Baseball Heroes

Baseball Heroes

Baseball Heroes (1983) Season 1 illustration 13A manufacturing Number: 5112-8322- Alvin and also the chipmunks Cartoon episode Guide
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Traditional computer animation Ruby-Spears Productions. Animation Studio:Wang movie Productions Co., Ltd dispersed by:Warner Bros. Television, Bagdasarian Productions. Cartoon Characters:Alvin, Simon, Theodore, David Seville, Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, Mrs. Miller. Directed ByCharles Nichols, Rudy Larriva, man Kimball. Created ByJanice Karman, Ross Bagdasarian, Joe Ruby, Ken Spears, Larry Huber. Created ByDianne Dixon, F. James Barry, Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser. Music:Chris Caswell, Paul DeKorte. First Aired top top December 10, 1983. Initially Aired top top NBC-TV (USA). Running Time:11 minutes. Episode Number:13A .Production Number
: 5112-8322 Season:1 color U.S.A.

In order come raise money for brand-new baseball uniforms, Alvin it s okay the boys hired as merchants at the seventh game of the human being Series. Castle comically screw up only to redeem themselves as soon as they record a pickpocket who has stolen the purse of the...(more)

Ross Bagdasarian developed an unlikely smash when he readjusted his name to David Seville, multitracked his very own voice, and also recorded the novelty solitary "The squirrel Song." That brought about 1961"s more)
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