Perfect as course lights and in-ground lights an ideal for the Garden, Trees, Flowers,Flowerbed, Fence, Walkway. Decorate the dark night much more colorful.

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Product Type: Pathway LightPathway light Head Shape:Dry, damp or Wet location Listed: WetFixture Finish: Purple/White

We upgraded a broader solar panel which converts sunlight into power faster and more efficiently in cloudy weather. No cable & external electrical energy required, garden decor irradiate will immediately light up in the dark to illuminate her backyard and also pathway. Perfect as route light and in-ground light, an ideal to it is in planted close to trees, flowerbeds, fence, and also walkway.

Dry, damp or Wet location Listed: Wet

Illuminate her garden or walkway with this classic solar lantern, featuring a hanging hook design and also weathered brown finish.

Dry, damp or Wet location Listed: Damp

Illuminate your garden or walkway v this standard solar lantern, featuring a hanging hook design and weathered brown finish.

Dry, damp or Wet ar Listed: Damp

Capturing the free-form nature that a wildflower garden, the bloom solar luminaria is intricately punched and uniquely floral. Produced from powder-coated steel.

Power Source: Solar Powered

The dusk to dawn protection light charging during the day and light up in ~ night automatically. Continuous light, motion sensor, brightness all can be customized by remote control.

Power Source: Solar Powered

Perfect as path light and also in-ground light, perfect to it is in planted near Trees, Flowerbed, Fence and Walkway.

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Product Type: Pathway LightOverall height - peak to Bottom: 32.5''Adult Assembly Required: YesInstallation compelled : Yes

Power Source: Solar Powered

Soji Stella Lemon Poppy solar lantern attributes a festive floral motif, pass a pop of funny to any kind of landscape. Crafted with weather-resistant Tyvek fabric, this lantern has an ornate punched style on every flower, allowing twinkling light to escape the printed designs when the lantern glows native within.Soji Stella Solar Lanterns space equipped through one AAA rechargeable battery, solar panel, double white LED lights and also stainless stole hardware. Designed because that outdoor use.