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Some numbers of speech contained within Emily Dickinson"s contemplation the death.


(Repeating a sequence of words for emphasis, in a group of surrounding phrases)

Lines 9-12:

We passed the school,

Where youngsters strove, in ~ recess in the ring;

We happen the fields of gazing grain,

We passed the ...

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Some numbers of speech had within Emily Dickinson"s contemplation of death.


(Repeating a succession of words for emphasis, in a team of surrounding phrases)

Lines 9-12:

We pass the school,

Where youngsters strove, at recess in the ring;

We happen the fields of gazing grain,

We happen the setting sun.


(Beginning two or much more words through the very same letter or repeating the exact same sound within a team of words)

Line 5

He knew no haste

Line 24

Toward eternity


(A component of the composing that seems to contradict itself)

Lines 21 & 22

Since climate tis" centuries, and also yet each

Feels shorter 보다 the work


(Representing something the is not human, as if the were)

Lines 1 & 2

Because I could not stop for Death,

He you re welcome stopped for me;


(From the Greek "peri" meaning "around, and also "phrasis" for "to tell". Restating what might have currently been stated in a faint way)

Easing the reader right into the harsher picture of the grave by using softer language:

Lines 17 & 18

We paused prior to a house that seemed

A swelling of the ground;


(Hidden or proclaimed comparison of 2 objects, points or persons that are separate yet share typical characteristics)

This entire poem is an extended metaphor for death. In this situation the "carriage" is supplied to stand for the i to death:

Lines 1-4

Because I could not protect against for Death,

He kindly quit for me;

The carriage held but just ourselves

And Immortality.

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"Because I might not stop for Death—" through Emily Dickinson uses numerous different figures of speech, including numbers of thought and also figures that sound.

In regards to sound, the first thing to keep in mind is the the poem is composed of 6 quatrains making use of half- or slant rhymes. The poem has numerous examples the alliteration, or repeat of the initial consonant of native including:

labor - leisureRecess - RingGazing GrainSetting SunDews drewGossamer GownTippet Tulle

Next, the poem supplies metaphor. The overarching metaphor of the city is to compare life to a journey in a carriage, beginning at birth and also progressing with childhood and also maturity to Death, i beg your pardon is likewise seen as the start of Eternity. The notion of Death and Immortality being in addition to the narrator in the carriage is both a metaphor and a form of personification. The trip can likewise be defined as one allegory, an extensive narrative metaphor.

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Another number of speech is offered in the lines:

We passed the setup Sun –

Or rather – that passed us –

This figure is "correctio" in i beg your pardon a speaker corrects or emends or clarifies an earlier statement. 

Another instance of metaphor is the portrayal that a grave together a sort of little house, collection low in the ground.