India this particular day Anti Fake News battle Room (AFWA) has found JDU leader Ajay Alok"s claim that Jana Mana Gana has been declared best national anthem through Unesco to be false. This false insurance claim has to be viral on web for years.

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On Saturday, JDU leader Ajay Alok tweeted that UNESCO has declared the Indian nationwide anthem as the ideal in the world.
Janata Dal (United) leader Ajay Alok is the recent to loss for the age-old hoax that Unesco has asserted "Jana Gana Mana" as the finest national anthem in the world.

On Saturday, the made a tweet in Hindi which translates to, "Just at some time back, Unesco has declared our national anthem Jana Gana Mana as the best in the world. Congratulations everyone. Currently please don"t speak Modi-Shah controlled it."

Unesco manage

Dr Ajay Alok (
alok_ajay) august 17, 2019

The tweet was liked by much more than 23,000 users and retweeted virtually 4,500 times.India this particular day Anti Fake News battle Room (AFWA) has discovered the case to be false. Unesco has actually not made any such announcement. This false claim has been viral on web for years.

The exact phrase that Alok"s tweet is likewise being common on Facebook.


This false article started circulating indigenous 2008. At that time, India this day contacted Unesco for clarification. In response, a representative indigenous Unesco had categorically denied that any type of such award was announced through them.

In march this year, Factly also debunked this fake news. Factly uncovered a paper on the website the Unesco which debated this famous message. The is clearly written in the record that the viral message is a famous rumour.

The Indian refer had detailed this viral blog post as one of the most renowned fake news the 2016.

After being discussed that it’s a hoax, Ajay Alok responded that even if the news gift circulated top top WhatsApp is fake, it offers me happiness and also spiritual satisfaction since this has actually led the civilization to discuss my country’s nationwide anthem.


ClaimUNESCO has claimed Indian nationwide anthem together the finest in the world.ConclusionIt’s a hoax. UNESCO has not announced any type of such award.

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