Fallout 3 The Pitt ALL steel Ingots - whereby to discover them and also how to obtain to them. If you ever before wanted to uncover out every The Pitt stole ingots locations, you"re ~ above the right page. Store reading, go find for them and get every 100 stole ingots! us posted the rewards you obtain for every 10 steel ingots you require to Everett. Now, let"s see where you can uncover this junk!

Fallout 3 The Pitt every 100 steel Ingots

As soon as you go into the steelyard you"ll uncover 2 ingots beside a dead slave. There"s 2 an ext in the very first dumpster come the left (look for the trailer with the couch on peak of it). 2 much more in the second dumpster to the left. 3 more in the smaller sized dumpster the sits next to the third big dumpster to your left.

Now take it the stairs by the dumpsters... After friend jump over the damaged fence, go best then revolve left. There must be 2 steel ingots in between the knocked end barrels. Walk north along the ledge. Looking down you have to see 2 ingots on height of a freight car. Very closely jump onto the steel beam and walk till you get to them. Now head back up to wherein you jumped ~ above the freight car and also continue follow me that course until you will have to jump into a dumpster to gain 3 an ext ingots.


Once again go earlier up the stairs but now take the left instead of right. You should see a small building to her right; there room 2 ingots sitting on the shelf v Rad-Away and very first Aid kits. If you open up the gate you visited far; go back! acquire out the tiny building, head through the gate and also go straight till you watch a huge dumpster. Rise up the stairway on top of the building and also jump into the dumpster to obtain 2 much more ingots. Currently jump from the dumpster over the barbed cable to the south and also head ideal until you with a dead end, wherein you will discover a dead slave and 2 ingots.

Jump back over the fence and head back up the stair till you obtain to the roof. Looking down in in between the buildings you have to see 2 an ext ingots. Walk down, take it them, resolve the Trogs, and then open the gate and go left. Down the hill over there is a ditch and a dead slave with 3 steel ingots laying next to him. Turn left and also look for an additional 3 into the radiated barrels. An excellent job!

The Pitt every 100 steel Ingots

Now go ago up to the stairs and also jump on top of the building which has a makeshift bridge. There are 2 ingots in the center of the bridge. Keep relocating until you cross to the other side. While tho on the roof, head come the ago of the building. You have to see 2 more ingots sit on a roof you can drop down to. After ~ that, go all the way down to the ground, wherein there should be 2 an ext "waiting" because that you on a shelf. Roughly the corner, you will uncover 2 ingots behind some stairs.

From here, head southern till over there isn"t almost everywhere else to go. You have to see stairs come the right; rise them and also you will find 2 ingots next to a dead slave. Go back and proceed up the stairs until you"ll conference 3 wildmen inside a makeshift shack. There room 2 steel ingots inside. Keep going until you find one more bridge... Kill the Trogs then revolve right and also head over the large pipe to obtain the 2 ingots at the finish of it.

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Turn earlier all the means to the end of the roof and also jump behind the building below, where you"ll uncover 4 ingots in a mine cart. Now head east along the wall to your right. You have to be complying with a fence until you reach a dead slave with a combat shotgun and also 2 stole ingots. Currently you should go every the way back up, to where you jumped native the roof. This time take the stairs that will take you as much as the top of the factory building. In ~ the top of the stairs, turn left and take the first right. You need to see 4 ingots through the dome and the dead slave. Now go ago and rise the stairs to the really top wherein you"ll find find 12 (yay!) steel ingots.

- The Pitt ALL steel Ingots

As girlfriend go earlier down you"ll notice a large conveyor belt. Jump on it and also follow it come the end for 7 an ext ingots. Head earlier up come the rooftop through the domes ~ above it and head southern till you acquire to the wall. Turn left and also drop down. Make sure you Save very first just to it is in safe; it"s a lengthy drop. Now drop to the following platform v the 3 big silos on it. Head all the method east to discover 4 ingots next to a dead servant with one auto axe. Go earlier to wherein the freight cars are. You"ll find 2 ingots at the finish of the tracks by the broke down tunnel. Don"t take it those, you"ll dice instantly! just kidding, you deserve to take them.

Go back and look because that a bunch of Protectrons inside wall up and also a door. Walk inside and also head under the hallway. Inside the second room there room 3 steel ingots. Continue on to the lower level of the factory. Monitor the tracks down the hallway come the right until friend met a couple of wildmen and also dead Trogs. There are 8 ingots in an i rejected mine cart, make sure you acquire them all. Currently take the hallway to her left and you choose the door with two dead wildmen to find a nice supply of ammo and 6 ingots.

Continue increase the stairs till you reach a room with an auto axe top top the bed. To the ideal you"ll uncover the last ingot and also therefore complete The Pitt all stole ingots quest. No time to read? indict unclear, d*ck stuck in the ceiling fan? watch the video below...

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When you turn in the last one Everett will certainly say “Yup, guess you acquired every critical one out there. You"re one hell of a steeler, kid.” Congratulations! You"ve perfect The Pitt every 100 stole Ingots challenge. You"re a hero.