Voy, vas, va, van are simply forms of the verb ir, the conjugation speak who is going.

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For example:I to be going (voy)

You room going (vas) (singular)

he/she/it is walking (va) (singular)

they room going (van) (plural)

You deserve to use these develops of ir come express a lot of of various things. Because that example:

voy a ir (I to be going come go)

voy a correr (I to be going to run)

voy a hablar (I am going to speak)

voy a aprender (I to be going to learn)

Using ir favor this is a way to to express something girlfriend or someone rather is going to execute in the prompt future.

I expect this helps.

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tomik, is this clear enough? i think that is a wonderful answer:) - 00494d19, ENE 1, 2011

Tomiik check this lesson, the will aid you a lot 1.7 - Places, past Times, and rarely often rare Ir

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Yeah.. Ḯ've done it.. ;) but my english isn't additionally so fantastical to understand her everythink she tell.. :( - Tomiik, DIC 31, 2010

Ellos van a ir a la escuela mañana.Yo iré al gimnasio en la tarde.Ir a trabajar es muy pesado

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Gracias. Pero no entendo - Tomiik, DIC 31, 2010

Voy/vas/va/vamos/váis/van space parts the ir.......Yeah, it may not do sense, the part is bigger than the totality

Put in one more way, voy/vas/.... Room different types that Ir.


But yes, we carry out use ir, like in this example:


Voy a ir a la playa. = i am walk to walk to the beach. (informal)

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