I recognize that at which point is fully grammatical and also I understand how and when to usage it, but it just now to win me as an odd phrase.

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What exactly is which law here? just how does it make the phrase make sense?

Example: i ran ten miles without stopping, at which allude I feel sick.

I want to think which is being supplied in the usual sense referring come a selection (e.g., which the these), but I"m not rather sure.


Which is here used as a determiner :

(followed through a noun): which colour do you favor best?

used once someone knows, says, is not certain about and so on the specific selection between two or much more possibilities.

They’re all so quite – i don’t understand which one to choose. It was either whisky or vodka – ns forget which. Did he speak which hotel that was remaining at? I don’t understand which is worse – safety Christmas alone or watching my friends gain drunk.


At i beg your pardon point, the is, the point at which; which below identifies/determines a specific point, amongst other possible points, in ~ which the action in concern is ad to.

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