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In the past, most civilization lived in small villages wherein everyone knew every one else. Nowadays, most human being live in big cities where they only know a few people in your area.What perform you think were the advantages and flaw of life in a small community?

Give factor for your answer and also include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

My answer is below. Please give me feedback and also score prediction. Ns really evaluate it. Countless thanks!Nowadays, people tend to choose big cities come live in is gradually end up being popularity rather of concentrating on living in rural towns in the past. Despite the difficulties, living in the countryside also brings plenty of benefits.I think anyone who stays in a small village can easily see many benefits. Firstly, inhabitant in below are very friendly, lock all understand each other. Once you gain stuck, anyone can aid you enthusiastically and also unconditionally, that renders people's relationships even much more cohesive. Secondly, you constantly feel safe anywhere and whenever due to the fact that the lot of crime in here is very low, especially people constantly keep an eye on and also be alert when strangers enter the village. Also, life in the countryside is really peaceful, the air top quality is really good, so everyone feels relaxed and lives a healthy and balanced life. That is straightforward life, however everybody is happy.However, there space a variety of disadvantages once you choose live in tiny village. You need to accept living through the lack of conditions such as schools, hospitals due to the fact that of the long distance and bad roads. That leads come the quality of education decreased and the wellness of each citizen is not guaranteed. Besides, little villages are far from industrial zones, so human being don't have job with security salary to provide quality the life.After all, in mine view, there are specific disadvantages to pick live in small village. However, if federal government invest much more in building roads and factories, life in tiny community will certainly become an ext worth living.
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You have actually several sentence representation errors in the an initial line that the an initial paragraph (is gradually end up being popularity = is progressively becoming an ext popular) Additionally, your depiction if the conversation requirement is not as proper as it should be. You require to recognize that you have to outline your conversation points in the restatement section since there are straight questions come be responded to. You have to provide one particular advantage and one clear disadvantage in those lines come highlight how the conversation will be faced in the reasoning paragraphs.There will certainly be 2 reasoning paragraphs in this essay. One for the advantage and one of the disadvantage. Together you are not being asked because that a details opinion in this prompt, you have to not administer one in the essay conversation itself. Carry out not take it any particular side in this discussion due to the fact that it is no a single opinion essay. It is much more of a general conversation topic that permits you to usage the an initial person pronoun in ~ the discussion.Your discussion is not an extremely cohesive as you carry out not actually compare the exact same topic points together an advantage and disadvantage. The clarity and also coherence of her essay will be in the method that friend can develop a well balanced discussion utilizing the same topic for different points that view. Girlfriend score far better overall since of the clarity in the presentation.In the conclusion, you space not summarizing the discussion points native the thinking paragraphs. You are likewise offering a equipment to a perceived problem. However, there to be no difficulty indicated in the original prompt and, you were no asked to carry out any systems to a particular problem. Girlfriend will lose points as this is a severe prompt deviation in regards to conclusion representation.
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