The spring tryouts will be held throughout the Men"s and Women"s Basketball seasons, traditionally in March. The tryout procedure is open to existing midshipmen who have actually an interest in trying our for among the heart Squads.  The existing Navy heart Commander will send an email to the brigade and administer detailed information for the upcoming tryout process.

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Incoming plebes (Freshman) will have the opportunity to tryout for navy Spirit throughout plebe summer.


During Plebe summer look out for the Navy soul Team in ~ the informational sports period brief to meet the coaches and also receive the many updated details regarding our plebe instructional clinic and also the tryout process. The clinic will certainly be held during plebe summer sports periods prior to official team tryouts. 

Details for Tryouts:

Prior endure in cheerleading, gymnastics or dance is helpful, but is no required. All tryout candidates, new or veteran, will certainly be score on growth, contribution, athleticism and also future potential  on the heart Team.

Although the needs vary for each that the varied parts of the team (Group Stunting, partner Stunting,Gymnastics, Dance and also Mascots) ,we are trying to find individuals that can demonstrate appropriate technical skills, fantastic athletic ability, the willingness to learn and motivation. Additionally, Midshipmen on the soul Team demonstrate, at every times, poise and leadership.

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The tryout process will encompass three job of clinics for current midshipmen and several weeks because that incoming plebes. During this time you will learn the tryout material to help you prepare because that the actual  tryout day.

Any candidates interested in trying the end for the heart Team have to attend the heart Team information Session, wherein questions can be asked and an ext specific details will be presented. 

All marine Academy Midshipmen are eligible to shot out for either the Cheerleading Team, run Team or "Bills" regardless of class. Although there is no  specific elevation or weight requirement for males or females, prospective members room expected to it is in in terrific physical shape. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: every members selected for the soul Team space expected to continue to be on the squad and also in the routine until the end of the Basketball Season. All members selected for the team are likewise expected to to visit our summer cultivate blocker (Block 3) This training block is MANDATORY. Throughout this training block the midshipmen members will focus on strength conditioning, PRT Prep, safety and advancing an abilities to prepare because that the upcoming season. Go Navy! 

Tryout days (2020)

Brigade feather Tryouts : Due come COVID-19, the Navy spirit tryouts because that the Brigade have been postponed until more notice. Please continue to be safe and healthy. 

Plebe Clinic: Plebe Summer sports Periods/July 2020

Uniform: Regulation PT equipment (please lug cheer or dance shoes through you if available)

Plebe Tryouts: Plebe sporting activities Period/Agust 2020