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I do not think you can do much far better than to define such human as "a nostalgic". Follow to the Oxford dictionary of dearteassociazione.org that exists therefore a noun.



concerned v the previous rather the present and also futurea stagnant, backward-looking culture

To be even much more contrived, you can try:


I dislike to it is in a hark-backer however I"m sure mainstream rock and also pop had much better to sell in the method of lyrics prior to the noughties.



A relic. Per dictionary.com (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/relic?s=t): "1. A enduring memorial of miscellaneous past.2. An object having attention by factor of its age or the association with the past:a museum of historic relics.3. A making it through trace that something:"

Consider the state relict, “Something which, or someone who, survives or continues to be or is left over after the loss of others; a relic” and conservative, “A human who favors maintain of the status quo or reversion come some previously status”.

Note, no term actually suggests “highly nostalgic”, but both have some odor of “stuck in the past, far better days”. Additionally note, the referenced feeling of conservative differs from the of political conservative (“(US) A human who favors decentralization of political power and also disfavors activist foreign policy”.

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He or she can be called an anachronism

One the is the end of its suitable or chronological order, especially a human being or practice that belongs come an previously time

And, as listed by Carly Simon, James Otto and also Pink, these are the an excellent old days.

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