Alex Wassabi (real name – Alex Burriss) is one American YouTuber and also Instagram celebrity that is ideal known together one half of the duo in fee of Wassabi Productions alongside Roi Fabito.

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Wassabi was born on in march 28, 1990, in an excellent Falls, Montana, USA. He is of Filipino ethnicity.


Alex uploaded his first video to Vine on may 1, 2013. He later on quit the 6-second video clip app Vine to exclusively focus on YouTube.


On January 25, 2006, he started a YouTube channel called Wassabi Productions.

Alex and his high-school best friend Roi Fabito (better recognized as Guava Juice) generally made hilarious parodies the music videos.


Lauren explained in a video:

“We both feel like we need certain things and also we’re not completely on the same web page so we have to take time apart therefore we can be ~ above the same page.”

Note – Lauren Riihimaki is a Canadian YouTuber who has actually over 8.99 million subscribers on she YouTube channel. She is that Ukrainian, Finnish, and Japanese descent and also is native Toronto, Canada.

Lauren began posting come YouTube in the feather of 2012 when in college. In addition, Riihimaki runs a well-known blog.

The well-known YouTuber graduated from Ryerson university in 2015 with a level in graphic communications management.

In 2018, Oladeji ‘Deji’ Olatunji uploaded a YouTube video clip criticizing popular YouTubers’ ”breakup” videos. Deji especially mentioned Lauren and Alex’s split video, saying that their video clip was a “nice, easy method to acquire views.”

Wassabi responded:

“Make every the desperate because that views videos you want about me, yet if you ever before speak Lauren’s surname again, I’ll end you.”

Alex added:

“It’s not a threat, bruv, it’s a promise.”

About 6 months after Alex and also Lauren broke up, Riihimaki started to day Jeremy Michael Lewis. Jeremy is the manager of sales in ~ Tagboard. He has actually an Instagram account (
jeremymichael22) that has over 181,000 followers.

Riihimaki claimed on a video clip announcing her brand-new romantical relationship:

“I’ve been definition to chat around this, but I don’t desire to make it a large deal because I don’t think it’s a huge, crazy deal.”

Laren continued:

“I want to confirm that, yes, i am dating someone.”

Jeremy Michael Lewis was formerly in a partnership with American singer Kirstin Maldonado.

In 2019, Alex briefly date CaELiKe (full name – Patricia Caeli Santa Olalla López).


Alex is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.


”I went there with my girlfriend, and also it was just in the center of nowhere there to be no wifi where we to be at.”

”I go shirtless really rarely, no a typical thing. But, as soon as I do, things gain crazy.”



In 2017, he bought his entire family a beautiful house. He stated to his parents:

“I wanted to repay you for the life you provided us, because that the love you placed in our hearts, and show you how much you median to me.”

His followers and subscribers are referred to as ”Wassabians.”

When he was young, Wassabi to be diagnosed with ADHD, a problem that renders it hard to think prior to acting, save still, and also focus.

His channel’s name,”Wassabi Productions,” was influenced by the “Wasabi Snooters” segment in Jackass: The Movie.

Alex has a sister called Mariah. His brothers Aaron and also Andrew are likewise web video clip celebrities.

In July 2019, Alex and also Vanessa Merrell teamed up for a tune (Night Shirt) and also a video about the disrespect you feel as soon as your partner steals your favorite shirt come sleep in.

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In august 2019, he sparred with YouTuber Fouseytube. Their match ended in a KO for Alex.

KSI, a famous British YouTuber, stated after the match:

“You always find a new method to do me laugh.”

KSI walk on to say:

“He couldn’t even beat Fouseytube. That a shame, because Alex actually did alright! …but god damn, one beat from Fousey and he’s dropped!”

In November 2019, Alex and Tia Hemphill to be photographed ~ above the red carpet in ~ an yearly fundraising event.

In December 2019, Wassabi has actually been tapped as a guest referee on a Nickelodeon holiday collection named ”Top Elf.” The present will star Samantha Turret as Ms. Jingles and also Tommy Snider as Santa Claus.

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Alex Wassabi – net Worth

Wassabi earned many of his wealth from sponsors (on YouTube and Instagram) as well as advertisements on his famous YouTube channel. ~ above YouTube, Alex has over 4.8 exchange rate views, which means approximately $12 million in revenue prior to taxes. However, he break-up a good part the the money through his previous partner Roi Fabito.

Moreover, he made part money from performing in movies such as aircraft Mode and Laid in America. In 2019, Alex join season 2 of the ”Light as a Feather” collection as well as Nickelodeon’s middle School Moguls series.

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In addition, Alex selling merch top top his website – Therefore, YouTuber Alex Wassabi has an approximated net precious of $10 million.

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