Bad News Bears(2005)
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Label:RykoLabel number:10825
Running time:not ~ above fileShipping date:July 26th, 2005
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Album Tracklist
1.Promise - basic Plan<3:32>
2.Bad call - Senses Fail<2:33>
3.Everything Is Alright - motion City Soundtrack<3:28>
4.Wipeout - Phantom Planet<1:31>
5.This Is war - Ben Kweller<2:22>
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Press Quotes
"Behind the scenes, acquisition a cue indigenous the "76 version, composer Edward Shearmur provides Bizet"s "Carmen" come underscore the game sequences, however somehow what came throughout as inspired three decades ago just feels old and rather the end of location today."Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter
Soundtrack Q & A
Q:Whats the classic music played as soon as Billy Bob"s personality bunts the ball, close to the begining?(from Theodorin Toronto)
A:Haven"t seen the movie in a while but shot "Habanera" native "Carmen" by Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra (originally by Georges Bizet). (thanks come Anthony,Chicago, IL)add much more info
Q:What is the tune playing in the original poor News Bears when Lupus captures the ball? I know it is from Carmen however I carry out not understand the really title. Thank you.(from joelin allentown, pa, usa)
A:Carmen Suite 1 (thanks come mel,birmingham, al)add an ext info
Q:What tune is playing once the blonde girl pitches come Ingleburg because that the first time?? ...from maxin brand-new York(answer max"s question)
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