I"ve freshly come back to playing Monopoly, however one thing that"s intrigued me is the complying with card, in the possibility pile.

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The wording claims "Advance to walk (Collect $200)". Contemporary versions, like the one I have actually in mine home, are "Advance to GO, collect $200".

My question is, what precisely does it mean, once it claims "Collect $200"? because there"s also a article on the go tile, stating "As you happen GO, collect $200", walk this typical if I draw the card above, I have the right to collect $400 in one go? $200 from what the card says, and also another $200 native the board?

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No, you just collect $200 dollars, not $400. Indigenous the main rules:

Each time a player"s token lands on or passes end GO, whether by cram the dice or illustration a card, the Banker pays that player a $200 salary. The $200 is paid only once each time around the board.

You just land on go once, so you only gain one payout. The blog post on the card is simply to remind you the landing top top GO likewise pays out.

However, there"s nothing preventing you play this variant as a residence rule, which is no uncommon:

According come the official rules every player receive $200 because that passing Go. However, due to the Chance and Community Chest cards i m sorry instruct football player to development to Go and Collect $200 - A renowned house rule is the you collect $200 for landing on walk plus $200 for in reality passing Go. Therefore, the is common to pay someone $400 for landing straight on Go: $200 for actually landing on go plus the $200 as an advance for their next move when they literally pass Go.

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In syndicate there room two kinds of cards that relocate you approximately the board. Ones are that keep relocating you clockwise till you fight the set square. This is among them. On those cards it states to collection 200 if you happen go. In this case you are landing on the directly.

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The other varieties of cards move you directly to a square. This may be the only one yet it provides the point. "Go directly to jail, perform not pass go do not collection $200"


So come answer your question, the reason that text is on the card is simply to differentiate it indigenous the go to prison card

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