Read at own peril.Yep, the psychodrama"s definitely ago in full swing in this episode. Just when Kagari"s becoming more emotionally stable Yomi beginning becoming more and an ext unhinged, to the point where she"s the one gaining angry/frustrated in ~ Kagari for having friends other than her and also "not needing she anymore". Theirs is absolutely a relationship complete of disfunction and dependency. And also at the episode"s end,
Yomi no hope clings to Kagari as someone who demands her just to it is in shattered when Kagari basically tells her that she never needed her and has her own friends now
. But hey, at least she gets free cookies! We also get a glimpse of a new other world character with silver hair, tanned skin and giant mechanically gauntlets dragging Chariot (
various other self) across a desolate landscape and also tossing she in an extremely deep pit. Ns bet this brand-new girl is Kohata"s (the track team girl)"s other self given that her surname from promotional products is "Strength" and also Kohata is a huge athletic type. Saya is obviously as much as no good at this point, although it"s uncertain what she agenda is exactly. It"s amazing exactly how this display can make also the most subtle actions absolutely creepy prefer with the macaron scene in episode 1 or Saya cheerfuly prepare coffee juxtaposed through
Yomi breaking down emotionally
. Additionally I simply realized that Saya has actually red eyes
. Yep, she"s absolutely
Black gold Saw"s counterpart
, no doubt around it.
Look at the face. Don"t you simply want come tell her her deepest, darkest secrets and troubles end a nice, very delicious cup that coffee?I can"t help but feel the Yomi"s jealously over Kamachi Yuu
(I really need to stop confusing these two) is pretty man at this point. I average geez, there"s no ascendancy that says someone can"t have an ext than one friend. It"s not favor they"re lovers or something (although Yomi"s jealously would make much more sense if friend look at it that way)! I recognize it"s because that the sake of the plot and that middle schoolers can be overdramatic at time
, yet still. This actors is not exactly the sanest bunch around.

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Looks favor we"re walking to gain a nice big battle scene in the following episode v Black rock Shooter matches Dead Master. The last 2 episodes have been an ext focused on the regular people so it"ll be an excellent to get an additional deliciously man other human being fight favor BRS matches Chariot earlier in episode 2. The scene of Dead grasp awakening native that huge cocoon that chains was amazingly cool looking.--------------------Evil flower that Pure Illusion... We"re going to pluck girlfriend out!
Episode 5- black Rock ShooterNote: the same spoiler warning native the previous illustration commentary applies here with vengeance. Shield her virgin eye if you plan on watching the show and don"t want any kind of spoilers!All kinds of stunner shit went under in this episode. Yuu
and the true nature the the other people is finally revealed. Basically it to be what was implied all along,
the various other selves space embodiments of her mental/emotional pain and also when among them dies, then that component of you that caused you pain would certainly die v them
. Every in every a quite fucked up means of managing trauma, merely cutting off components off yourself and also repressing ache memories rather of actually dealing with them or fixing them in a healthy and balanced way. Probably if you cut out every part of yourself that ever caused you pain you"d finish up v a hollow shell of a human being without any type of attachments to anybody. Mato rightly phone call out exactly how batshit this is, speak (paraphrased) "You don"t deal with your emotional difficulties by killing people!"I was totally expecting Yomi come go full yandere and straight up shot to death Yuu however instead she mostly simply blanked out, retreating inwards rather than exploding outwards. Those empty, lifeless eyes of hair were absolutely a heart-wrenching sight. Likewise it"s quite baffling in ~ this the Saya hasn"t obtained fired or something currently considering her behavior, she
tries come strangle Mato (good bait and also switch through the way, indigenous the episode preview I entirely thought it to be going to be Yomi law the strangling), telling her if she wants to conserve Yomi she should just die
. In ~ this allude it seriously starts to strain credibility a little bit that she still has actually a job. There"s only so much you have the right to excuse by speak you"re "just joking". Yet of course adults/social solutions can"t ever before resolve something in anime.We additionally finally acquire to check out the finishing of "Little bird of many colors" the children"s publication Mato and Yomi like and also boy, is it ever depressing! The tiny bird flies through so plenty of different colors that they all begin to merge and turn black and also then the bird falls and dies. That the hell would write an finishing like that for a friggin" children"s book?! and also why do Mato and Yomi seem come love the book so damn much?! Mato, unsatisfied with this, usually writes her own fanfiction in the back of the publication where the bird survives and also lives happily ever after. One understandable reaction, although it"s weird in that seems like she"d never read the ending prior to even though it"s a publication she supposedly cares so lot about. I also couldn"t really recognize what to be going on through Yuu. She was
, meets up with Mato in ~ the waterfront where her residence used to be(?) and tells her about the other civilization which she somehow knows about. My finest guess was the she merged with her various other self somehow and also that"s why she knows so much about it however that doesn"t explain her
.In lighter news, the battle between our titular heroine and Dead grasp was certainly epic together expected, especially with BRS fighting that large two-headed acquainted made the end of skeletons the Dead understand summoned, blasting it to pieces v her absent cannon. The fight scenes in this show are really top-notch, a pity they seem so couple of and far between. Castle could also use some much more heart-pounding music to really get you into the activity but whatever.So in ~ the end Mato
merges with her other self and voluntarily bring away on every her repressed ache in order come reach the end to Yomi through Dead Master
. If only she"d been simply a 2nd or 2 quicker!Honestly, rather of going around it every complicated, why couldn"t Mato have actually simply talked
to Yomi and told she "I know you"re jealousy of my friendship through Yuu yet just because I favor her the doesn"t mean I prefer you any type of less" or something prefer that. Sure there"s no insurance it would have worked yet she can have at least tried! back it"s no clear if Mato ever before realized the Yomi was jealousy of Yuu in the very first place. Still, actually talking and asking her what"s wrong couldn"t have actually hurt anybody. It appears nobody in this display can ever before take the many straightforward and sensible method of fixing problems. I wonder if it comes from sort of Japanese politeness thing, it"s being rude to straight ask who what"s wrong v them or something. Mato should simply kiss Yomi already, that would certain her permit her know how important she is to Mato. No to point out pleasing the yuri fans (i.e. Your truly).Also because that some reason in mine previous illustration commentaries I"ve confused Kohata and Yuu"s names. I"ll need to go back and correct that when I"m done keying out this one.--------------------Evil flower the Pure Illusion... We"re going come pluck you out!
Episode 6- Hope the Time over there Shouldn"t have Been AnyWarning: some untagged spoilersSo wwe last left off,
Mato had linked with black color Rock Shooter simply in time to view her stab Dead grasp (AKA Yomi"s other self) v the gut
go berserk, rampaging across the other world and also wrecking everything and also everyone in her route as Insane black color Rock Shooter
. We also get a hefty sheep of backstory in this episode, dealing with Saya and also Yuu"s pasts together. The present does absolutely wants united state to check out Saya together sympathetic at this allude but honestly ns can"t really recognize her motives. For this reason she"s
amplifying the girl"s emotional difficulties to "awaken" their various other selves in stimulate to protect against the other world from gift destroyed
. Okay, fair enough. Therefore far, it"s textbook fine Intentioned Extremist, "I did what I had to do" sort of thing. Except