(trips plural & third person present) (tripping present participle) (tripped past it is too dirty & previous participle )

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1  n-count A pilgrimage is a journey that you do to a specific place. On the Thursday we went out on a work trip..., note was sent to the Far eastern on a service trip.   → round trip 
2  verb If friend trip once you are walking, girlfriend knock her foot versus something and fall or nearly fall. She tripped and also fell last night and also broke her hip...  V He do the efforts to monitor Jack"s footsteps in the snow and also tripped on a rock...  V on/over n   Trip up way the same as trip., paragraph verb I tripped up and hurt my foot...  V P Make certain trailing flexes are maintained out of the means so friend don"t trip up end them.  V ns on/over n 
3  verb 
If you pilgrimage someone that is walking or running, you placed your foot or something rather in front of them, so the they punch their own foot against it and also fall or virtually fall. One guy stuck his foot out and tried to pilgrimage me.  V n   Trip up means the same as trip., phrasal verb He make a suddenly dive for Uncle Jim"s foot to try to trip him up...  V n P 
4  n-count 
If you say that someone is, for example, on a strength trip, a guilt trip, or a nostalgia trip, you median that your behaviour is urged by power, guilt, or nostalgia. INFORMAL usu top top n N  (disapproval) There"s such press to be happy in Hawaii, if you"re unhappy you"re top top a guilt trip..., The greatest star perk, and also the greatest power trip, have to be the personal plane.  
5  n-count 
A expedition is an suffer that someone has when their mind is impacted by a drug such together LSD. INFORMAL 
6  verb 
If someone is tripping, they are having an endure in which their mind is affected by a drug such as LSD. INFORMAL usu cont One night i was tripping on acid.  V top top n, additionally V 
7  verb 
If who trips somewhere, lock walk there with light, rapid steps. LITERARY A girl in a red smock tripped down the hill...  V prep/adv trip up  phrasal verb If who or other trips a human up, or if they expedition up, lock fail or do a mistake. Your own lies will trip you up...  V n P He will do all he deserve to to pilgrimage up the brand-new right-wing government...  V ns n (not pron) The 2 occasions she tripped up tell friend nothing about how regularly she acquired away through it.  V P  → trip 2, 3 
day trip 
  (day trips plural ), day-trip A day pilgrimage is a trip to a place and back again top top the exact same day, generally for pleasure.  n-count 
ego trip   (ego trips plural )If friend say that someone is on one ego trip, you are criticizing them because that doing something for their very own satisfaction and also enjoyment, often to show that they think lock are an ext important than other people.  n-count  (disapproval) 
1  n-count If you do a ring trip, you travel to a place and then back again. The train operates the 2,400-mile ring trip once a week.  
2  adj 
A round-trip ticket is a ticket because that a train, bus, or plane that enables you to take trip to a certain place and also then earlier again.  (AM) ADJ n Mexicana Airlines has actually announced cheaper round-trip tickets between Los Angeles and also cities it offer in Mexico.  in BRIT, usage return  

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