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“When we write songs, 99.9% of the time we begin with the music. But in this situation at least, we just had that phrase, ‘balls to the wall’. That was listed by my wife, and also our manager ago then, Gaby, who wrote the lyrics and also was responsible for album covers and songtitles. ‘Balls to the wall’ sound cool, therefore we made decision we necessary to write a song with that title. Ns was sitting at home and also suddenly I come up v the riff and the chorus. The was it. That took 5 minutes. I composed it in ~ home, placed it on a tape and brought it to the men at the rehearsal room and also it take it maybe an additional 15 minutes to totally work it out.”

We were worried the we’d stolen it

“When I created that first riff, i thought, ‘Does this currently exist?’ It sounded so complete and also right. It no something i sweated over for days and also days, prefer I often do this days. I assumed I must’ve forgotten the the riff already existed and also I’d simply stolen a track from someone else! Thankfully, it didn’t exist, for this reason it to be a song that wrote itself. I intend you can say that’s quite magical. It definitely doesn’t happen very often.”

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The video clip nearly resulted in an air disaster

“It was shot in London at an old abandoned manufacturing facility near Heathrow. The director had a excellent idea to usage a wrecking ball and also destroy a building. However there to be a problem. Us were so close to the airport and also we had actually this substantial lighting rig and generators… we obtained complaints indigenous the airport manage tower due to the fact that it was so distracting! It to be wickedly cold and we had to go out in the wind and rain come play. You can see that in the video, we were freezing our asses off! however you carry out what you need to do.”

Beavis and also Butthead thought it sucked

“At the time I simply thought it to be a pretty great song, yet the more we play it, us slowly however surely realised it was the winning tune of the totality lot. It resulted in a most attention. We acquired a new record deal after that and we even appeared on Beavis and also Butthead. They didn’t like the video and they take it the piss the end of us, yet that to be fine through us. It to be an honour! being on MTV to be a large deal in those days.”

We never drop that from the setlist

“We’ve play it in ~ every solitary Accept show because we composed it. It’s always there, and also it’s constantly the last song. Numerous times I’ve to be blown away by the response. That been v us because that so long and also it’s it is long for much more than a generation. Civilization still love it. It’s one of those songs, it’s just so straightforward and simple to play. That no challenge, so once we practice we typically skip it, ha ha ha! we don’t must rehearse it, we understand it! however it’s among the ideal songs to play live. Girlfriend forget about everything, the audience kicks in and also it’s amazing. The audience always goes nuts, and also that’s why it’s still so much fun come play.”