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Eating Snails in France

Eating snails in France is a culinary pleasure. It is estimated that 16,000 lots of snails are consumed in France yearly (that makes 6.5 snails per human per year), and 90-95% the snails room imported.

Escargots in France are particularly appreciated because that Christmas when about two-thirds of French snails room consumed. Snails are largely consumed in Alsace and also Franche-Comté and to a lesser degree in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

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How Escargots in France have Made their method through History


Snails are one of the world’s earliest species; lock were currently present at the dinosaurs’ time!

Man has actually used snails for food due to the fact that prehistoric times and some archeological remains of the time in Spain and also France show that escargots in France were bred and carefully chosen (only adult snails). We also know that prehistoric males ate cooking snails, no raw.

During Roman times in Paris and also France, snails were eaten fried or grilled ~ soaking lock in milk. It to be a famous dish, offered as a dessert or sweets.

Later, the Christian Church related to these pets as impure due to the fact that they crawled, and also snails in France quickly became unpopular, and also they were wiped off the cooking map.

It was not till the Romans’ ousting that the French snails progressively returned come the diet but as the poor’s meat. The sailors also appreciated this food, and they took snails v them to always have fresh meat ~ above board.

Despite ingenious attempts to chef snails in Versailles Palace (like pâtés), King luigi XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette were not specifically fond of escargots.

How to Eat Escargots in France


In France, snails are usually offered with the shells on, so friend will require a one-of-a-kind cutlery because that eating snails in France.

First, there are the snail tongs to host the shells when you obtain the meat out. Then, it would be ideal if you had the special tiny fork come extract the meat out.

To prevent scenes favor Julia Roberts eating snails in the film ‘Pretty Woman,’ perhaps it is a an excellent idea to practice a little at residence or in casual places prior to ordering escargots in a an intricate restaurant. Part brasseries, Parisian bistros, and also cabaret mirrors with dinner (picture above) likewise propose escargots in their menus.

Where to Eat Snails in Paris


What provides a an excellent snail is the savoir-faire (preparation and cooking expertise) and quality products. Here is the list of an excellent restaurants that offer escargots in Paris. In all these places, you deserve to eat an excellent traditional cuisine various other than snails.

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AU DOUX RAISIN: 29 rue Descartes, Paris 5

No sophisticated escargot recipes here, only fresh produce, butter, garlic, parsley, and also a many know-how. The top quality is there, and you will certainly love it.