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what form oil execute you use in a honda rebel 250. I bought a 2003 in June,didn"t come v the organization manual, haven"t put many miles on it yet, simply learning to ride. Thanks
I usage 10w 40. Make sure it"s motorcycle oil, don"t usage oil through detergeant or car motor oil, it will mess increase the clutch.
Be kinder 보다 necessary, everyone you meet is fighting some type of battle. 2001 250 rebel :greetings10:


Car oil isn"t a just want the right weight 10W /40 is not "energy conserving" oil and also won"t hurt your clutch.It might be that your clutch just need an adjustment. That"s easy to do because you plut part slack in the cable and also its all set. If the adjustment doesn"t do it, climate it might be time for a clutch.

The Castral I use is 10/40 however comes in a green bottle and also is for wet clutches, the wrench I usage sells it.
Be kinder than necessary, anyone you accomplish is fighting some kind of battle. 2001 250 rebel :greetings10:
I usage Mobil 1 4T Motorcycle gyeongju oil (synthetic) 10W-40. Years ago there was many worry and also discussion by motorcycle groups about whether or no older bikes can use synthetic. I researched it and also decided it was fine. Never any kind of problems, just improvements. After ~ witnessing just how clean the bicycle is currently after 4 years with synthetic I wouldn"t run v anything else. Ours bikes space air-cooled. Temperature kills oil so unless you adjust every 1500 miles, I"d stick with synthetic. It does cost a many more; but, IMHOP well worth it.
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No bashing or flaming intended. But from what I have the right to see right here (Norway), the "Motorcycle Racing" oil is naught special. Simply overpriced oil in tiny containers.. I did operation this myself when a couple of years ago.The last years I have actually run a "Combo Oil" from "Felleskjøpet" (A supplier to farmers. They obtained "everything"). There oil is cheap because they sell lots of it. The oil is from recognized makers. Can be native Mobil, Castrol, Shell+++. Dont know whats on the can, however its the highest standard.Im considering utilizing there 100% synthetic oil In mine Rebel:
Should this work ok on my rebel? If needed, I deserve to translate the text.We dont realy obtained a problem with warm here
Any advice, tips or proposal I do is mine belief. So i take no responsibility if something walk wrong while who is adhering to them!​
I usage Spectro semi man-made 20/50 in my 450.Jack (B.) encourage 20/50 because that the 450"s. Ns would have actually to speak to him come remember precisely why, however I remember stating it with him a pair of years ago.
quaker state 10w40 no my rebel loves this oil!!! move so smooth no I change every 1000 mile & oil looks practically new!!!
Rotella T6 here. I"m ~ above my an initial run v this oil and also I"m satisfied with it. Beeing close to 1500 miles i feel that an altering gears is coming to be a little bit harder, yet that"s how it was with every oils i tried.
88nightrider...I"d agree through your comments about Mobil motorcycle racing oil. No a lot of suppliers roughly in north Vermont. After extensive research on what was accessible for bikes locally, uncovered Mobil had actually discontinued all verions, renaming their synthetic to the "Racing 4T". I"m not stuck ~ above a particular brand, just I thought it good to post about the success that a high quality fabricated doing fine in our bikes. To plenty of folks approximately here have in the previous rallied versus the synthetics without really having any type of weight to their claims.
thanx,ive been lookin" because that advice top top oil. Additionally lookin at tough saddlebags desire style and also room.anyone supervisor happy v any certain saddle bags you re welcome let me know. Going come swap fulfill inwebster (a tiny north that tampa ) first sun, of month b 4 ns buy.
First, asking the civilization you bought the from what oil they placed in it.I have actually a 450, i use the 20-50 mobile One. Ns hear that is one of the points you don"t want to it is in cheap about. I was buying the from the neighborhood motorcycle shop, yet i just uncovered walmart dead it because that 3$ less a quart. The motorcycle ar is a tiny edge in the automotive department... Castle don"t have actually much, yet oil they do have. My rebel takes around 2.5 quarts come fill, however i have a leak, for this reason every couple of days i placed a small in it to store it in ~ the complete level. If girlfriend don"t have actually a manual, obtain one. I have actually the Clymer, but it needs to be supplemented by other resources, the internet comes in handy.
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I began out making use of a motorcycle details oil through valvoline. I supplied valvoline because that"s what i use in mine cars. Yet when I replaced my clutch I decided to use castrol gtx only since it is alot more common to find and I check out a study someone posted here and the castrol rated really well. Ns could automatically tell a difference when ns shifted after I placed it in. Might be as result of my bad clutch or may be a much better oil, maybe both yet I"m going to continue to use the castrol gtx and not usage the bike certain oil I began out using.
So would Rotella T 15W-40 be alright because that the hot Texas climate. Ns picked up some on sale today. No terribly concerned about the price because the bikes don"t host that lot anyway however wondered if this was good oil.

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