Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake bounces into theaters this weekend, attempting come recapture the magic of flying carpets, chattering monkeys and, many dauntingly, the so late Robin Williams, but you might remember another element that that very first Aladdin movie i m sorry will probably not present up in the remake. In the ’90s, not long after Aladdin to reduce on VHS, there to be a prevalent rumor the a background voice have the right to be heard ~ above Aladdin, encouraging teens to “take off their clothes.”

These days, it’s difficult to also remember just how rumors spread out in a mostly pre-internet era, but this one was persistent. End at Slate, journalist Jeffrey Bloomer traced the rumor earlier through a long collection of aggregation files to a Christian movie evaluation site referred to as Movie Guide, which published a letter from a listener who claimed her child had heard the post while the town hall Aladdin in 1994.

In those days, the Christian subculture remained in the throngs that what it dubbed “the society wars,” in i beg your pardon the American Church remained in a standoff versus Hollywood, which some leaders declared was doing everything it can to infiltrate and corrupt the mental of the young and also impressionable — think the “Satanic Panic” however with computer mouse ears rather of evil one horns. The idea of a an enig message encouraging teen promiscuity to the right the narrative really tidily, and also the rumor spread favor wildfire, also landing in the pages the the connected Press.

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But is there anything come it?

Not according to everyone in the know. Both Snopes and also Disney say the the line, which is supposedly audible on Aladdin’s balcony scene, as soon as Raja the tiger is trying to follow Aladdin far from Jasmine, is no “Good teenagers, take off your clothes” however “Scat, kitty. Simply take off and go!” listen for yourself.

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“Those were Christian, conservative guys who animated the scene, and also we had a director who was quite straight-laced and also wouldn’t have enabled anything prefer that,” he said. Yet — and also this is a big but — that doesn’t typical that every rumor around a subliminal Disney message is bunk.

While the rumors about, say, an circumstances of dust motes spelling the end “S-E-X” in Lion King or a very, ah, unreasonable priest in The tiny Mermaid space hoaxes, a long-known rumor about a split-second that smut sneaked into The Rescuers is in reality legit.

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So, Aladdin may not be quite the cave of salacious wonders as the conservative subculture in the ’90s gossiped, but that doesn’t mean Disney’s hands are totally clean.