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In chapter two of Lois Lowry"s The Giver, there is comprehensive discussion about assignments to work as Jonas prepares to receive his quickly at the awareness of Twelves. His father is a Nurturer, and while discussing this assignment, Jonas"s mom says, "I think it"s most likely the most...

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In chapter two of Lois Lowry"s The Giver, there is an extensive discussion around assignments to tasks as Jonas prepares to obtain his shortly at the consciousness of Twelves. His father is a Nurturer, and also while discussing this assignment, Jonas"s mom says, "I think it"s more than likely the most vital job in our community" (16).

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One can think, however, that jobs at the height of the community"s governing power structure would be much more important. For example, there"s the cook Elder who must be something choose a president. Then there"s the Receiver who bears every one of the pain and also suffering on himself for the community. There are likewise doctors, construction workers, and Jonas"s mom who works in the room of Justice, i m sorry seems an extremely important, too. Nurturers carry out take treatment of babies like a mother, for this reason this absolutely is important; however for some reason, Birthmothers space not respected, as displayed when Lily claims she"d favor to be one:

""I think brand-new children space so cute, Lily sighed." ns hope I gain assigned to be a Birthmother."

"Lily!" mommy spoke really sharply. "Don"t say that. There"s very small honor in the Assignment"" (21).

Mother walk on to explain that mothers room treated very well for 3 years as they be affected by each other children, however then after the they space Laborers because that the remainder of their lives. Mothers don"t acquire to raise their very own children and also they don"t acquire assigned family units, either. It sounds prefer a really lonely life. Mother argues that Lily volunteer at the Nurturing center if she likes babies for this reason much. That way, the elders will check out her working there and also probably assign she that project rather 보다 a birthmother.