#3 kris Jericho

Despite being 10 years younger 보다 Y2J, the Miz is a veteran in his very own right. He grew up the town hall Jericho & his peers in the mindset Era and now he"s drawing people in every night together his hero. Top top his podcast, Jericho said he admired the Miz because that his professionalism and also veteran approach to matches.

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As the has been in the business for decades, it"s hard for Jericho to view wrestlers the his own period around. So he"s regulated to discover solace in the an ext mature members that the present roster, aka the Miz. On the road and also abroad, the two on regular basis hang out with each other outside the ring.

#2 Zack Ryder

Back in the day, Zack Ryder to be hot, like incredibly hot. I think world underrate just how over Zack Ryder was at one point. He to be literally the factor a many fans tuned in to Monday Night RAW. In the year leading approximately John Cena vs. The Rock, it to be Ryder who stole the show.

Apart native the Cena/Rock segments, Ryder was the other selling point of every show. Funnily enough, Ryder"s hot duration came a year after ~ the Miz"s very first hot period.

It was almost as if a transition of energy in between the two had actually happened ~ above TV. But behind the scenes, castle were constantly sharing power regardless. The Miz in an interview with UK newspaper the Metro proclaimed that he had become really close through Ryder due to the fact that "he always had great stories to tell."

Life ~ above the road deserve to be very tedious because that WWE Superstars, and having a stimulating agency at every times have the right to really ease the load of the hefty work schedule.

#1 Dolph Ziggler

Yep, girlfriend guessed it. The 2 Cleveland boys have been the best of girlfriend throughout your time in the WWE. The duo on regular basis visits Cleveland sporting occasions whenever they have the right to take time the end of their schedule. The two have actually grown up in the industry together and also have become very respected veterans.

Their will certainly to much better each other has actually kept castle close through the years. Dolph Ziggler was even existing at the Miz & Maryse"s wedding earlier in 2014.

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It"s fitting that their close connection outside the ring has constantly reflected in their incredible in-ring chemistry. Anytime the two have actually feuds on-screen, they"ve driven each other to the limits, regularly stealing the show.

Their Intercontinental Championship vs. Career enhance last year at No Mercy was arguably the ideal match the modern-day era has ever seen. Finest friends really carry out deliver, don’t they?