It had actually been part time because Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and their monkey, lemur and, pengiun friends had actually gone all roughly Monte Carlo, London, The Alps, and new York.

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Originally wanting come go earlier to the zoo, yet in the finish inding out they want to really be circus animals.

In that time they and the other animals had regulated to produce a great show because that all.

And now were tho trying to save their sucsess going with new acts

"Going boom is fun!" Mort claimed in a cannon filled v T.N.T

Julien laughed evil together he lit a match

Yet prior to he could ignite it, a roar to be heard

"Sonya?" Julien said to his be affected by each other girlfriend

Another roar

"Okay certain I"ll walk for a motorcycle ride with you sweety,"

Julien tossed the match and went to go v his love. Sadly the enhance landed where the fuse was.



"Wheeeee," Mort claimed flying the end of the tent

Yes a few of the animals couples to be still so lot in love. Still, many couldn"t develop children

Julien and also Sonya, nope

Melman and also Gloria, no way.

Alex and also Gia, yes.

We already made the renowned liger. And apparently likewise the Liguar (true fact)

This is the story of just how are brand-new feline coule developed more

Are story starts in the Rocky Mountains.

The train the was house to the fur Power Afro Circus had stopped there for a break from every the performing.

A possibility for everyone to gain some R and R, and also practice your craft

And speaking of praticing, that"s exacly what Alex and also Gia to be doing.

The lion and jaguar flew on your trapeze choose graceful feline angels

Yet ~ a great deal of practice they both decided it was time for part rest

"Why don"t us take a walk?" Alex suggested

"Sounds great to me," Gia said

With the they wereoff

Yet as they were they noticed Vitaly, Marty, and Stefano

The tiger passed through a ring size hoop v both the them, when they every wore afros

"I told girlfriend I could do it," Vitaly said

"That hair conditioner sheep wonders," Stefano said

"I"m quiet suprised you got all the afros through to," Marty said

A quick while later Alex and also Gia to be in the snowy woodland that surroned the train

"Look," Gia stated pointing to a clearing top top a hill

The felines went over to it and also lay on the soft snow. That felt together if they to be on a cloud. A cloud the was floating in this starfilled sky, with a complete moon come boot

"It for this reason beautiful," Gia said

"Not together beautiful as you," Alex said looking in ~ his girlfriend

Gia giggled

Just then, the moonlight seemed to light on Gia. Make hernecklace sparkle, and seeming to do her beautiful. Together if she really were and angel

"Wow," Alex said

"Wow what?" Gia asked

"You look simply," Alex claimed at a loss for words

"Hehe," Gia giggled some more

Yet the moonlight additionally shown ~ above Alex as well, which made Gia uncover him even an ext handsome to.

Then, together if by an unknown force. Their deals with got closer, and also they kissed

Kissing caused hugging

Hugging led to Gia removing she Necklace

Removing the necklace led to...

"Mort!" Maurice dubbed out

"Why"d Julein have to shoot you out of a cannon," the lemur stated as the kept trying to find his small buddy

Soon sufficient Mort fell out the a tree and landed in prior of Maurice

"I smell like a fireman," Mort said

"Mort I..."

Just climate the lemur duo heard something

"What was that?" Mort claimed terrified. That jumped right into the big lemurs arms

"I came from end there," Maurice claimed pointin to part bushes

Curious they visited investigate

"Oh my!" Maurice said shocked

"Why room Alex and also G..."

Maurice coveed Morts eyes

"Mort ns think we better go," the large lemus said

"But..." Mort began

"Don"t you miss Juliens feet?" Maurice said

"Feet!" Mort said running ago to the train

"That to be easy," Maurice said

A main later, the circus was earlier in business

And everyone was all set to carry out their big act. The an extremely performance that got them into America in the an initial place.

Everying to be going so fine at first. The audience remained in awe in ~ the lights, the flame throwing elephant, Julien and also Sonya riding that motorcycle, Marty and also Stefano getting quick out the cannons, Melman and Gloria on tightropes. And also of cousre, Alex and Gia trapezzing.

Well the was until

"Ugh," Gia, stated looking a bit green

"Gia room you o..?"

Alex gained hurled on, as Gia tossed her cookies. This consequently caused Alex to loosened his grip and both cats fell to the ground. Don"t worry, Gloria and Melman captured Gia when on your titeropes, if Julien and also Sonya damaged Alex"s fall.

"Ow my toosie!" Julien said with the substantial lion upon him

Gloria aided Gia up onto the rope

"Are girlfriend oka..?" Gloria got puked on together well

After an upset crowd of world left the circus, Mason and also Phil the monkeys (disguised together the King the Versailles still) dubbed a vet to examine out Gia. Together with putting Juilen in a complete body cast.

Outside the tent, Vitaly, Melman, Stefano and also the others animals waited and also worried.

Alex most of all. "Melman you"ve had actually a many of medical issues, what execute you think Gia has?"

Melman conduct to surname all kind of disastrous illnesses. Each one causing Alex"s level of problem to stoop up like Marty and also Stefano go when acquiring shot the end of their cannons

Soon enough the vet, monkeys, and Gia stepped out.

The monkey paid the vet with Skiiper gold teeth and he journey off

"Gia!" Alex cry hugging his girlfriend, tear flowing from his eyes currently that he was full of thoughts that she may become crippled, or die many thanks to Melman "Gia whatever condition you have, yet much time you have. I want you come know..."

