The phrase “ashhadu alla ilaha illallah wa ashhadu anna muhammadarrasulullah” is recognized as the shahada (testament to faith) and is has a far-ranging importance in Islam. 

It is a represents a fundamental concept of Islam being among the five pillars, it’s additionally recited by Muslims daily throughout the five obligatory prayers, the is a vital statement that have to be said and understood by civilization who convert to Islam, and it is a kind of prayer (dhikr) which have to be said throughout ablution (wudu).

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What specifically does ashhadu alla ilaha illallah mean?

The an interpretation of ashadualla ilaha illallah wa ashhadu anna muhammadarrasulullah is “I be affected by each other witness the there is no divine being (none important to it is in worshipped) but, Allah, and I bear witness the Muhammad is the messenger the Allah”.

These space two testaments or professions to one’s faith:

la ilaha illa llahThere is no deity but Allah. 

Muhammadur RasulullahMuhammad is the messenger of Allah.


In Arabic:

The Shahada in Arabic text,

أشهدُ أنْ لا إلهَ إلاَّ اللهُ وأشهدُ أنَّ محمّداً رسولُ الله

Pronounced: Ash-hadu alla ilaha illallah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadar-Rasulullah

Said to end up being A Muslim

To join the Muslim Ummah you would recite the shahada and have 2 witnesses present. Now, having witnesses room not strictly compelled to convert — Allah knows all things, for this reason a Shahada claimed alone, with conviction, would certainly make you a Muslim. To become legally well-known in your regional mosque and get acquainted v those in your community, you generally must make your Shahada in prior of witnesses—two Muslims or an Imam. A complete understanding of the Shahada should be understood and said dear in order because that the switch to be taken seriously. Tricking other non-muslims to recite this expression in a joking manner walk not create them a Muslim.

Said throughout Prayer (Salat)

During salat prior to the taslim (concluding portion of prayer wherein you recite salam) you would recite attahiyat. This dua additionally contains the testament of faith while friend raise the table of contents finger signifying the Tawhid or the oneness of Allah.

At-Tahiy-yatu lil-lahi was-salawatu wat-tay yibatu, As-Salamy ‘alika ay-yuhan-nabiy-yu wa rahma tullahi wa barakatu, together salamu ‘alayna wa ‘ala ‘ibadil-la his-saliheen ashadu one la ilaha illallah wa ashhadu anna muhammadan rasulu llah.

Also to it is in recited throughout Wudu

It is the Sunnah the Prophet Muhammad come recite Shahada throughout Wudu.

It to be narrated the ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab said:

“The Messenger the Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘Whoever performs Wudu’ and does the well, then says: “Ashhadu one la ilaha ill-Allah to be ashhadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasuluh (I be affected by each other witness that there is none worthy the worship other than Allah, and also I bear witness the Muhammad is his slave and also Messenger),” eight gates of Paradise will be opened for him, and also he may get in through whichever one the wishes."”

Grade: Sahih (Darussalam) Sunan one Nasai (632) and Sunan Ibn Majah (470)

To a devout and practicing Muslim this one expression would be said and heard multiple time a day as remembrance that Allah Azzawajal and also his messenger.

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“Verily, the hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, however it is He that deceives them. And also when they stand up for As-Salat (the prayer), castle stand with laziness and to be checked out of men, and they perform not mental Allah yet little” An-Nisa ayat142

Let united state not obtain lazy and also understand the an interpretation of what we room saying and also not just pay lip organization to these words.