Toughness is no to be confused with fighting or fouling a player hard. I"m talking around mental toughness. True toughness is the capability to set a good screen, box out every play, take a charge, execute a play under pressure, make a huge shot. All an excellent players have this top quality in a large way!

2. Work-related Ethic

If being great was simple everyone would certainly be a star. The fact is greatness takes a the majority of time and also effort. In economics "opportunity cost" is identified as "A benefit, profit, or value of something that should be provided up to obtain or attain something else."This applies to basketball breakthrough in a big way v younger players. If you decision to play video games 2 hrs a day, the "opportunity cost" = 2 hours that you could have to be training. An excellent players make sure that their time is invested efficiently and also with a purpose.

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3. Attitude

Sure over there are instances of great players with bad attitudes, yet they are couple of and far between and an ext importantly, they never ever win championships. An excellent players deal with success and failure v a level head and never look to blame a teammate, ref, or coach. They know that failure is a structure block to future success, and constantly project a positive and upbeat perspective in practice and also in games. "I"ve fail over and also over and over again in my life and also that is why ns succeed." - Michael Jordan

4. Motor

This can use to also those players through a good work ethic. Some players "coast" or don"t sprint the floor. Possibly providing the impression the it"s no "cool" for them come be watched working too difficult by your peers or fans. MISTAKE! The an excellent players can treatment less what their peers or pan think the them and only care around their team and executing the game plan to attain a victory. Crashing the boards, sprinting the floor, cut at high speeds, and also guarding through intensity all room winning habits shared by great players and loved by coaches.

5. Human body Language

Ever view a player shiver his head in disgust at a teammate for not passing? How about shaking turn off a coach"s instruction? Slumping shoulders? These are all examples of poor body language. Below is the hard truth, no matter what is walking on in your mind at the moment that makes you reaction in those ways, nobody CARES! bad body language leads to poor play, poor team chemistry, and also in many instances the bench. If a university coach watch a player exhibiting this habits you have the right to be certain he will certainly not recruit that player. Good players have tremendous human body language. They space clapping, talking to teammates, connecting with their coaches, and giving an excellent eye call during timeouts and also in huddles.

6. Competitive

"Let"s beat 1 top top 1 because that fun and not save score..." You will certainly be tough pressed to uncover a great player who is interested in the game. Great players are rivals in every facet of your lives. They play checkers or table tennis like their lives depend on it. This journey to success is what pushes lock to it is in great.

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7. Skill

Legendary high college coach, Gary Palladino always said "skill will divide" and also he is still appropriate on that allude even today. In ~ the end of the day, all an excellent players possess the skill to separate themselves from your peers. The capacity to shoot, dribble, pass, safeguard or rebound are all an abilities required to be great. In order because that a player to construct skill, he/she should be ready to put exceptional quantities of time right into his/her craft. Every one of the good players have actually a "skill routine" the they do regularly and also all great players identify their weaknesses and work tirelessly to revolve them right into strengths.