Conic estimate Examples

When you place a cone on the Earth and also unwrap it, this outcomes in a conic projection.

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Some of the popular conic projections Albers same Area Conic and also the Lambert Conformal Conic projections.

Both that these species of map projections room well-suited for mapping long east-west regions since distortion is continuous along usual parallels. But they no terribly great at projecting the totality planet.

Here room some details ~ above conic projections and how maps use them today.

Albers same Area Conic Projection

The Albers same Area Conic forecast is frequently used for displaying large countries that require equal-area representation. Because that example, the USGS supplies this conic projection for maps reflecting the conterminous United claims (48 states).

H. C. Albers presented this map estimate in 1805 through two typical parallels (secant). Together the surname states, the purpose was to task all areas in the map proportionally to all areas on Earth.

Albers same Area Conic projection Distortion

Like every projections, the Albers same Area Conic Projection has actually map distortion. Distances and scale are true just on both standard parallels v directions being sensibly accurate. Areas space equal to the same areas on Earth, though it’s not conformal, perspective, or equidistant.


Lambert Conformal Conic Projection

The Lambert Conformal Conic is one of the countless creations through Lambert in 1772 quiet widely offered in the United claims today. It looks like the Albers equal Area Conic, but graticule spacings differ so the it’s conformal fairly than same area.

It offers a conic developable surface secant at two conventional parallels, typically at 33° and 45° to minimize distortion. However, standard parallels vary depending on location. Because that example, Canada’s conventional parallels room usually 49ºN. And 77ºN.

Furthermore, the State airplane Coordinate device (SPCS) provides LCC when zones have actually an east-west orientation.

Lambert Conformal Conic estimate Map Properties

The major advantage of the Lambert Conformal Conic map forecast is just how it maintain conformality.

Despite just how distances are reasonable accurate and also retained along conventional parallels, it no equal-area as distortion rises away from conventional parallels.

Polyconic Projection

This now obsolete map projection uses an infinite number of cones tangent to an infinite number of parallels. This type of security is normally used for nations that span along a longitudinal extent.

In a polyconic projection, every meridians other than the central one have curved lines. Only along the main meridian, distances, direction, shape and areas room true. However, distortion rises away indigenous its main meridian.

Polyconic estimate Distortion

Overall, this map estimate compromises numerous properties. It is neither conformal, perspective, or equal area.


Conic Projection benefits and Disadvantages

Unlike cylindrical maps, conic map projections are normally not well-suited for mapping very large areas. Castle are more suitable because that mapping continental and regional areas. For example, Albers equal Area Conic and also LCC are common for mapping the joined States.

Polar orientation conic projections have their cone center point directly over the pole. Meridians are straight converging at the pole. Parallels space arcs circling the pole. Parallels overcome meridians at best angles.

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Tangent cones an outcome in one standard line where the scale on that line has actually no distortion. Secant cones cut distortion down with two traditional lines. These standard lines have no distortion yet it rises away from these lines.


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