Convenience when using the broadband net may it is in interesting. The following is a overview on exactly how to share a broadband web connection.

You are watching: Allows sharing of a broadband internet connection - Convenience when using the broadband Internet deserve to make girlfriend excited. You deserve to share this heat with plenty of different computers, due to the fact that the broadband connection permits many people to use the high-speed web at the exact same time. One simple thing to carry out is come network computer systems together.


This paper will talk around high-speed connection sharing, also as aid you answer the following questions:

• deserve to you affix 2 computers to the exact same high-speed connection?

• how to re-superstructure high-speed connection with 3 (or more) devices?

• Is it important to use a network connection to share an Internet?

• Is it crucial to usage Microsoft ICS, a broadband router or Linux router?


This file will guide you to the 3 most common ways used to re-publishing a high-speed network between different computers. The first way is: share her broadband network using Microsoft Internet connection Sharing. This is perfect for residence users in ~ a minimal cost. The second is: sharing broadband networks using broadband routers. This is suitable for tiny businesses and families. The last way is: share broadband network using Linux router. This is the most advanced method when it gives high defense management, login and access, along with good speed bandwidth. Content of the lesson:

Method 1: Share your broadband network using Microsoft Internet connection Sharing.

Method 2: Share her broadband network utilizing broadband router.

Method 3: Share her broadband network utilizing Linux router.

Method 1: Share her broadband network using Microsoft Internet link Sharing.


Microsoft Internet link Sharing (ICS) enables a computer to affix to the net via a cable or DSL modem come share its link with various other computers. This is a fairly cheap method because it does not call for a lot of tough equipment and also is simple to install. However, the is only suitable in some instances with constraints on requirements.

Microsoft Internet connection Sharing is software combined in Microsoft home windows 98 SE, home windows 98 ME, windows XP and Windows 2000. This network is simple to install. There are 2 ways to install, based on the number of computers that want to re-publishing the connection.

For 2 computers

When just one other computer wants to share the connection (as shown in the picture), then machine # 2 can affix directly to an equipment 1 utilizing a cable. Keep in mind that both machines have a network card installed.


Requires hardware devices in network sharing utilizing Microsoft ICS for 2 computers:

1 network map for every computer: Each computer system must have actually a network map installed

1 Ethernet cable: The cable needed to attach two computer systems without the require for tools such together hubs and switches is an Ethernet cable. The cable need to be long enough to connect two computer systems together.

1 broadband modem: A broadband modem looks prefer a phone call modem other than that it connects you to a broadband network business instead of a dial-up service.

For link from 3 or much more machines

When you need to connect from 3 or more computers, girlfriend will need to use devices like move or hub. In this case, the machine will affix to the switch with standard Ethernet cable.


Requires hardware maker for sharing connecting Microsoft ICS from 3 or more devices:

1 switch (or hub): The switch an equipment (or hub) will permit all makers in the very same network come connect and also communicate through each other.

1 network map for every computer: Each computer system must have a network map installed

1 Ethernet cable: Every computer linked to a switch an equipment (or hub) provides an Ethernet cable. This cable have to be long enough to be able to attach devices together. However, the wire need to not be much longer than 100m.

1 broadband modem: A broadband modem looks prefer a call modem other than that it connects you to a broadband network company instead of a dial-up service.

The positive and negative aspects of utilizing Microsoft ICS:


• Free. ICS has end up being the conventional for both windows XP and also Windows 2000.

• an extremely easy to install

• Very few hardware tools are required. So this is a quite economical solution.

Negative side:

• The gateway computer system (machine 1) needs to be turned ~ above so that other tools can use the connection. If machine 1 has a problem, internet link for other tools will likewise not work

• ICS does not support some applications such as MSN Messenger and also NetMeeting.

• ICS go not support data logging and also filtering.

• There will be additional external fill on an equipment 1, i beg your pardon will cause the operation of the device to be affected.

Method 2: Share her broadband network making use of broadband router.


Using a broadband router is a much easier and much better way than when connecting lot of computers. In this way, all computers in the network can connect to each various other through a switch (or hub). This switch will attach to the broadband router. Every machines attach to the internet through the router. The router acts as a connection gateway. This machine takes tiny electricity, functions smoothly, doesn"t need to relocate much. This method that any computer in the very same network can affix to the internet without worrying around being delayed due to an error.


Broadband routers are relatively cheap. For just $ 60 you deserve to own one for yourself. However, this price might fluctuate, the more you pay, the much more features you have the right to use.

All routers administer a level of defense for the network with Network attend to Translation an innovation - a mechanism for changing network addresses installed in a router. (NAT). NAT method that computer systems on the same network deserve to see their router and can attach directly to your computers.

Installing a broadband router is also very easy come do. Many routers automatically detect the crucial settings and also then automatically install for your network (using the Dynamic organize Configuration Protocol or DHCP) technology.

Why must I usage this way?

• use this an approach when there space 2 or more computers that need to share the network connection.

• once the main running time can not be met

• when you execute not desire your computer system to attach directly come the web for security reasons.

• once the router"s extra security attributes have been designed.


Requires hardware an equipment for connection using broadband router.

1 network card and also network cable because that each computer: Each computer needs to have a network card installed and connected to the router through an Ethernet cable.

1 broadband router: This form of router can allow many computer systems on the very same network to use the exact same connection. Broadband routers have the right to perform different functions, perfect for connecting tiny families and offices through cables or one ADSL modem.

A switch: If the broadband router doesn"t have actually a switch, you"ll have to buy a switch. Remember come buy a switch the has sufficient ports for other computer systems to connect, together with a router port.

1 broadband modem (if not consisted of with the router): If the broadband router does not have an fastened modem (both cable and also ADSL modem), girlfriend will have to purchase a separate modem. Many routers require a modem to have an Ethernet port to connect. However, many broadband modems have either PCI or exterior devices connected to the USB connection. This modems perform not job-related with continuous routers. So it is in careful prior to deciding to buy.


Method 3: re-publishing broadband connection using Linux router


A Linux router is capable of regulating access, security and also recording. This software calls for configuring a Linux-based computer system as a router and firewall as a link standard for the operating system.

When used, a Linux router is like an additional normal router: all computers on a network are connected together via a move (or hub). This switch connects come the Linux router. All computer systems can connect to the internet via a router. The router acts together a link port.

Using a Linux router, you have full manage over the circulation of information that is enabled to and also from your network. Friend can likewise manage who is accessing what and at what time, and you deserve to record anything the goes v the network. However, the over ideal still has actually its very own conditions: the configuration of these computer systems is no for new users.


Hardware support forced for network connection sharing making use of Linux router.

1 network card and also network cable for each computer: Each computer system must have actually an Ethernet network card. Ethernet cables have to be long sufficient to it is in able to attach all machines and also routers to the switch.

1 Linux router: A computer with a Linux operating system installed deserve to be used as a router. This computer can it is in an old, redundant machine.

1 switch (or hub): girlfriend must have actually a switch machine or hub and this an equipment must have enough ports for every member computers in addition to the Linux router have the right to connect.

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1 broadband modem: girlfriend can select a modem with an additional Ethernet LAN connector. USB external machine is not reasonable when used with Linux router, return you can use it through PCI modem.

So we"ve presented you to three means to share her broadband network connection. Select for yourself a suitable connection to be able to both save and use the network. I wish friend a successful installation!