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The Saving Zoë movie has officially fight theaters. ICYMI, the film is based upon Alyson Noël’s award-winning novel Saving Zoë and also stars the uber talented sister-actress duo Vanessa and also Laura Marano.

When the Marano sisters—both avid readers—read Saving Zoë about a te ago, they knew they had to turn it into a movie. Now that their dream has come to be a reality, we chatted through the stars about the movie, the book, and what function reading theatre in their resides (hint: it’s do them better actresses!).

Book of the Month: exactly how did you feel once you read Saving Zoë because that the first time? What do you want to do it right into a movie?

Laura Marano: Saving Zoë was and still is such a special book. The made us feel so plenty of things while us were analysis it. Ns remember one specific component that influenced me for this reason much. It’s whereby Echo—the character I ended up play in the movie—breaks down for the very first time. In that moment, ns knew I wanted to play Echo and be a component of informing this story onscreen.


BOTM: In the movie, friend play sisters Echo and also Zoë. Those it prefer to act together as real-life sisters?

Vanessa Marano: What"s great is the we know each various other so well. So lot of exhilaration is building a relationship with your scene partner. Laura and I obviously already have one existing partnership as sisters but additionally as friends. That provides it therefore much much easier to work together. The being said, being sisters in actual life and having come portray such a dark story about siblings was certainly emotionally taxing; however, that"s ultimately what attracted us to the publication in the very first place. It"s a disastrous story, however it"s about the love and connection siblings have actually for one another.

BOTM: those something girlfriend love around the character you’re playing? those something you yes, really don’t like?

LM: i love exactly how intelligent Echo is. She’s still young, and also she provides some mistakes, however she’s quite quick and clever. She’s in this state of numbness that I deserve to identify with, but I don’t really love. She’s not truly taking care of her sister’s fatality in a healthy and balanced way, and she almost falls into the very same trap Zoë drops into, i beg your pardon is taking treatment of situations and also dealing with every little thing by herself, rather of getting to out.

VM: ns love Zoë"s zest for life and her refuse to continue to be in the background. She feels choose her surroundings are small and unimportant, yet that doesn"t stop her from discovering that much more is the end there. I would say the hardest and saddest part of Zoë"s story is the truth that she feeling alone. She sick in silence and also that is miscellaneous that breaks my heart.

BOTM: deserve to you call us around your favorite moment on the set of Saving Zoë?

VM: the was most likely the day that Alyson Noël (the book"s author) pertained to set. Us were so nervous and also just want to do her proud. We were shoot a pretty pivotal scene—a scene we had multiple conversations about with her—and i think the hit all of us in the moment: Wow, us did it. Ten year of trying to acquire the movie made and also here us all are, on collection together, lastly making it.

LM: we were additionally so sleep deprived, and there to be moments on collection when the entirety crew and cast would simply be laughing. Us did this point where we would sing “Happy Birthday” come a random person, even though it was absolutely not your birthday. I personally assumed it to be hilarious.

BOTM: What function does analysis play in her life?

LM: analysis is what i love to perform in my complimentary time. It lets me escape into one more world. I deserve to feel anything, I deserve to be anywhere, i can fulfill anyone. That really incredibly freeing, and also makes me for this reason happy.

VM: together an actress, you"re reading every day. Scripts, sides, present … you name it. That is together a huge part of what we do. Producers, actors, screenwriters, makeup artists, anyone … we all gained into the entertainment industry since we love stories. Reading is exactly how we uncover those stories.

BOTM: How have actually books impacted you as people—and together actresses?

VM: publications take friend on journeys. They incorporate you right into a people different 보다 your own. Lock entertain. Lock educate. They can even change your perspective. Ns think together performers, and also producers, our score is to be a part of tasks that hopefully do the same.

LM: ns think of analysis books and acting in a comparable category because I see both as incredible teachers of empathy. Girlfriend walk in who else’s shoes as soon as you’re analysis their story or playing them.

BOTM: If someone made a movie around your lives, which actresses would certainly you want to portray you?

LM: Keira Knightly, due to the fact that I would love to be portrayed as a beautiful british woman.

VM: Helen Mirren, because I feeling she is my spirit animal.

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BOTM: We regularly hear native members who wish castle had more time to read. Any tips for just how to make time to review in a busy schedule?

LM: just do a tiny bit in ~ a time. Ns usually read at night before I go to sleep, and also you would certainly be surprised how much the a book you’ll obtain through by staying committed to that. The one thing that that might dispute with is your sleep, specifically if friend start obtaining obsessed with the story.

BOTM: Finally, why should BOTM members check out Saving Zoë?

LM: Saving Zoë is a book about grief. If you have actually lost somebody, it’s both a tough read and incredibly cathartic. If you have actually a sibling, you won’t be able to aid yourself obtaining emotional. Many importantly, it touch on a topic that is more relevant than ever before before, yet we won"t offer that away. We’ll let you review it first.

P.S. You have the right to read the publication behind the movie by adding saving Zoë to your next box!