It was a gorgeous morning in Guatemala. Ns was around 12 years old and staying at my grandma’s house for the weekend. She lived in an old ar in the capital city, and there to be no an are to have a yard. Ns was young and also not really thinking about plants (yet). I simply wanted to invest time v my grandma.

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My grandma wake up up early that morning and also I was yes, really curious to investigate as to why. Little did i know, she was trimming and also watering the bougainvilleas she had growing in a lengthy rectangular gorgeous planter.

That storage is still among the main reasons why bougainvilleas are my favourite flowers. Throughout the last few years, i have learned tricks and tips the will store this gorgeous and also colorful plant vivid and also I’m prepared to re-publishing them!


Coffee Grounds

The bougainvillea tree loves acidic soil and nitrogen. Coffee grounds provide super nutrients, through nitrogen being one of them. This provides the soil an ext acidic and also helps the flowers to thrive!

If you are a coffee lover like me, don’t throw away the offered coffee grounds. If you nothing drink coffee at all, walk to your local Starbucks and also ask for them. They will certainly be happy to give you some.

I do think the best time to add coffee grounds is throughout spring and summer. It will really spike the blossoms and aid with the growth. I personally add 4 tablespoons for a 10” plant.

Sun and Heat

As for most flowers, exposure to complete sun is key, and bougainvilleas space no different. Give them the sunlight they need and also you’ll have a colorful and also happy plant! They would certainly survive part shade, however won’t flower as lot as lock should.


Bougainvilleas room a little bit drought tolerant and also do not prefer to be over-watered. Usually when you over-water lock will shed their flowers and also the leaves will revolve yellow and fall off.

Too wet: merely stop watering and include some coffee grounds and also it will come back.

Of course, they need to receive the right amount of water. I’ve set up a drip system that activates 5 minutes, 2 to three times per week, relying on the season. Three days a week during summer, however please think about your climate. We get early fog in the central coast that California.

Train her Bougainvillea Plant

Plan ahead. Just how would you prefer to have actually this plant? It deserve to be a bush, a vine, or a shrub. It have the right to be messy or super-trimmed. It can be shaped, rectangular, circular, shapeless. You name it!

We produced a privacy wall with them. So i constantly wrap lock in the wires to force the energy to focus on pour it until it is full the north spaces. I also cut back the crazy stems and control the elevation to my purpose, which pressures the power to focus in the facility of the plant, rather of creating an unmanageable bush.

If you ever have the possibility to visit the Santa Barbara plane in California, there room some marvelous huge pots reflecting off colorful bougainvilleas, together a early american look!

If you space interested in cultivation a bougainvillea bonsai, checkout Bonsai Empire.

Be conscious of the Thorns

My mom used come say, “Their beauty will distract you, and it will certainly hurt!” i’ve bled sometimes, therefore she no kidding once she claimed it will hurt. I recommend getting great gloves, such as for cacti. This way, you know no mandrel is going to mess v you!

Literally last weekend i was trimming my bougainvillea and also I was super cautious and wore gloves. Guess what happened? Yes, girlfriend guessed right.

A giant thorn passed v the gloves and my skin, it to be so precise that that pinched mine vein and bled a bit. That felt just like when you get a blood check at the laboratory and also it hurt for a few days after. Beauty has its price!

Be an imaginative when Trimming her Bougainvillea Plant

I love saving the best-looking cuttings to put in a vase or mason jar through water. The looks gorgeous! ns also add some texture and also trim a couple of other plants and put lock together. My mother-in-law likewise says that when preparing arrangements friend should constantly follow the dominion 1-3-5 and also different levels.


Buy Good, healthy and balanced Bougainvillea Plants

I love visiting the neighborhood nursery where they have different sizes of bougainvillea plants available based on your needs. I always choose to gain the small to tool size and also grow that from there. The makes much more sense money-wise. Plus, it helps through my happiness and also pride of knowing that i have grown the plant end the years.

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If you want to purchase online, listed below are part recommendations:

Etsy – This one is only $14 because that a 4” pot live plant. This store has 4.5 stars and 158 reviews. Always read the reviews and also read how they obtained the plants. 

Amazon – This one is an extremely reasonably priced because that a 4” pot live plant. The store has 5 stars and 8 reviews. 


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