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A really School Gyrls Holla-Day is a 2010 musical tv film starring the pop band school Gyrls. The movie premiered ~ above Nickelodeon ~ above December 3, 2010, and later aired ~ above TeenNick on December 14, 2010. The film to be poorly received by critics and was the just promotion for the album that the exact same name by the stars of the film.



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The film opens up with the elderly institution Gyrls Mandy (Amanda Moseley), Jacque (Jacquelyn Pyles) and Monica (Monica Parales) join by two brand-new girls, Lauren (Lauren Chavez) and also Sade (Sade Austin). They start to eat s"mores and also tell the young college girls a Christmas story the happened at the mall. The scene climate goes to the college Gyrls walking into the shopping mall performing (Going come the Mall). The college Gyrls then walk into a clothes store talking about going to check out Aaron Fresh, Monica look at a dress she likes but so does Lauren. Castle both fight over it and also Lauren ends up acquiring the dress while providing Monica one ugly one. Meanwhile, Elf (Mark Munoz) speak to his partner, who is dressed together Santa, around a plan to stealing the diamond in the jewel store. In dressing rooms, the institution Gyrls space trying ~ above clothes and begin to exchange gifts. Mandy provides Monica a blow dryer, Monica provides Jacque some spray paint, and also Jacque provides Mandy a joke kit, i beg your pardon she is overjoyed come have. Then Robby bottom (Nick Cannon) locks the doors come the dressing rooms because now the mall is closed. The institution Gyrls and also the brand-new Girls establish they room locked in the mall. The scene move to the school Gyrls and also the new Girls performing (We great You a merry Christmas). The scene goes come Robby bottom walking, and also Elf provides him a drink that has actually pills in that to make him go to the toilet while lock steal the diamond. The girls, except Mandy, are in the dressing rooms and are upset the they space locked in. The Elf and also Santa find a location to hide, climate the scene moves to the girl performing (O Christmas Tree). Mandy watch a vent and also the girls start to go v it. In the office Robby Bottoms begins the react to the drink make him walk to the bathroom. Climate Elf and Santa break in the room to reduced the cord to the camera the town hall the diamond. The scene moves to the girl performing (Twelve Days). In the vent the girls autumn down and also head because that the door, however the doors space lock and also won"t be open up till the morning. The girls walk to a massage chair and set down until Mandy and Sade decision to go to obtain s"mores. Meanwhile, Elf and Santa steal the diamond and Mandy and Sade watch them and also go earlier to call the girls. In the food court, Monica is upset due to the fact that she is absent the Aaron fresh concert, when Mandy and also Sade tell castle there room two people robbing the mall. The 5 girls come up v a setup to capture the diamond thieves. They start to put their plan in action while performing (Party Bag). The school Gyrls trap Elf and also Santa, and Robby bottom puts hand cuffs ~ above them and takes earlier the diamond. The girls get out the the mall and also Aaron new pulls up and also offers lock a ride. The institution Gyrls and Aaron Fresh do (Jingle Bells) and the movie ends.


Amanda Moseley together Amanda "Mandy Rain"Monica Parales as Monica "Mo"Money"Jacquelyn Rae Pyles as Jacque "Jacque Nimble"Lauren Chavez as Lauren "Fiyah"Sade Austin as Sade "Sha-Dizzle"Nick Cannon together Robby BottomsMark Munoz as ElfAaron Fresh as himselfKelly buy it as upset Shopper