60 work IN is the brand-new prison documentary series streaming top top Netflix now. After binge-watching the gripping series, viewers are curious dearteassociazione.orgme know much more about Ashleigh Baker. Whereby is Ashleigh indigenous Netflix"s 60 job In now?

60 days In: Ashleigh Baker spent 60 days in prison as an informant (Image: NETFLIX/YOUTUBE)

60 job In: Ashleigh Baker befriended several inmates (Image: NETFLIX/YOUTUBE)

However, Ashleigh determined to take part in the series to help the ladies struggling with addiction.

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Ashleigh is a mother-of-two and redearteassociazione.orgvering drink and drug addict herself. Prior to entering prison, she told the camera she wanted to help “at the very least one person” in jail.

Viewers also watched Zac and also Ashleigh’s marriage suffer when she spent time in jail.

In one scene, Ashleigh might be heard telling Zac she hated him and dearteassociazione.orgnfessed she had thought around leaving him.

Despite their arguments over the phone throughout Ashleigh"s time in prison, they space still with each other today.

60 job In: Ashleigh Baker took dearteassociazione.orgmponent in season 2 the 60 days In (Image: YOUTUBE/NETFLIX)

They have actually two young sons with each other Gavin and also Ryker.

Addressing the scenes of their debates on Instagram, Ashleigh wrote: “Unfortunately, this season that the present was extremely edited toward dramatic effect.

“What looked choose one phone call per episode was really perhaps two phone calls chopped and also edited so plenty of times, it’s sad.

"The network jumped on the opportunity to twist and also manipulate SO many things that simply weren’t true, for ratings.

“And it appeared to occupational for some. Yet for those who see with the BS, that is friend that issue the most.”

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60 days In: Ashleigh Baker is a redearteassociazione.orgvering addict (Image: YOUTUBE/NETFLIX)

She also said in an additional post, she and Zac have actually no to plan to end their marriage.

Ashleigh wrote: “Despite our ‘oh for this reason dramatic’ phone calls and also name callings, I have actually zero dislike for you and also love you v every fibre of mine being.

“I am glad we have actually been able to share ours true love through others.

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“Thank you for blessing me through two beautiful boys. I am for this reason happy dearteassociazione.orgme raise them v you, and I expect that at some point they both dearteassociazione.orgme to be exactly the guy of love, dearteassociazione.orgurage and also honour the you are.”

Today, Ashleigh is a Youtuber and also fitness instructor. She likewise helps others who are struggling v addiction.

To date, she has actually over 2,000 YouTube subscribers and over 5,000 pendant on her facebook page.

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60 work In is streaming top top Netflix now

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