An English Bulldog is instantly recognizable anywhere he goes. But the question is, room English Bulldogs born with tails or docked?

Well, the prize is they space born v tails, and no, docking a Bulldog’s tail at birth is not an option. I understand what you’re thinking. It looks favor they have been docked, and also many people always assume the English Bulldog is a docked breed similar to a Doberman or Rottweiler.

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English Bulldog tails come in different shapes and sizes. Did you know that puppies native the same litter can have different sizes and shapes of tails?

What are The different Shapes of Bulldog Tails?

1. English Bulldog directly Tail

When the AKC (American Kennel Club) determines the Bulldog each other standard, they prefer to view a directly or corkscrew-shaped tail. By the moment the Bulldog is born, his tail form is currently as it will certainly be together an adult. If one English Bulldog puppy is born v a right tail, it will certainly be broader at the tail’s base and taper to a point. His tail will feel soft to the touch.


2. English Bulldog Corkscrew Tail

This tail is the one most world associate through the English Bulldog and also probably the cutest looking. Native the tail’s base, the tail will corkscrew downwards, never ever up. Unlike the right tail, this one walk become much more rigid together he it s okay older.

3. English Bulldog Wavy Or long Tail

The form of this tail is the least acceptable by the various kennel clubs. But effortlessly the many expressive. With this tail, you will obtain to check out some extra feeling from her dog, not simply a wiggly bottom. The tail is slightly greater on the dog and also will point much more up in the air.


English Bulldog Tail care Tips

The tail shape that reasons most difficulties is the corkscrew, for noticeable reasons. It sit snug versus the dog and gets more rigid and also less versatile as the dog gets older.

Of course, the area directly underneath the tail, the part coming into contact with the dog’s body, can attract all path of dirt and also debris.


If he it s okay wet and moisture is allowed to hang about there, the will result in irritation and also fungal infections. This area must be clean and also dry at every times. Wet wipes are great option come clean the area. Yet a clean cloth, warm water, and a really mild laundry detergent will execute a good job. Make sure you rinse with clean water and also dry through a soft cloth.

If he’s not happy around you touching and also lifting his tail a little, or there is an unpleasant smell, then he needs to go to the vets for part medication. He already has an infection.

English Bulldog Tail Removal

If he has actually a corkscrew tail and has constant issues with infections or the tail is so tightly wound, it reasons him pain, climate the vet may imply tail removal.

When this occurs, the the only occasion it’s crucial to remove a Bulldog’s tail. If it create one less health problem for the Bulldog, it requirements doing.

What Is Tail Docking?

There’s other magical as soon as your dog greets you through a insanity wagging tail. Therefore why on planet would everyone dock a dog’s tail? and what’s the story behind tail docking?

The initial idea because that tail docking began with the old Romans. They believed that cutting turn off a dog’s tail and component of his tongue would protect against rabies. This day that’s seen as nonsense.


In the 17th century, the UK government required pet owners to pay a tax, unlike functioning dog owners that were not. To protect against paying this tax, the pet owners would dock your dogs’ tails, indicating they were working dogs.

The id was that docking a dog’s tail would stop them from experiencing injuries during their work. And also for part breeds, entrance into numerous prestigious dog mirrors was permitted if their owners docked the dog’s tails.

How space Tails Docked?

Before docking to be illegal or frowned on, breeders took it upon themselves to perform the procedure.

Using a pair that scissors, the breeder would reduced off the puppy’s tail as soon as the puppy was no larger than 5 days. Either the or tie a rubber band roughly the tail’s base, which stopped blood flow, the tail would at some point drop off.

Confusion occurs because breeders the agree v tail docking claim it’s no painful to the puppy, and their nervous device is still developing at five days old.

The nervous system of a dog is occurring in the womb and also is functioning in ~ birth. Docking a puppy’s tail needs cutting with nerves, cartilage, bone, muscles, and also tendons. In ~ the period of 5 days, the breeder cannot offer the puppies any kind of anesthetics; they would most most likely die. Breeders know this, therefore the puppy needs to endure immense pain.

Also, the puppy will certainly suffer recurring pain if the tissue damages repairs itself. Over there is a hazard of second infections.

And to bring out this procedure due to the fact that of some arbitrary fashion statement is disgraceful.

English Bulldog Tail Problems

English Bulldogs have certain health concerns such as breathing difficulties, particularly in hot weather, hip dysplasia, and skin allergies.


One primary worry is with their tails. Once the tail stiffens as they obtain older, it becomes difficult to move. Clean the tail means getting right into the folds and creases made challenging by a stubborn tail.

An English Bulldog’s tail pockets require a thorough cleaning, i beg your pardon can additionally be make more an overwhelming by a stubborn tail.

What Is an English Bulldog’s Tail Pocket?

The tail bag is a tiny piece the skin, the same, similar thing a flap. Usually, girlfriend can discover it just underneath the dog’s tail. It’s not present in every Bulldog, for part reason.

Bulldogs cannot reach roughly to lick that clean themselves, so you’ll have to remember to do it for them. The area have the right to collect dirt and such indigenous the dog’s daily activities.


Most dogs room born v a tail, with a couple of exceptions. English Bulldogs room born with tails. They could not look lot like the idea the a standard tail, yet they have tails.

Their tail could need removing if the dog has actually health problems later in life, and that’s OK. Yet only to aid him, never for aesthetic reasons.

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