A Wrinkle in time is the story the Meg Murry, a high-school-aged girl that is transported on one adventure v time and space with her younger brother Charles Wallace and also her friend Calvin O"Keefe to rescue her father, a gifted scientist, from the evil pressures that host him sinner on one more planet. In ~ the start of the book, Meg is a homely, awkward, but loving girl, troubled by an individual insecurities and her issue for her father, who has been lacking for end a year. The plot begins with the arrival of Mrs. Whatsit at the Murry home on a dark and also stormy evening. Although she looks favor an eccentric tramp, she is in reality a celestial creature v the ability to read Meg"s thoughts. She startles Meg"s mommy by reassuring her of the existence of a tesseract--a type of "wrinkle" in an are and time. The is v this wrinkle that Meg and also her companions will certainly travel v the fifth dimension in find of Mr. Murry.

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On the afternoon adhering to Mrs. Whatsit"s visit, Meg and also Charles Wallace walk over to Mrs. Whatsit"s cabin. Top top the way, they accomplish Calvin O"Keefe, a famous boy in Meg"s school whom Charles considers a kindred spirit. The three children learn from Mrs. Whatsit and her friend Mrs. Who and also Mrs. Which that the universe is threatened by a good evil referred to as the Dark Thing and also taking the form of a large cloud, engulfing the stars roughly it. Number of planets have currently succumbed to this angry force, including Camazotz, the earth on i beg your pardon Mr. Murry is imprisoned.

The 3 Mrs. W"s transport the children to Camazotz and instruct them to remain always in every other"s firm while top top their pursuit for Mr. Murry. On Camazotz, all objects and also places show up exactly alike because the totality planet should conform to the terrifying rhythmic pulsation that IT, a gigantic disembodied brain. Charles Wallace tries come fight IT v his exceptional intelligence yet is overpowered by the evil and also becomes a robot-like biology mouthing the words v which that infuses him. Under the manage of IT, Charles leader Meg and also Calvin come Mr. Murry and together they confront IT. However, they, too, room unable to stand up to IT"s power; they escape just at the last minute, when Mr. Murry appears and also seizes Meg and Calvin, "tessering" away v them (traveling via an additional tesseract) come a gray planet referred to as Ixchel inhabited by tall, furry beasts who care for the travelers. Charles Wallace remains possessed through IT, a prisoner of Camazotz.

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On planet Ixchel the 3 Mrs. W"s show up once again, and also Meg realizes the she have to travel alone ago to Camazotz to rescue her brother. Mrs. Which tells her the she has one thing that the does not have, and also this will be her weapon against the evil. However, Meg must discover this weapon for herself. When standing in the existence of IT, Meg realizes what this is: her capacity to love. Thus, by concentrating on her love for Charles Wallace, she is maybe to restore him come his true identity. Meg release Charles native IT"s clutches and also tessers through him v time and space, landing in her pair brothers" vegetables garden top top Earth, whereby her father and also Calvin was standing waiting. The family joyously reunites, and the Mrs. W"s visit the happy scene en course to additional travels.

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