Bishop Yvette Flunder is related to by those close come her together someone that stands through the minority. She’s concerned as a voice because that those that cannot speak the end for themselves. She has no inhibitions in speaking against any kind of victimization be it versus fellow believer and likewise non Christians. Bishop Carlton Pearson knows this an initial hand.

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Bishop Carlton Pearson lost his church after that was declared a heretic for preaching versus everlasting punishment in hell. His close friends in to adjust all abandoned him. He to be ridiculed and banned from appearing on TBN (Trinity broadcast Television). He was likewise removed native the plank of the oral Roberts university in Tulsa. No minister want to go close to him.

That was until he obtained an invite from Bishop Yvette Flunder, that asked him to visit she church.

It was at Bishop Flunder’s church the Carlton Pearson obtained the acceptance and love he an extremely much craved. The female bishop made that sit down. She acquired a bowl of water, took turn off his shoes and also began to wash his feet, just as Jesus did come His practical worker in the upper Room. Bishop Pearson attested she was one of the first ministers who reached out to him ~ he shed his church.


(Bishop Yvette Flunder top top the best with her partner, Shirley Miller).

Bishop Yvette Flunder is an openly lesbian Christian minister, with a solid personality and an unflinching conviction in she beliefs.

She attests over there is nothing not correct in a mrs being a bishop and that women have to not be limited from speak or teaching in churches together Paul wrote.

She likewise believes being affiliated in a exact same sex connection or marital relationship is no a sin. She concludes most of the writings in the holy bible were created by the people of that period for your contemporaries. Times have changed and Christians need to evolve, she believes.

Bishop Yvette Flunder was born in 1955. In 1991 she started the City the Refuge Church, one assembly the welcomes civilization from every walks of life; regardless of whether of race, gender and also sexual orientation.

She’s a gifted singer and also an author. She’s likewise an support for females Rights and a voice versus the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Bishop Flunder says she’s willing to controversy or have a reasonable discussion with any kind of Man of God that believes she’s a heretic and also on the not correct path.

She’s officially married to she lesbian partner, Shirley Miller. Bishop Flunder never hesitates come express she love for Shirley in public and once serenaded she in church.

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At 64, Bishop Yvette Flunder is still waxing strong as she goes about preaching, teaching and speaking against the ills in the world.