Austin & Ally actors Real Names v Photographs information and also details has been noted here. That was very first aired on second December, 2011 and also running till day on the Disney channel. This sitcom is developed by three popular production dwellings i.e. It’s Laugh Productions, Disney Channel original Production and also Kevi & health Productions.

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Brief information and details on Austin & allied Sitcom

First episode: second December, 2011Last episode: running till dateBroadcast on: Disney ChannelProduction House: Disney Channel original Production, It’s a Laugh Productions and Kevi & health ProductionsTotal variety of seasons: ThreeTotal variety of episodes broadcast: 66

Austin & Ally actors Real Names v Photographs

Main Cast

Austin Moon actual name is Ross Lynch

Ally Dawson actual name is Laura Marano

Trish genuine name is Raini Rodriguez

Dez real name is Calum Worthy

Recurring Cast

Nelson actual name is Cole SandLester Dawson actual name is Andy MilderJimmy Starr genuine name is Richard WhitenMegan Simms real name is Aubrey K. MillerMike Moon real name is man HensonMimi Moon actual name is Jill BenjaminPenny Dawson genuine name is Julia CampbellKira Starr actual name is Kiersey ClemonsChuck real name is man Paul GreenTrent actual name is Trevor JacksonDallas real name is young name CentineoMindy real name is Ashley FinkBrooke actual name is Carrie WamplerVal Crawford real name is Saidah Arrika EkulonaRonnie Ramone actual name is Joe RowleyCarrie genuine name is Hannah Kat JonesJace genuine name is Cameron Deane StewartGavin Young real name is Cameron JeboPiper actual name is Hayley Erin

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