Present: Ellen DeNeef, Dawn Nakashima, Lynn Tsumoto, Kathy Curran, Margo Takemiya, jan Wilkins, Bob Guletz, terrycloth Cort, Diane Li, Geeta Bhatt, & Joel Maron


1. Review and also approve agenda (Ellen)

There to be no objections or enhancements to the propose agenda.

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2. Secretary/Recorder Report (Diane)

All final meeting minutes space posted on drive in the ‘Meeting minutes’ folder.

Pickleball proposal documents have to be archived ~ above the ECTC Board journey in a folder referred to as ‘Castro court pickleball proposal’, including a record of the plank e-vote come send an e-mail to the El Cerrito Park and Rec Commission prior to the April 28th meeting.

Joel’s captaining guide has to be posted in a ‘Teams’ folder.

3. President’s Report (Ellen)

We debated both of these topics later in the meeting:

El Cerrito P&R the supervisory board & Pickleball & Castro Courts

Report ~ above next procedures from sub committee (Bob)

4. Treasurer’s Report (Jan)

All reservations for Thursday night tennis (6:30-8:30) through Dec 31st have actually been paid. Exceptions space Thanksgiving and one night in December. Football player on the very first evening earlier were returnees except one.

Current budget

Final invoice from the water bottle filling fountain was $4,048.84.

ECTIA funds

Total balance is $2,740.74.

Use of remaining ECTIA funds

Several principles were mentioned, including windscreen replacement at Cerrito Vista, the tennis garden, brand-new score cards, separators in between the courts at Arlington.

All - send suggestions and estimated expenses to Ellen in ~ the next 2 weeks. This will certainly be one agenda topic because that the following meeting.

5. Member Director’s Report (Lynn)

How plenty of members carry out we have?

106 members, contrasted with 114 in 2020.

Report on arranging tennis clinics come attract new members

Lynn sent details on 2 proposals

12 players, 2 coaches, focus on doubles

Carlton Jones - Saturdays 9-10:30, 6 week session, $225/person

Bob Manalo - Saturdays or Sundays 9-11, 4 mainly session, $160/person

We may need come ask Hackers to relocate to an additional court top top Saturdays.

We might skip part weeks due to holidays or events, or think about requesting a 3 mainly session.

We can take into consideration doing a 3.0 level session if the an initial session goes well.

A reference was produced Bob Manalo’s session, provided the lower cost, shorter duration and longer clinic time.

We can consider offering clinics native both instructors end the course of the year.

A activity was made to vote for Bob Manalo’s 4 week clinic to start with. Margo seconded the motion. Every were in favor.

Bob suggest an revised - If the first session is successful, us will offer Carlton an opportunity to operation a 2nd session. Terrycloth seconded the motion. Every were in favor.

The clinic will be one advertised member benefit, through a speak to for new members to join. It will certainly be open to brand-new and currently members on a an initial come, very first served basis. We disputed putting increase posters at each court and also posting come Nextdoor.

Bob made a movement to propose that us authorize the expense of court reservations estimated at $168 because that the clinic. Terrycloth seconded the motion. Every approved.

We will certainly target Saturdays beginning in June: June 12, 19, 26 and July 3.

Lynn will follow up through Bob Manalo and also write up details within a week and coordinate through Kathy.

Dawn will send out an eBlast in 2 weeks

Lynn/Kathy will name: coordinates to check availability at Harding or Tassajara for the Hackers (2 courts) and also for the third court at Arlington because that the clinic.

6. City Liaison Report (Terry)

Court resurfacing

Bob, Ellen and also Terry met v Chris ~ above Zoom regarding resurfacing the the Cerrito Vista courts.

The usual expense of resurfacing had actually been $13k-$15k, however they simply received a proposal because that $40k from first Serve, because of the conditions. There space puddles, cracking and also drainage issues. The loosened soil and also location close to the fault requires French drainage.

Bob will evaluation the proposal from an initial Serve and also continue meeting through the city. Chris will certainly get one more bid.

Cerrito Vista is heavily used, and we have actually invested in the courts through the lighting system.

