People regularly wonder if two actors through the same last name room related, and also often they're right. The acting pest tends to run in families, as shown by the Barrymores, Baldwins, and also Fondas of the industry. And, aside from having the same last name, there space some identify similarities in physical features between Michael Pitt and Brad Pitt. Yet are castle in truth related?

Both actors have actually dirty blond hair hair and comparable facial features, sure, however there doesn't show up to be a nearby relation in between the two Pitts. Brad, 56, to be born in Shawnee, Okla. And raised in Springfield, Mo., conversely, the much younger Michael, 39, to be born and raised in West Orange, N.J.

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Brad Pitt does have a brother, though, and while his reputation is not virtually at the level of the two-time Oscar winner, that is popular as a philanthropist and humanitarian. Having made his money in the areas of actual estate and computer tech, Douglas Pitt established a nonprofit serving impoverished youth in Missouri and also serves as a Goodwill Ambassador come Tanzania. He share his brother's passion for humanitarian work-related in the U.S. And abroad, specifically in Africa.

Less due to the fact that they have actually the exact same name and much more because castle share a slim resemblance and a talent for change in their roles, both Michael Pitt and Brad Pitt have been considered to beat roles based on the life of cut Cobain. Well, sort of. Michael shown a character the was really heavily based upon the so late Nirvana singer in the Gus valve Sant movie Last work (not to be perplexed with Michael's recent film on Netflix, Last work of American Crime). Return the movie is technically fiction, it is an imagine portrayal that the final days that the musician, and his watch is heavily inspired by Kurt's.


And while there's no evidence Brad was ever directly under consideration to play kurt or a character based upon him, Courtney Love has said in the past she was looking for a "young Brad Pitt" kind to play she late husband in a biopic. And, had there been a movie do closer to the time Cobain cursed suicide, Brad would have actually been one ideal selection to play him together he was simply three year older than the musician and also sported a similar "grunge" aesthetic in the '90s.

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A happen resemblance and also the exact same last name — i beg your pardon is pretty usual — seems to be wherein it ends though. If the 2 Hollywood Pitts share any kind of DNA, they would certainly likely have to have 23andMe confirm that. When the last name Pitt isn't nearly as typical in the U.S. As Smith or Jones, the is reasonably common in the U.K. And also there have been several well known Pitts in history, consisting of two British element ministers.

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