Lawn seeding is a an important service. It can assist fill in ceiling spots or thin locations and help keep your lawn spring thick and healthy. However when it pertains to growing new grass, you want to have the best possible success. That might have friend questioning once to have this important organization performed.

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Although a lot of homeowners assume that they deserve to seed any kind of time that year, there is in reality a finest time to seed your lawn.

Surprising to many people, it is not the spring. Spring grass seeding in Tennessee and also Northern Mississippi deserve to be performed (and absolutely some perform it) but it’s no going to gain you the finest results—and have the right to even cause some complications through your lawn care program.

Because we want you to acquire the best feasible results (and to recognize what makes the many sense for your lawn), we’ve placed together this overview to help lead girlfriend in the best direction.

Spring Seeding vs. Fall

There are two key reasons why seeding in the feather can collection you up for disappointment. Let’s take a look at at each of them.

Growth Trouble

Although homeowners have tendency to combine spring v the “growing season,” the fact is, new grass will certainly not have much time come grow before temperatures become really hot and daunting for brand-new grass to survive in.


In Memphis, TN and Northern MS, the hot and also dry season deserve to be intense and also we find that those who carry out spring grass seeding do not see lot success together it conveniently starts to die. It can take countless months because that a new lawn to establish a an extensive root system and begin to attend to heat and also drought stress. A brand-new lawn simply cannot handle it.

Crabgrass & Broadleaf Weed Trouble

The various other reason the we choose not to do spring grass seeding is the fact that the interferes v our capacity to use pre-emergent crabgrass control. The pre-emergent assets that we are using in stimulate to protect against crabgrass seeds from germinating will additionally prevent grass from germinating. In other words, us can’t apply these assets to a freshly seeded lawn meaning that you will do it wind up handling a weed problem.


Plus, if you have actually young grass tree growing, you can additionally not spray selective weed manage for broadleaf weeds such together dandelions, clover, etc.

Though you might be thinking about skipping weed control, that generally better to hold off on seeding, obtain the weeds under control, and also then address the thin locations or ceiling spots in the fall. Once you permit the broadleaf weeds and also crabgrass take it over, she generally creating an also bigger difficulty that will be complicated to deal with down the road.

The ideal Time come Seed her Lawn

In Memphis and also Northern Mississippi, the best time to seed your lawn is in the fall. Because the weather problems are best for germination (the air is cool, the floor is moist, but the soil is tho warm) it enables for the best feasible growth. Her lawn will start to develop a healthy root system that will permit it to come to be established before the hot and dry summer weather rolls around.


On top of that, seeding in the fall allows us to run the complete program and also utilize an important pre-emergent assets to protect against weed takeover.


Is There ever a Time for spring Grass Seeding?

Even after reading this, girlfriend still might be feeling anxious around filling in those ceiling spots or handling a lawn that’s an ext dirt than it is grass. Even though us tell homeowners that spring grass seeding is not ideal, and will most likely not gain them the outcomes they desire, we occasionally still have civilization who desire to give it a shot.

When this is the case, the is all around expectations.


We have performed this company for part homeowners yet have set them up through realistic expectations (the very information the we’ve just shared above). Not just will your grass battle to survive (and much of it may not), however they’ll have actually to deal with weeds.

The vast bulk of the moment that leads world away from also attempting spring seeding. Those that are very desperate for grass might also consider laying sod, a business that our sister firm Michael Hatcher & Associates can perform.


And right here in the Mid-South, if you’re going to attempt spring seeding without an irrigation system installed, this could be quite the obstacle.

We desire the best for you & your Lawn

All the this comes down to the truth that we truly desire the best for you. While there are plenty that lawn care companies in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi that will do whatever their customers want whenever they desire it, we believe in educating homeowners and helping overview them towards the finest decision for their lawn. After ~ all, you are investing in a experienced in bespeak to be able to rely on your expertise.


At master Lawn, you have the right to count on united state to constantly steer girlfriend in the best direction. Our objective is constantly to carry out you with ethical advice and also to it is in able to aid you make the ideal decisions for your lawn. ~ all, for her investment, you worthy to have the ability to know you have actually a lawn treatment professional that you deserve to trust.

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Ready to avoid worrying around the ideal timing for seeding (or various other lawn care services) for your Memphis, TN or northern Mississippi property? speak to a lawn care expert, choose native 3 program options, and also become the master of her lawn.