"I"m not sick," Gia said

"Say what now?" Alex said confussed

"It must"ve simply been she ate come much prior to trapezzing," Vitaly guessed

"No," Gia said. A smile on her face now

"Alex," the jaguar claimed "I"m pregnant,"

Alex"s eye shot open. He seemed to have actually froze up as his mind fully procese what had just to be said, then he happen out

"Sonya infant I require help," Julien stated waddleing in his brand-new cast

"Feet!" Mort claimed hugging among his legs

Sonya kicked Mort away for him

"Weeeeee," Mort said

"Here ns go again," Maurice said learning he"d have to gain the tiny lemur again

A short while later, Alex started to wake up

"Hey guys he"s comes through," Marty said

"Ugh," Alex claimed rubbing his head. "What just happened?"

"You happen out," Gloria said

"Why?" Alex said

"Because I"m having actually a cub Alex," Gia said

Alex was about to pass the end again, yet Gia recorded him

Alex looked at his feline sweetheart, then down at her stomach.

"You obtained a..." Alex pointed to it

Gia nodded

Alex put his paw on her tummy

A smile found it"s method on his face, then he went crazy v joy and also started come dance.

"He likes to move it, relocate it a many now," Julien said

A couple of weeks passed, and also Gia"s slim slim tummy, was currently staring to buldge out.

Plus, she was really hungry now.

I"ve never seen together a sight," Vitaly said

Stefano was speechless, as were the other animals


Gia was just eating and also eating. Fish and meat being deovored one by one. Every one of it going down to to fill her extra tummy she had actually inside her

"She"s eating an ext than Gloria," Marty speak up

Gloria and also Melman make angry encounters at the zebra

"Sorry," Marty shup up then

"You man sure you"re all out of gold and diamonds?" Alex asked to Skipper

"Completly," the penguin said "Don"t worry, we"ll get more food because that you maternal mate.

So ~ a rapid walk right into a adjacent town through Mason and also Phil, Gia got more food

Although many people were curios regarding why the King the Versailles want to involved a supermarket in America

Also v Gia on leaving now, Alex had to adjust up his act. At the very least he still obtained to do his jetpack thing with the rocket shoe dogs.

Leaving Gia to watch from behind the cutran, at least she had actually Julien to save her company

"Let walk of my feet Mort!" the lemur king said helpless currently in his cast

Gia grabbed Mort

"Can you absent him for me?" Julien asked. Wanting the foot fetished lemur to acquire hurt

"No," Gia stated "That"s mean."

She looked in ~ Mort

"Mort, don"t play with Juliens feet, he"s in a many pain now," she said

"Okay," Mort claimed going away

"It was the easy? This entirety time?" Julien claimed suprised

Later that night, everyone was alseep.

Well practically everyone.

Alex to be gently rubbing Gia"s tummy

Both so full of love and also joy, in truth they felt prefer kissing again.

Their deals with got closer, yet before they locked lips

"Oh my," Gia said

"What is it?" Alex stated worried something to be wrong

Gia smiled

"They"re kicking," she said

She took Alex"s paw and put it wherein her unborn life was bumping she at

"Whoa," Alex claimed in awe

The lion placed his confront next to she tummy

"Hi cub," he stated "I"m your daddy, her mama and also I can"t wait to see your beloved face,"

Alex gained a responce to this, in the kind of a growling stomach

"Guess it desires a midnight snack," Gia said

With the Alex go to get some more food because that his pregnant jaguar

More time passed, and also Gia was about fifty percent way done v her pregnacy.

Also Julien acquired out that his cast

The jaguars tummy expanding ever more as that is inhabitent prospered bigger and bigger in ~ her.

And the course likewise came an ext of the symptoms of pregnancy

"I obtained that tuna, chocolate, agakmall sandwhich girlfriend wanted," Alex said

Gia"s food cravings to be kicking in now. She even tried eating the penguins and also lemurs in ~ one point.

"Yum!" Gia stated inhaling her meal

"Wow she was hungry," Martly said seeing her go to city on her meal

"ARE YOU speak I"M FAT!" Gia said, exploding with anger

"No," Melman claimed coming to his friends aid, he was just..."

Gia began sobbing

"I"m sorry i yelled," tears flowing down her cheeks "It"s this mood swings,"

The other circus animals were sort of confussed now

"But if I"m having actually mood swing climate that means my pregnacy is walk good, righ?" Gia stated happily

This sort of thing happened a lot now with Gia.

Another thing that occurred over this time was that Alex speak the circus into going on one Africa tour.

Which also met Alex gained to visit his parents Zuba and Florrie

Zuba to be a bit taken back that his new daughter in law was a jaguar

"Son, you space truly a an extremely unique lion," Zuba said now seeing he to be a father in regulation to a jaguar

Florrie was quite excited to end up being a grandma.

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"Wow," the lioness stated feeling the cub in Gia"s tummy kick roughly "Guess it my sons cub. It"s prefer it"s dancing around in there,"

"You have the right to say the again," Gia said feeling much more bumps and also kicks inside her. "Can you clear up down in there a small for mama, cub?"

"So you understand what you"re having actually yet?" Florrie asked

"No," Gia said

"We can help with that ma"am," Skipper said holding one ultrasound an equipment and a solor generator

"Where did you guys get that?" Alex asked

"You don"t wanna know," Skipper said acting every comando classfied and also stuff

Melman aided use the machine, putting the gel and also moving it about Gia belly

"I view something," Melman claimed looking in ~ the monitor "A heartbeat...Wait...Two heartbeats!"

"Twins!" Alex and also Gia said suprised

"Twins!" Alex"s parents claimed suprised as well

Vitaly go over and also patted Alex top top the back,

"Congratulation Alex." the said

Zuba walk the very same thing

"I simply wish we can see them as soon as they"re born," Florrie asked

The pengiuns were climate holding up a laptop with a webcam

"I think these will help," personal said

"Where perform yo guys acquire these thing?" Marty asked

"You didn"t see anything," Skipper said being all confidental again

So as the circus left, Alex and his household kept in touch v their new solar it is provided computer.