Other courts

At Arlington courts, the trees have to be trimmed.

The EC High college courts continue to remain unavailable.

Pickleball proposal

Ellen asked for notes from the the supervisory board meeting.

We have actually asked chris to investigate noise and traffic issues. PB sponsors would be responsible for this.

7. Tasks Chair Report (Kathy)

The an initial drop-in was facilitated by Jan and Diane, and was fine received.

There was a ide to no longer carry out coffee, due to the fact that much of that was no consumed. Members can carry their own drink and also use the new water refilling station.

Upcoming drop-ins: June 6th, July 11, august 8 (was respectable 1)

Ellen /Diane will update and also post the calendar with the brand-new August date. The calendar is post on journey in the ‘Club events’ folder.

Sept 19 is the blended Doubles event.

July 11 is ours summer picnic.

Kathy booked a picnic table. The preventive did not include a map or table number.

For previous picnics we used the table near the court and set up 2 long tables.

Kathy will look into canceling and also getting reimbursed.

Kathy has reserved courts because that all occasions through the end of the year. There space no occasions planned for December.

8. Competitive Tennis Report (Joel & Geeta)

Joel authored and also shared his team captain’s procedural manual, based upon the USTA manual and also his experience. He received and also incorporated feedback from several board members.

There will certainly not it is in a WTT team because that the summer session. The sessions space 6 weeks and also require at least 2 men and also 2 women, with a preferably of 10 players. We might offer a WTT team in future seasons.

Joel’s USTA 65+ men’s team will begin the first week that June, because that a 7 main season. The is coordinating top top practices--M/W/Th room taken by women’s sphere teams.

Ellen reports there will be a 40+ women’s team the starts on July 5th. She is searching for singles players.

9. Interactions Chair Report (Dawn)

All - submit newsletter content to Dawn next week.

Dawn will send one Eblast ~ above June 1st for the June 6th drop-in.

10. Past President Report (Bob)

Bob sent the Board an email update ~ above the tennis garden, and also plans to start the committee up again. A committee had been formed 2 years earlier with 3 plank members and also 3 non-board members.

He had talked come the city about phase 1, and would favor to think about installing a 9 ft bleacher.

He would choose to usage ECTIA staying funds, to add potential donations and USTA grant money.

He proposed meeting in human being on the proposal. 7 plank members are available to fulfill Friday 5/28 in ~ 11:30. Bob will send an invite to all plank members.

11. USTA Liaison Report (Margo)

Margo met v council member Janet Abelson concerning the Pickleball proposal, who argued approaching various other council members individually and also using apps to measure up the decibel level the the noise in ~ pickleball courts.

A recommendation was made to send the exact same letter that we sent to the EC Park and Rec commission to every city board of directors member. Every were in favor.

Margo and also Ellen will reach the end to other city council members.

12. Closing

ADJOURN at __6:37__

Action Plan

Ellen will look right into possibilities for recycling tennis balls at courts

Diane to assist Terry publish from Drive

Jan to send financial an overview to Diane for posting on journey - DONE

Ellen come post details on remaining funds top top Google journey - DONE

All - send suggestions and estimated costs to Ellen in ~ the following 2 weeks.

Tennis clinic

Lynn will monitor up through Bob Manalo and write increase details within a week and also coordinate v Kathy.

Dawn will send out an eBlast in 2 weeks

Lynn/Kathy will coordinate to check accessibility at Harding or Tassajara for the Hackers (2 courts) and for the third court in ~ Arlington because that the clinic.

Bob will testimonial the CV resurfacing proposal from very first Serve and also continue meeting with the city.

Ellen /Diane will update and post the calendar through the new August date.

Kathy will look right into canceling and getting reimbursed for the picnic bench reservation.

All - send newsletter content to Dawn next week.

Dawn will send one Eblast top top June 1st for the June sixth drop-in.

Bob will send an invite to all board members because that the 5/28 tennis center committee meeting.

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Margo and Ellen will reach the end to other city the supervisory board members concerning the pickleball proposal.