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I"m new to the Florida Gulf and have captured a pair of Nurse Sharks. One of the fish books I bought states in the authors opinion it is among the ideal eating shark but my neighbor says they taste terrible. What perform you people think. Is the Nurse Shark great to eat?
Nurse sharks room pretty high in uric acid/ammonia concentration (as numerous sharks are) if not cooked correctly they will taste prefer urine.
Nurse sharksLike with any shark if you automatically bleed, climate gut and also ice the shark it will certainly taste the finest it can. A many the guys I recognize think the nurse is among the best on the table. Good luck!Chesapeake
are nurse sharks
I don"t know around the uric acid levels however I do recognize some world eat dogfish and they insurance claim they are ok as long as they room soaked in lemon juice.Why some one would certainly eat a dogfish ns don"t know, yet I recognize they sell them in Britain and Austrailia under the name""rock salmon""
ratherbefishin - is a dogfish another name because that a nurse sharks? and why go you cite uric acid levels and also what is it?Donna
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Dogfish are not the same as nurse sharks, Dogs room smaller, 3-4 ft max, if a nurse can obtain up to 9 ft or more. Dog became an extremely popular in "fish n chips" over in GB and their populace levels reduce to very danagerous lows due to the fact that of it. Every sharks also when emphasize release several uric acid right into their tissues and also even ~ being recorded continue to release it. The is why you need to kill, clean, and ice them asap for the ideal favor come the meat.CT
are nurse sharks
if the supply of dogfish dreid up in the UK, I would be much more than happy if they resupplied their sector from the coast of brothers Columbia-we have an countless supply and every salmon fisherman would certainly be much more than happy to view them gone.At time you have to offer up on a spot due to the fact that of dogfish, they will go v a box of anchovey"s in no time.Switching come artificials is yes sir if you space afer coho, yet if you space targeting the large springs, anchovey is the bait of selection and dogfish know it
There is a publication that states that Nurse sharks are excellent, probably because of their huge shellfish diet.Other than that, ns don"t know. However I too have captured quite a few Nurse sharks below in southern Florida.Zachary
Nurse Sharks
As was said above, it"s every in the care you take with the catch. Bleed "em, Gut"em and ice"em fast and also you"ll be OK. It"s likewise a good idea to continue to be with the smaller ones.Rusty
that"s ideal Rusty, bleed lock as soon as you record them, put em on ice and also keep only the smaller ones.. I have consumed a bunch the em and also in reality i have actually some in the freezer any type of other fish lock are good eating if resolved right..

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