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If you”ve hooked up your DTV converter box and still do not have television reception, you might be tempted to litter in the towel. Fortunately, there room some troubleshooting actions you can try to gain your TV in working order.

Check the power. Check again to be certain your converter box is obtaining power. You may need to move to the RF modulator”s power.

Check the connections. The cable might be connected to the not correct port. There space some general rules of thumb for connecting cables. From source to display, always connect the output to the input, and match the colors at the finish of the cable to the input. Make sure everything is matched up correctly and that the connections are secure.

Check the channel and resource input. If the DTV converter box is associated to the TV through a coaxial cable, then her TV must be tuned to channel 3. If you supplied a composite RCA cable, climate you likely need to rotate the TV come the AUX/Video channel. If the DTV converter box has a channel switch the changes between channels 3 and 4, climate make sure you have it tuned come the very same channel the your TV is tuned to.

Configure the DTV Converter Box. You must run a channel scan ~ connecting the DTV converter box, otherwise the converter box will certainly not display any local channels. The scan is part of her DTV converter box”s menu system; usage your remote manage to accessibility the menu and also perform the scan.

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Align the Antenna Properly. It might be the your antenna is no aligned effectively or in an optimal ar for reception. Towers, signal, and also frequencies may change, influence the capacity of a signal to reach her antenna. Any of these factors can influence where and also how you need to position your antenna.

What to do if her Antenna Is the problem

If friend tried the above troubleshooting tips and also still carry out not have every one of your channels, then the resource could very well be her antenna.

For outdoor antenna users, a site called AntennaWeb deserve to make references on the appropriate kind the antenna to use and also how ti should be inserted in her home. For instructions on just how to usage AntennaWeb”s form, monitor the measures outlined in this guide:

You”ll learn exactly how you should align her antenna to receive digital signals. The will also show you the best type of antenna for your area.

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If you usage an indoor antenna, we recommend to buy an antenna designed for digital reception, specifically if you at this time use a directional antenna favor rabbit ears. Antennas designed because that digital space flat and should have amplification up to approximately 14db. The antenna requirements to it is in multi-directional.