As an agriculture Specialist, your job is not just exciting, but also features rewarding benefits. Working as an agriculture Specialist sets you increase well for the long-term. Navigate the web links below, or scroll further down the web page to discover more:

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competitive Pay

Agriculture Specialists room competitively rewarded for your time on the job. In addition to a salary, agriculture Specialists may be eligible because that overtime pay, locality pay, and also more.

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Salary: You obtain a salary that corresponds to your grade level. This salary is the number quoted top top USAJOBS.Overtime Pay: A completely trained agriculture Specialist is default for approximately $35,000 in overtime pay.Other resources of compensationPremium Pay: You might be eligible to premium salary for functioning on Sundays, holidays and also night shifts.Cash Awards: exceptional performers may receive cash awards as recognition for your superior efforts (funding permitting).

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More top top Salary: agriculture Specialist is a job ladder position with a grade level development of GS-5, GS-7, GS-9, GS-11, and also GS-12. You will be eligible because that a promo to the next greater grade level (without re-applying) when you successfully finish one year in every grade level, v supervisor approval. For example you could:

Start together a dearteassociazione.orgAS in December 2017 together a GS-5 and also make $32,844 every year*Be promoted in December 2018 to GS-7 and make $40,684 per year*Be promoted in December 2019 to GS-9 and make $49,765 every year*Be supported in December 2020 to GS-11 and also make $60,210 per year*Be promoted in December 2021 come GS-12 and make $72,168 per year*


GradeBase salary (Based ~ above the RUS GS Scale)*

*Salary is based upon the 2017 "Rest of the joined States“ (RUS) law enforcement value table.

Paid Time Off offers considerable leave benefits and unique training methods to reward and also reinvest in that employees. Listed below is a summary of paid time turn off from the job: