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hatchet If you traction the fill take care of to the left or up, Excel will ____ the series rather 보다 ____ the series.

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Definition C. Decrement, increment
Term Copying, deleting, inserting, and moving ranges of cells have the potential to ____.
Definition D. Render a worksheet useless
Term making use of Excel come scrutinize the affect of changing values in cells that are referenced by a formula in an additional cell is referred to as ____.
Definition B. What-if analysis
Term If you recognize the result you desire a formula to produce, you can use ____ to recognize the worth of a cabinet on i beg your pardon the formula depends.
Definition C. Score seeking
Term The variety of worksheets that a workbook deserve to contain is __________.
Definition B. Minimal by computer system memory
Term A Pie chart v one or much more slices offset is referred to as a(n) ____.
Definition B. Exploded pie chart
Term What result does the audit Number style have ~ above the selected cells?
Definition A. Reasons cells through two decimal locations to align vertically correctly
Term Every time you enter a value right into a cell in the worksheet, Excel instantly ____ formulas.
Definition B. Recalculates all
Term Every time you go into a value into a cell in the worksheet, Excel automatically ____ formulas
Definition B. Recalculates all
Term all of the adhering to are valid Excel arithmetic operators except ____.
Definition C. >
Term Click ____ in the Conditional Formatting collection to display screen the new Formatting ascendancy dialog box
Definition B. New Rule
Term to instruct Excel to screen a concealed column, position the computer mouse pointer come the ____.

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Definition B. Ideal of the pillar heading boundary whereby the concealed column is located and also then drag to the right
Term If you want to increase or decrease pillar width significantly, you deserve to right-click a shaft heading and also then use the ____ command top top the shortcut food selection to readjust the column’s width.
Definition B. Column Width