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This is the altimate test made by a sixth grader the goes to FT.McCOY School 6th grade if you pass you are smarter than a 6th grader if you not then ns feel pretty negative for you!!!

Ok room you smarter 보다 a sixth grader take this check if girlfriend think friend are.ARE YOU are YOU are YOU room YOU room YOU room YOU space YOU room YOUARE YOU room YOU room YOU are YOU room YOU room YOU are YOU room YOU

Created by: Danielle

What Is an Isthmus? An pet with pointy horns A yellow flower that attracts butterflys A narrow strip of land through water top top both sides A religionWhat Is Precipitation? A kind of cloud A languge aboriginal americans speak A cool publication Any type of water that falls from cloudsWhat Is Pulsar? You"r Pulse A quick Spinning ghost star A form of batterie that runs ~ above fuel A flowerOk You"ll never Guess This One What Is A Zenith? A planet in a far far far galaxy A suggest in the skies directly above an observer A mineral made of different materials that make false yellow A mineralLast Question carry out You understand What A Benthos Is? an organisim top top the bottom that the sea things so massive light can not escape it A kind of mint A fossil that a dinosaurDo You recognize What This Spanish Word means nucleo? Nucular planet Core NameWhat space The 6 Layers of The earth In Order? Mesosphere, Lithosphere, Crust, within Core,Outer Core, Asthenosphere. Don"t also Know What lock Are! outer Core, inner Core. Crust, Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mesosphere, outer Core, inside Core.

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Answer This Math trouble 1/5 x ? = 1 A Math trouble 73 5 1/5What go Pi Equal? 3.14 9.246 1.4 8When Is Pi Day? Feb. 24 Aug. 17 Sep. 3 Mar. 14

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Quiz topic: Am i Smarter 보다 A 6th Grader?

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