Pre-Credits Gag: i don’t know, friend guys. I think this show is really starting to get to me. I meant this come be simply a funny humor blog for civilization who were killing time at their day jobs yet I’m afraid it’s walking to come to be some sort of fucked up psychological endurance check instead. It’s acquiring harder and harder to sit through this lousy garbage. Anyway, enough about me, due to the fact that Danny’s teaching Michelle just how to kind laundry! that tells her to placed the different garments in different shade piles yet she sorts the contents of her sandwich along with the laundry and also then the starts kissing her.

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In a rarely scene collection in the backyard, Jesse and Danny argue around Jesse needing to walk to the DMV come renew his motorists license while Joey half-assedly keeps an eye top top Michelle. After ~ Jesse and also Danny leave the scene, a dog originates from pretty much out that nowhere and also eats Joey’s sandwich. Joey prepares to offer Michelle a severe and also extremely cathartic beat in the confront for eating his sandwich but then the dog reappears, proving that her cases of innocence to be true. A rapid glance in ~ the dogs collar reveals that the dog’s name is Minnie and that she’s from Ohio. Stephanie enters the scene and, upon taking a solitary glance at Minnie, insurance claims her together the newfound residential or commercial property of the complete house.


Stephanie offers Minnie a tourism of the full house and also the dog bring away a rapid liking to Jesse’s bed. DJ spies the dog and also begins conspiring v Joey to save her without telling Danny. ~ some controversy on this subject, Joey and also the girls all decide to take it a nap through the dog on Jesse’s bed, which needs to be among the weirdest end to a scene so far.


Danny come home and also is an extremely suspicious to discover Joey filling up a bowl v water because, really, how plenty of reasons are there to to fill a bowl up through water? very suspicious behavior, indeed. And here us are, however AGAIN, in one of those painfully tired situations in which someone is law a terrible job the concealing other from an additional member of the full family that you recognize is only gonna last choose 3 minute anyway. Prolonging the suspense, Jesse interrupts the communication by coming residence hella mad due to the fact that he fail his chauffeurs test.

After Jesse is looked under upon by the various other dad’s for being a big loser that can’t happen a chauffeurs test, the girls get in the step and shot to warmth Danny as much as the idea of getting a dog. Meanwhile, Jesse finds the dog in his bed and also Michelle tries to cover increase the situation.


Jesse scolds her for informing a lie and also assures her the she’ll be receiving a punch in the confront later because that such unacceptable behavior. Finally! Michelle tries to convince Jesse the they should keep Minnie however then the dog starts walking roughly with Jesse’s favourite sexy leopard print undies in she mouth and also Jesse’s like, aw hell naw.

Danny finally discovers the dog and also he and Jesse combat Joey and the girl’s stroked nerves whining about how negative they want to save her. When the controversy rages top top the dog lays on the floor and also it’s discovered that she’s pregnant. Oh, snap!

After the commercial break it transforms out the not only is the dog pregnant, but she’s in reality in labor ideal there and also then. Girlfriend know, you’d think they can have made any type of effort whatsoever to make that dog watch convincingly pregnant. It’s all svelte and shit… Anyway, DJ it s okay advice ~ above the phone from the never-seen-on-screen-Mrs. Gibbler and everyone helps v the distribution except because that Jesse, who’s like, fuck that shit, i gots to examine for my motorists exam.

Jesse dicks about in the kitchen and also eats fried chicken while he’s claimed to be studying for his vehicle drivers test and so DJ gives him a strict tutorial around how to hunker down. Meanwhile, Stephanie asks Danny just how the dog obtained pregnant and Danny stammers his way through sophisticated fabrication around doggy romance.

The dog operation upstairs and also gets into Jesse’s bed to have her babies in and then anyone stands around and also argues about the situation. Abruptly, the dog starts to develop puppies and then anyone is so relocated by the wonder of life the gentle music comes on and also everyone forgets their petty squabbles. Everyone has actually some dumb ass comment to add to the experience but I think the many quotable one is DJ’s, “nature is so awesome.” regardless of DJ’s newfound regard for nature they don’t seem to pay it lot respect here, as the babies come out all clean and also perfect looking. Where the placenta, huh? ns guess the universe that complete House takes place in is one there is no of vaginal mucous.


Next there space some shots of the dog nursing she puppies and also then some stock clip of mountain Francisco, ns guess due to the fact that the minute was so heartwarming the it sent shockwaves that love throughout the city. Or maybe the episode was 10 seconds shorter than they needed it to be.

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Minnie’s owner comes to the complete house come reclaim his dog and also all the puppies. It’s pretty weird just how they never explain how the dog was from Ohio yet ended up in san Francisco. Did this man move from there or what? Why provide that vague ago story and also then not attend to it at all in the end? Also, they never ever say whether or no Jesse passed his vehicle drivers test, so why the fuck go they have that story in here at all either? Anyway, Minnie’s owner is so thankful to the family members for taking care of his enigmatically misplaced dog that he supplies to let them keep one of the puppies. Danny resists ownership for about ten seconds but then the family breaks the down. And also with that, the Tanner family members officially has actually a dog.


I guess the this display didn’t feel favor it was pandering sufficient to its audience through 3 little girls for this reason they threw a dog increase in the mix. I have to admit that this episode was much less excruciating than the last few but it’s tho pretty pathetic exactly how desperately this display works at gift emotionally affective. The critical shot is of the baby carrying one of the puppies, and also if you look up, just over the display screen in bright red letters, there’s a large lit-up teleprompter that says, “aww.”