Crochet is just one of the most portable crafts, even much more portable 보다 knitting. Crochet hooks are tiny and regularly crochet tasks require much less yarn. You deserve to pop a small crochet job in your handbag and also it doesn’t take up much room.

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So crochet is a good craft task to take with you once you walk traveling and also as constantly it’s a an excellent way come pass the moment productively.

But many items are banned indigenous flights for security reasons, and also you could take someone’s eye out v a crochet hook if you to be some kind of mystery crocheting ninja.

So deserve to you carry crochet hooks ~ above a plane?

This write-up looks at flying through crochet hooks to see where you should pack them.

TSA Crochet Hooks Rules

The transport Security administration has clean guidelines on their site about taking crochet hooks top top airplanes.


The answer is clear, you are allowed to carry crochet hooks on one airplane. You can pack castle in both carry-on bags and in confirm bags.

Keep in mental that checked bags sometimes go missing. If you pack your crochet task in confirm baggage there is a chance that you can not see it again.

Just to double-check right here is
AskTSA ~ above Twitter confirming that crocheting needles room allowed:


You have to put her crochet needle within a sheath of some kind like an envelope to stop injury. If your bags space searched through the security screening policemans you don’t want them come hurt their hand.

Can i Crochet on The Plane?

Let’s take a look at at few of the major US airlines:

American Airlines

Charlee’s Aunt request American airline on Twitter if she’d be able to knit or crochet during the flight:


And American airline responded that as far as lock were came to she would certainly be allowed to crochet ~ above the plane.


Joann asked Delta if she should crochet on her flight:


And Delta said yeah bring your crochet hook in her carry-on luggage.


Julie request JetBlue around crocheting ~ above the airplane and they also wanted to view the finished result!



Sarah turned she Southwest flight into “pure bliss” by bringing her crochet job with her.


United Airlines

And DiKayo has uncovered their brand-new favorite location to crochet… 35,000 feet up in the waiting on a unified Airlines flight!


So as you deserve to see airlines in the united claims don’t mind girlfriend doing a little bit of crochet occupational when you room flying.

What Crochet Accessories should Not Be packed In Hand Luggage?

There are some crochet accessories that space not permitted in her hand luggage.

You must pay special attention to the length of her scissors blades. Tiny craft scissors must be acceptable however check this post about taking scissors on a aircraft for much more information.

Also, circular object cutters will not be enabled in your bring on since airport defense won’t like the blade the is within it.

Can You lug Crochet Hooks On global Flights?

Crochet hooks are less dangerous than knitting needles. They have a hook at the end so they are less pointy.

While some European airlines space not keen on knitting needles in the cabin I would certainly be really surprised if they have any kind of issue v crochet hooks.

Crochet hooks are most likely just around as dangerous as a toothbrush and also you are allowed to load your toothbrush!

Especially this form is a hook on one end and also a plastic handle on the other:


So lengthy as her crochet needle is blunt and not sharp where you could stab someone through it or cut someone you will certainly be fine.

If you are unsure check with her airline before flying.

There is no main aviation defense authority in Europe prefer the TSA. Each country has its very own regulations, however most security police officers will no be involved with tools like crochet hooks.

The Verdict

Crochet hooks are fine to load in both lug on hand luggage and also in checked luggage. The course, leave any type of especially valuable crochet hook or sentimentally an useful crochet hook in ~ home.

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There is always a danger that an individual security checkpoint officer will certainly say no. They have that right, and you just get someone having a bad day.

Generally flying v crochet needles is not a problem and also you should enjoy taking your crochet projects with you as soon as you travel. They are a an excellent way to relax on a stressful flight and you could even find yourself wishing your trip was a little longer so you might finish her project!